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Sunday, 3 July 2022



Full service and access to Kaliningrad is miraculously restored. As a visiting scholar put it in the comments, “the Lithuanian drunks thought twice about getting between the Russian Bear and her cub…”. Aaaaaand - they came to the right conclusion. It’s not a good place to be… especially if your allies are feckless fair weather friends like the American democrats. Joe is sacrificing the Ukes to Globohomo… he’ll only do the same with the Lithuanians.

Elsewhere in the news… a pathetic fwench faggot that runs around in pink socks bravely mocks Putler for those old viral internet pics of him running around without a shirt on.

I’m sure Vlad is broken hearted. Just wait until he hears what Aesop and the cool kids on Twitter are saying about him!!!


I remember when I first decided I liked Vlad. It was at the Winter Olympics and an obscure rock band of creepy feminists decided to use the event to protest … something… and milk it for free PR in the press. They set up near the stadium and started to make a nuisance of themselves. In short order, the Russian police show up. The ladies were politely asked to leave which resulted in screaming and shrieking. The cops backed off, smirking, and let the nasty women vent. When they ran down, the cop approached the group again and told them to pack it up and go home -or else. More shrieking and screaming. The cop retreats again, smiling and cheerful. Again the ladies make a spectacle of themselves until they run down.

The cop approaches again: last warning ladies! Pack up, and go home or go to jail. The hag squad starts screaming again… but this time the rest of the squad moves in and starts kicking and slapping the shit out of them! A paddy wagon pulls up, the screaming women are cuffed and tossed in, and there placards and signs thrown in with them. The doors close, the paddy wagon drives off, sanity reasserts itself… and the cop apologizes to the crowd for the disturbance. 

The lefty lunatics of the world melted down and made sure that public opinion was that the group - called Pussy Riot - had rights to free speech and by Godfrey - the Russian police better release them. The girls got the Russian equivalent of 30 days and a fine and were not released until they promised never to do it again. If they did they would do time , and to hell with the Rollong Stone and world opinion. The poor dears! They were HUMILIATED!!!


The press cornered Vlad and demanded apologies and explanations but he just smirked and told the press that it had been handled and he had no further interest in it and would not be talking about it. The media slobs and the lefties fumed and spat; they had this narrative cooked up and ready to go, the players in this latest shitlib morality play were assembled and the scripts were written… and Vlad walked out of the theatre!!! The bloody cheek!!!!

Vlad does not care what the faggotry or Globohomo thinks. If a tree fell in Twitter Forest, Vlad was not going to stick around to listen to it. I can assure you that Vlad doesn’t care what bitches like Justin Trudeau or General Aesop think of him. Those morons have no idea who or what they are dealing with. 

How many billions has the G7 flushed down the ‘Kraine so far? We’ll see who laughs last, I suppose. 

Good Morning


Wherever your morning finds you…

…I hope it’s a good one!

What I say I do…

What I think I do…


What I actually do…

Well I got out last night and flew my face off. I had one bad landing that bent the nose wheel but after that, the touch-and-goes came faster and easier. Ol’ Super Dave is getting to look tired and beat. But Stubfart Airfield, he is still the toughest and bravest little airplane on the line. He’s done stuff that would reduce other planes to junk.

We’d just finished a day of rain and I had the field to myself. This place is only a couple miles out of town and other than the mayhem and asshattery in the air and on the field… it is a place of tranquility and peace. 

Next Time Ya Need A Morphine Colonic or Mercury Tincture...

 ... Nurse Aesop might show up riding one a these! Don't forget the bedpans, Nurse!

As for me... might as well stock up on the cough syrup. Scotch only goes so far and I prefer something stronger for bullet wounds and more painful industrial accidents...

Submarine Sammiches: Akula Class

Welp -I’m hoping I can step up my sammich game. These are home made pizza buns made the way the kid on JewTube said. They kinda look promising, anyway. 

My last effort at making bread was underwhelming so we’ll see. I put some herbs and chit on these ones. If today goes well it will be Sammich Armageddon in the kitchen. The wife bought a raft of spicey meats and meat byproducts, stinky aromatic cheeses… and I will process the veggies before laying them on.

Can hardly wait. It’s gonna be a long church session today…

Saturday, 2 July 2022

Stubfart Airforce


The exhibition flight starts at around 17:30

The fellas started this one a couple months back. It's made out of some strange stryoform variant and they had to master new computer technologies to cut the basic shape out of blocks... and then fibreglass it. Four electrical engines, on-board laser turrets fired by fpv operators, smoke bombs to simulate damage... this thing is literally going into combat and real life dog fights. 

All the fellas are barely holding their mud. If something fails - months of work go straight down the crapper. The pucker factor on these first flights must be of biblical proportions. 

I stalled on my own Dirty Bird build and will have to restart that project. My little 0.55 nitro engine was giving me grief and I couldn't suss it out myself. It pished me off no end - these engines are dirt simple but... gah. We will let one of the experts at the airfield figure it out. Those guys LOVE problems like that and they love the noobs too... 

This is a family friendly hobby that is slowly dying because for kids raised on flight simulators and XBOX... they aren't wired to get the dopamine rush from the real thing I guess. It's sad because they miss the build aspect of the hobby too. If you are thinking about something to share with your kids and bond with them... this is an excellent avenue to go down.

Have a great Saturday - and thanks for stopping by!

The Great Resignation


Hmpppffffff. Might be a relative of the Great Retirement too, maybe? I dunno but if I see too much diversity I just pass. In my last pre-retirement job, I was getting run off my feet while my diversity hire middle management screwed the pooch. Their customers didn’t want to deal and started dealing with me instead… and I ended up working like a dog and putting in free overtime, while my pajeet outside salesman watched YouTube and took all his coffee and lunch breaks. My boss was a 20-something power girl with the same work ethic the pakie did, but she had the maturity level of a teen. 

The toxic work environment is not necessarily the one that our vibrant and diverse social engineers say it is.