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Monday, 20 February 2017

Moooooom!!! The Mohave Rat Is Committing Suicide Again!!!!!

She's been a tough weekend round here.

Yesterday I went out to the range to take a crack at some long range pistol work. It was warm out so I grabbed my cap n' ball revolver (1860 Army repro) - and headed out. I was only shooting at 50m but things went wrong right from the start! I had nothing but misfires and had to drop the hammer on a couple caps twice before they went off! But....lordy, that little gun can shoot. I had a four inch group going but decided to shut the gun down and take it home to clean it right out before shooting it anymore. Might have a weaked hammer spring or something.

Last night the wife made roast and potatoes and I lost control and gobbled myself into a food-coma. I couldn't  stay awake and went to bed early and then started farting like a mule around 11:00. Poor Macey got so disgusted she had to sleep downstairs with Mort and I think my wife died! (A dawg's sense of smell can be both a blessing and a curse I suppose). Then around three I cut a ripper so bad it woke ME up and now, because I went to bed early...I can't get back to sleep! Oh well, I'll just have to have a nap in the afternoon - because it's a long weekend up here in Canada!

So I am half in this world, half in the next as I turn on the computer - bluuurrrrrrgghhh - to find that The Mohave Rat has crapped in the comments up and down and all around! (He must have gotten into the meat and potatoes too). So I went into the blog thingamajig to try and delete his chit - and accidentally deleted a bunch of the comments from the sane visitors too! Sorry about that folks. In my own defense I was half asleep when I did it. As always, your input is sincerely appreciated and we appreciate your stopping by.

Apparently I ruined Rat's life about 3 weeks back when I left a bit of helpful, constructive criticism in the comments of one of his dumber posts. Everything went downhill after that, some folks started leaving other comments for him about 'taking his meds before posting' and the old bastid got so offended - he decided to learn everyone a good lesson by committing suicide! Again.

I know. I KNOW, alright?!?!? Sheeesh!!! I know I shouldn't laugh but I suppose that this is just yet another example of how men age better than women. When men get old and stupid they become the masters of high comedy:

Red Foxx was also a master of the theatrical dramatic exit.

When women get old and stupid, they... they.... errrr....

GAH! Where was I, and how did I get sidetracked down this unsavoury avenue of discussion? Old men ramble too.

Ah, yes! Comments! The comments are being censored moderated. For now. Rat's done this before: he posts something stupid, his readers call him on it or un-follow him, he gets mad at the world and goes off line... and then comes back when his meds kick in or he can't stifle himself anymore and has to pull down his pants in public to get the attention he craves, HAR HAR HAR!

Sorry again for the inconvenience, folks. Please do drop me a line if you're so inclined.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Via Rodger Schlong

Seems like Rodge is doing an unsolicited free plug for Filthie's Speakeasy. I'm STILL mad about it. The guy says all that and then about three numbnutted customers stand up, dump the mags on their guns and pass 'em over!

All I know is I ain't cleaning it up! HAR HAR HAR!

Saturday, 18 February 2017

There Goes $22,000.00...

What's $22k Canadian? $7.23 American?

My beloved pronounces her approval of my
new mobile forest deployment unit.

I must have rocks in my head. I done it. It's got a microwave, a cheezy little sink and a propane stove which is massive overkill for us considering we've always tented it. Heated mattresses, two propane bottles, two batteries and a fridge. Underneath the beds is a storage unit with a chemical toilet. I am going to pull that out and put it beside the steps. I can hardly wait: I will pull into the Mohave Rat's yard in the middle of the night, silently set up camp and in the morning, the old fart will wake up to look out the window and see me taking my ease on the plastic crapper, grunting and farting and reading a newspaper - in his front yard! HAR HAR HAR!!!! HAR HAR HAR!!! His old lady will shriek in fright!!!  :) :) :)  Does anyone know how those things work? I suppose when I fill it I will just pour it out in Rat's flower beds when it's time for me to move on. Fertilizer dontchya know.

Up front is a cargo compartment that will house my
camp chair, booze and assault rifles.

When I am not being a prick in the USA I will just cruise the gun club circuit, dropping in to shoot at some of the tournaments and maybe just watching and heckling at the others. I tried to beat up the salesman but hell's bells, they don't dicker or haggle at all anymore. Don't like it Filthie? Piss off! Getting a free deep cycle battery thrown in was like pulling teeth.

I just gagged on the price but good grief, people were in there signing on the dotted line in DROVES for the BIG units costing near or even well over $100k. Couldn't believe the number of kids in there...where do they get the money? They have to be going into debt on a stellar scale. I think it's harder to piss away big gobs of cash when ya have to pay up front and look at it go. Financing 'sanitizes' debt and if yer dumb enough you can forget what your signing on for. Then it's Ramen noodles and Kraft Dinner until the accounts square.

I'm still in shock over actually doing this. I am ordinarily cheap a tightwad careful with my money and I need to get back in the habit again. Fortunately I LIKE Kraft Dinner and Ramen noodles and it's high time I started brewing and drinking my own beer again. I only did this because about 15 years ago I finally bought an ATV. Those things are awesome if your a kid ... but the thrill goes out of them the older and the grumpier you get. I waited too long and should have bought one much sooner than I actually did. I may have waited to long on this toy too...we'll see.

With luck I will be submitting photos for CW's Friday Open road this year.

Cold weather camping, Slim Potatohead Style:

Friday, 17 February 2017

Advice? I'll Give You Some Advice, You Little Shit

I admit it. I read Return Of Kings. It leaves me feeling foolish - for women it would be like admitting them reading those trashy, idiotic tabloids about movie stars they sell in the super market at the checkout - the ones that push diets where you can eat cake and pastries and lose 30 lbs. in 30 days. I like the comedy of RoK. More intelligent older men like Unca Bob would snort in disgust at the mere mention of this cornerstone of the so-called Manosphere and I can see e of his side of things.

Occasionally the comedy over there gets dark... and sometimes tragic. This is exactly the stuff that old farts like Uncle Bob needs to read. This is the world our sons live in. This is why they don't own homes, and this is why they don't get married or have families. This is why they live in their parents' basements. I don't blame 'em. I am caught exactly half way between their world and that of the Boomers. I like how this kid assumes that his elders live the high life, and that things only got difficult for the men of his generation. Well kid... I grew up in the midst of all that, and I can tell ya - it wasn't easy at times. In fact, it was damned difficult for us too.

Depending on who defines the terms, I am either a leading edge Gen X kid, or a tail end Baby Boomer, born in 1964. I became a father in 1985. There were still traces of the Old World around - my grandparents were still alive, most of the couples in our social circles were still married although the spectre of rampant frivolous divorce was well underway. Corporal Klinger was still a joke rather than a role model, and women were still pretty much women and men were still pretty much men. Queers were degenerate perverts just as they are today but we could be honest about such things back then and say so. But the world was changing - and fast. At the time we had no idea how much things would change or what the consequences would look like. My elders did - but who listens to old geezers? They don't know anything, right?

My brother got divorced in the early 1990's. He was devastated. His young, attractive wife was not happy with the idea of motherhood and wanted it all - a career, kids and a rich husband. Big Bro took that hit solidly amidships and though he's still afloat I can still see the scars it left on him 30 years later. He remarried with an older Christian lady and is doing alright today though. His ex married a wealthy man and lives in the fast lane. Their two boys are men now, living a life of minimalism and contract and temp jobs. They seem happy enough I suppose. Big Bro is ashamed of them and it makes me want to punch his lights out. He figures they are lazy and unmotivated. Big Bro has had the same job all his life and has never had to do a job search or cope with unemployment. He's a Boomer all the way, except for his divorce.

In the 80's and 90's my wife's family got hit hard. My wife's parents lost their youngest son to a medical tragedy and that stressed their whole family. Then her father lost his job of 31 years when Corporate America started to 'streamline' the company he worked for here in Canada. It was a double whammy - the man lost his son, his job and his bearings and his wife kinda just started to assume headship of the family, because he had checked out. She had to, I suppose... because the old man was just done. I saw all this because we lived with them for a year or two while I went back to school. My mother in law and I started butting heads on who was in charge of my family. I was raised to respect elders and matriarchs - but lord that woman and her idiot husband had some ideas that I wouldn't wipe my ass with.

At school my daughter was getting in trouble. She wouldn't behave for her teachers and I was being told she needed medical treatment. Her teacher was a fuggin ditz that thought spankings were child abuse and that every kid should get a trophy for showing up to a foot race. I marvelled at the stupidity of my mother in law and that cunned stunt of a school teacher - and cured my daughter's behavioural problems with a spanking. Everyone was horrified and outraged. I looked around in bewilderment as I became a borderline criminal in the minds of that family. I didn't realize it yet, but my daughter was being molded to become a leading edge member of Generation Snowflake. But after that spanking her behaviour improved, her marks went up and I called it good. When we moved out a year later I was thankful to be rid of that idiot family. I  tried to keep those sentiments to myself out of love for my wife. In the 90's I watched more and more couples getting divorced, I watched my outlaws go from being traditional 'small-c' conservatives to all out liberals. Their second son was in university learning about all about Edyacashun - and because he was in university he obviously knew everything and the outlaws smiled with admiration as their scholarly son adopted a far left world view - so they started to as well and fully expected our family to.

In the middle of the first decade of the new century things were now pretty bad in my family. Christ, we had my inlaws over all the time and they got in the middle of everything. They were not shy about making our decisions for us, and correcting my thoughts and opinions, and meddling in our affairs. They moved in with us as they had a new home built a couple blocks away and I was going fuggin nuts. I still thought I could make the old man respect me a little bit and still tried to be nice to him but... nothing worked. And the mother in law? JFC - her word was LAW. In my house?  It was hell for my wife too. She loved me but she loved them and was caught in the middle when we locked horns. I would come home and find that they had done home improvements - on my house - without asking me, or they would buy furniture or the usual household trappings and such and if I objected I got shouted down and dismissed. My wife's parents would encourage my daughter to do things they would have shot their own for doing. I couldn't live like this. It shames me to this day - I began to chat up women on the internet and started plotting an exit strategy. It was hell for me too - I loved my wife dearly... but her family was changing in horrible ways and I was learning that these people would never respect me or my place in my family - never mind theirs, and that I would be left holding the bag for the decisions of these idiots if I stuck around. When my wife found out about what I was doing she was broken hearted and enraged and told me to make some decisions. We patched things up, somehow, but to this day my conduct during that time is a shit stain on my soul. I throw myself on the mercy of the court because I didn't know how to handle a family that didn't work any more or have a place for me in it. Our marriage was held together with bale twine and duct tape as her family rattled and bashed in mine. I couldn't take it.

The manosphere would call a man like that today a "cuck" or a "beta". I didn't know about any of that, I was just a man in a prog family trying to keep his poop in a group and the family together. It was driving me mad until one day I ran across one of the 'proto-manosphere' writers - Kid du Toit. He noted the pussification of the American male back in '05 and I still remember the shock with which it resonated with me. I was being pussified myself! My mother in law was in charge of the family and she and her idiot husband were telling my daughter that she didn't have to worry about a father because they were the real authority in the family - and what they said went. And my daughter saw them treating me like a punching bag and she figured she could too.

By 2010 I had lost all influence or control of my family. My daughter was an adult and came out of the closet as a militant gay hipster, my in laws applauded and roared with derisive laughter at my despair. In 2014  I finally - finally ... I got smart. This will gall the Kings Of The Manosphere, but it is my contention that this is how it works: accept that women DO have power and authority. When you ask a lady to dance, she is the decision maker on whether or not to accept. Uncle Bob posits that men are the real romantics in any relationship and in this he is undoubtedly correct. My heart was hopelessly lost to my wife and the decision to continue our marriage was hers - not mine. But, just as women are free to reject the authority of would-be patriarchs - welp, it goes the other way too. So I told my wife to make to make her decision about our marriage... and I fully expected to be another MGTOW or Man Going His Own Way or whatever they call those celibate bachelors when their marriages dissolve. That was two years ago. She sided with me and our marriage and lives improved almost immediately. Our marriage fully recovered when she adopted her faith. I love her more now than ever before and I thank God she's still with me. She found a new family and community in the church, she loves them and they love her right back. There's even room for me there if I want it. In their community gender is NOT  a malleable social construct. Sometimes I do want a place there but I still have some thinking to do on that. Today we do our separate things as old couples do, but at the end of the day we come together and yak and chat like we used to do when we were kids and talk about important things. This is exactly what marriage should be. 30 years ago, though - I never would have seen any of this. I expected to be bouncing grandchildren on my knee, hunting and fishing with a son in law and living the good family life. How in HELL did we end up here? Phew!

This is my advice to younger men: Don't 'harden up' as the scholar at Return Of Kings says. SMARTEN UP. Your problems are not your father's and rest assured, you little shits - his life was no bed of roses either! Women are challenging, often infuriating creatures the same way men are, I guess. You want a steady, loving, warm girlfriend and wife. You want a home and family. You deserve it too. The way to that is the same as it was for your father: long courtships, keep the sex off the table until you're damned sure she's worth it. If I may be vulgar, if you **** it, you own it.
If you are confronted by nutty, progressive liberal morons in any capacity within the family or without - walk away. Tell your gal up front she either goes with you or goes with them. The biggest mistake we make with feminists, homosexuals, socialists and other is taking them seriously. Don't try to play them, they will play you. They lie, they cheat, and they are malicious as the day is long. Let them go do what they are going to do to themselves and that's it. I heard through the grape vine that my wonderful academic liberal brother in law and his empowered feminist wife are now divorced. Not only that, but their children are both having 'learning and behavioural issues'. He is a school principal, she a public educator. I'm tempted to savour the schadenfreude - but in my world now it is just the haze over the distant horizon in the rear view mirror. I have my own trials and tribulations ahead. Your only concern with stupid people like that is to evaluate whether or not they are a problem in your life. If they are - ditch them and don't think twice about it. It's hard, it hurts and it never stops hurting - but they will drag you down with them if you stay.

Life and happiness are actually quite simple: stupidity is contagious. Don't be stupid, don't hang around with stupid people - and things will work out for themselves.

Nightmares Are Just Dreams, And Free Speech Cannot Be Suppressed

I am reluctant to pick on Pete. I'm still smarting after the shit kicking I got at Unca Bob's!

There's a lot of negativity out there these days, with a lot of monsters lurking just below the surface of calm waters and a fella can't trust his own eyes these days. It doesn't help when our women and the lefties are losing their shit and can't tell the difference between Donald Trump or Adolph Hitler. Or the difference (and similarities) between fascism and socialism.

It's especially depressing when I have to crack the heads of my elders rather than the other way around - which is the natural order of things, I guess. A fella's born stupid, goes into the School Of Hard Knocks, gets edjyamacated and then it becomes his responsibility to try and beat common sense into the next generation. By the time he does that, his own elders that beat the smarts into him - are getting old and stupid so he has to beat them too! And of course, futility and despair ensues! HAR HAR HAR!!!!

Look, Pete - Twitter is a campfire sing-along for faggots, feminists, socialists, and other shit birds. So is Fecesbook. Deal with it already! You can go on there and talk about your family and life events in a politically correct way or pass. (I choose to pass - there are too many internet morons in my life as it is). It's a free country - and if you don't want to waste time with politically correct sexual freak shows and leftists - walk away! You won't regret it! Gab has been set up as a fork for Twitter and it will be interesting to see how that goes. If they don't succeed, some other venture will because despite commies and fascists - the market always wins. Right now that market is wide open for conservative and alt-right venues. Wikipedia is going to get a shiv up the arse from Infogalactic - and they will deserve it too.

Even without them we have free speech amongst ourselves. Over at Bob's Treehouse, I expressed viewpoints that he and his simian cohorts vehemently disagree with. He hates Dubya and thinks all wars are pointless bloodbaths. I see them in the historical context of the times and that drives the boys up the wall because they can only look at them in hindsight. Mine is a repulsive (but in my opinion, realistic) opinion. But by God Almighty ... They let me have my say. Ya gotta respect that.

One thing I've always noticed: People will ALWAYS say what's on their mind, and they will ALWAYS do business. Consider: Hillary's election platform with regards to conservatives was "Shut up, you're racist/homophobic/sexist and you are deplorable and don't deserve to speak." The mainstream media agreed and made sure EVERYONE knew it. Result? Hillary is out on her ass, Trump is driving lefties up the wall and neither the mainstream or social media can shut him up!!! HAR HAR HAR!!! Not only that, they have to confront Trump on a level playing field where everyone can see everyone else's agenda - and if you cheat everyone will see it! Idiots will never succeed in supressing free speech, and smart players won't even try.

As for the market? How's that war on drugs going for ya? Believe me, I have no love of dealers or addicts and won't touch that shit myself. Drug users are degenerates in my opinion and worthy only of contempt. (And I admit to my chagrin that that opinion gets rammed squarely up my arse when one considers guys like Wirecutter and Bob. They are/were recreational users and outside of that they're good men - but I digress). The point is they are gonna get their drugs over the table or under it. So it goes for gun control. All the gov't can do is make gun ownership harder for law abiding citizens. Like Bob and WC with their drugs - if my idiot gov't bans guns I'll buy them under the table and they can go piss up a rope if they don't like it. A thriving industry has set up around building guns from the ground up. It isn't hard, any two bit machinist can acquire the skills and even some layman can with the advent of mass produced CNC tools.

Just as folks are having hissy fits about Twatter and Fecesbook - the American Constitution is just a dream too. The only rights you have are the ones you can hold and defend by brute force. With the liberals flooding the country with vibrant moslem animals and diverse Mexican human trash and other low IQ/low skill immigrants - your rights and freedoms ARE probably going to be challenged at some point.

When somebody asks "Hey Filthie, how's it hangin'?" I often jokingly respond - "Living the dream, man!". And so I do - on my own turf, sometimes as an unwelcome guest at the better blogs. Regardless, good men will never let themselves be permently silenced by bad ones. Your voice IS important and needs to be heard too.

Happy Friday everyone - and keep up the chatter!

Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Oh, hi everybody!

HULP!!! Gahhhhhh...

Oh, I'm fine. Finer n' frogs hair actually....HULLLLPPPPPP....!!!!

I've just got the dry heaves  from what I just saw on the news feeds:

Ivana is swooning over Turdo La Doo..,.?!!?!? Oh lord, I'm gonna hurl again!!!!

Gasp...gasp... This is simply and utterly inexcusable.

a. Justin Turdo is a son of a whore (literally, just like Obama) and unfit for good women
b. He's almost certainly a butt blaster in his spare time (again, much like Obama)
c. He probly spends more time on his hair than Ivana does!

Don't anybody let Uncle Bob or the President know about this - they'll both be FURIOUS.  I will make a few fast quiet calls to the Scottish Mob in Morontario and little Justy Turdo will fall down a flight of stairs and we'll put an end to this nonsense discreetly!

Foygeddabaddit, ye buggardly tosspots!
You didnae see NOTHIN.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017


It's funny and loveable when the fellas do it. But if the old lady and the dog does it - it is a crime against humanity. The ladies are sternly reminded ((again)emphatically) that some tokens of affection are not meant to be reciprocated.