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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Retard Rodeo!

Congratulations to Mrs. Chubster and her 0.1 second win in the Northern Alberta Special Semi-Finals!

Taste The Frooty Rainbow

Sunday Shooting

Play stupid games ... win stupid prizes.

When I was a boy one of my heroes was Tommy L. His family were text book middle class liberals. Mom and Pop made a pile of money and worked hard for it. Tommy was 16 and the first of the Canadian children that were raised with a 'hands off, let them find their own way' approach. (Looking back on it, I suppose the fall out from that parenting approach is what gave us today's 'helicopter' parents).

Long story short, while Mom and Pop worked their butts off for that big house, pool, and two fancy cars - Tommy ran wild. Us kids loved him because he made us sling shots, sorted out our fights and sometimes even played with us. All that stopped when he got a drivers license and he started getting into real trouble. He got into a couple hit-and-runs as I remember and managed to beat the rap both times. Our "Mayberry" RCMP constabulary developed a major hate-on for him as he moved into drugs. Drugs were a new thing in my little town back then - and kids that got in trouble with them became pariahs. Tommy was taken into custody one day after he somehow managed to elude police on a high speed chase and they caught up with him at home His trial was short and sweet: they threw the book at him and he went to some kind of special jail for minors. (At least, that was the story us kids got).

It was all confusing as hell to me at the time as I was just a sprout: Tommy was the coolest big kid alive, and here were my other heroes - the cops - telling us we had to stay away from Tommy or we'd get in the same trouble Tommy did. So I went to Big Bro to get him to explain it to me. "Don't be stupid, Glen; pigs are all assholes..." he said. Fact is my brother was younger - but headed the same way Tommy was for awhile.

Unfortunately for us both Pop overheard that and had a friggin' bird. We both got grounded for a night and of course we blamed each other for it. Pop laid down the law too: "If a cop pulls you over, you NEVER run. If he asks you a question, you answer it respectfully and honestly. If I EVER hear one of you two calling a cop or 'pig' or an 'asshole' - I will tan your hides and we'll just see who the assholes are...!"

I've always heeded that advice and I've never had a problem with an officer of the law. And - had this fine upstanding citizen done the same... he'd probably be alive today. I know any number of people that love to piss all over law enforcement people but my heart goes out to the poor slobs in the rank and file. The vast majority of times, police shootings go down just like this. Those morons don't understand that the cops would much rather be eating donuts, razzing the kids and getting kittens out of trees rather than fighting with idiots. But for this officer, confronted by some failed liberal social experiment with a knife?

I am Glen Filthie and I approve of this shooting.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Gotta Be Quartermain Again

I just heard from the hospital that he's in critical condition but is expected to recover.

Saturday Turd Burglar

Guess That Ain't Gonna Happen

Or, he could get hit by a bus tomorrow.
Perspective may or may not be a function of wisdom,
but if I had money like that, and all I could do with it
is sink it into a car... I would think myself a lesser man for it.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Bolt Gun Bungholery

Or maybe ya'd call it 'Bolt Gun Bigotry'.

I've always looked down my long nose at bolt guns and that's a dangerous thing. You can get beat up for that when certain guys are on the firing line - and more n' likely than not you would deserve it too - like me! HAR HAR HAR!

I've always been a little snobbish about guns and I looked down my nose at bolt guns because the vast majority of 'em have no soul. Mass produced plastic, aluminum - and even a moron can make them shoot well. I don't care if they are the most inherently accurate of all the guns, I don't care if they are lightning fast repeaters - I. Don't. Care. And I won't drive a minivan, or a Prius or any other piss burning econobox either!

I say all that with the usual caveats, of course. The old milsurps and war horses like the Brit .303 SMLE's (Smellies, as we of the Commonwealth like to call them), the classic Mausers and Springfields... and the fine safari guns like WL Emery's Rigby's are certainly acceptable arms for any self respecting rifleman. Well finished .22 bolt guns are a delight for the gun clubbing old stubfart. But... the RemWinMarlinSavage crap...? Fah! Give me a fine falling block single shot, or a lever gun, or better yet - a gas gun semi-auto! At least they have some character!

I got beat up a lot by the cool kids grumpy old bastids on the range and finally caved to peer pressure. I bought a shit house Remington 700 that came right from the factory with a target bull barrel. I put 20 rounds through it, pulled it and threw it in the garbage! "What kinda shit are those retards smoking at Big Green these days?" I cursed! Those a-holes are turning out unfinished guns in my opinion and now all the Yank manufacturers are doing it! I have a message for Remington, Winchester, Marlin and Savage: Screw you guys! If you all took a 50% pay cut, you'd still be earning twice what you're worth!!! And you turd brains at Ruger had better shape the hell up too!

*Ahem* Excuse me for that, perhaps I need my Tourette's Syndrome medicine now... so, I ripped the barrel off the Remington and bought a 20" air gauged Shilen Match barrel and figured I could make a light sniper out of it... but my heart just wasn't in it.

It was a bolt gun.

A couple weeks ago I was bored with the M1A and dug the old bolt gun out of the safe - and it just seemed to feel different in my hands than it did when I put it away several years back.

Out of the 19 guns I own, these are the only bolt actions.
The 22 is a beautiful CZ as pretty as WL Emery's Rigby buffalo gun
and the Rem has a custom match barrel with a Swarovski 2.5 ~ 10 scope on it.

Well... that bolt gun just seems to fit me better now for some reason. It has an El Cheapo rubber stock on it - Hogue, if I remember correctly. I decided to lay a beating on the 6" gong at 100m offhand off my hind feet - and I smacked the ever lovin' crap out of it shot after shot after shot! So I went home and loaded up some trial shells for it and now I am playing with bolt guns again. I am also trying to suss out a new AR15 precision gun and bought some Hogden CFE223 to try in it... and the boys are saying you can burn it in .308 too and get good results. 

Johnny on YouTube is having some spectacular results 
with heavy match bullets and Hogden CFE223 
gunpowder. Figured I would give 'em a whirl too...

So tomorrow I head out with a ... a... a bolt gun. And of course I gotta bag up and shoot off the bench instead of working on my formal position shooting. But damn - this gun would be right at home on a deer hunt just as it is! It's about the same handy dimensions as a 30-30 albeit much heavier... but I don't mind heavy guns and actually prefer them.

I'll keep ya posted on the results. My loads might not work well in your guns of course - but if we're both lucky they will give you a good starting point. I'll post this today as I'm tied up tomorrow - so have a good Friday. If time permits I will try to post some rude jokes tomorrow too if I can.