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Sunday, 23 July 2017

The Filthie Critic

I am just learning my way around Amazon and Kindle. I have decided to start reading again. Last time I was on Kobo and I think that's a Canadian company because unless you're a chick or a faggot the reading lists are utterly dismal. I'm serious - all the genres are infested with lecturing social justice wankers that make sure all the characters have the right multicultural backgrounds, and that at least a couple scenes include graphic homosexuality and explicit detail. I can do without the fudge packing, the canoe licking and the scolding, boring plots with powerful women that come across as nags and bitches. It never occurred to me to leave a review of those books I got ripped off on and given the antics of the Hollyweird/Arts n' Lit crowd these days maybe I shoulda.

Mind you that could backfire; Brig over at Borepatch got a crappy review and apparently she's a little bummed out about it. Poor kid. But - it's a fact of life, I guess. I personally won't write a negative review on a book, because a given work may stink to high heaven for me - but one a you fellas might think it's just fine.

I will write a positive review and left one on Murder One by WL Emery. Amazon has a gizmo where you can give however many stars ya want depending on how good it was so I gave WL all five of 'em.

I think he has another one I might grab, and I fully intend to rake the other blog authors over the coals eventually too. I fully intend to be the biggest prick about it too! WL got lucky (this time) but The Bayou Rennaissance Man and the Old NFO are up next. How will they fare against the worst internet troll and literary art critic of all time? I will let you know! HAR HAR HAR....errrr.... BWA HAH HAH HAH HAAAAAH!!!!!

It's weird to have actual new, entertaining material to read again. I am glad somebody is doing something about the drought that politically correct publishing companies have made.

Road Rage

Yesterday on the way home from the rod n' gun club I noticed Mrs. Mallard trying to get across the highway with about 5 ducklings behind her. I am a sportsman and a conservationist so of course - I applied the brakes to slow down and give her time to cross. I looked in the rearview - and noticed a fat old grey haired bitch right off my bumper with her gums flapping at 1000 MPH - and she set up to pass - right over momma Mallard and her little family.

I know people are assholes, and in her defense maybe she didn't see the critters - but all the same... where I was pulling over and gently breaking before, welp - I swerved out and hugged that centre line and STOOD on the brakes - watching that cnut in the mirror the whole time. Mrs. Mallard and her ducklings barely made it across my lane.

And got run over by an 18 wheeler going the other way. Guy didn't even slow down.

I dunno why but that just hit me wrong and left me numb. The fat old bitch passed me and I got The Bird and her mouth was running even faster and I barely noticed. I sped up to 60 MPH, set the cruise and watched that fat old bitch floor it over the next hill. She got into it again further up the road with another driver when the two lanes merged into one and we almost had another pile up as neither would give way.

These people vote. They breed. They get driver's licenses, jobs in positions of responsibility and authority and handle power tools.

And they tell me that private citizens shouldn't have guns. I will be keeping my guns thanks. If I can back up and avoid such people I will - it's a free country and a big one. I don't have to share oxygen with assholes, and there are mallard ducks that will breed and survive and have the next year's clutch of ducklings.

But lord help these people if they ever back me up and I feel that wall or corner at my back.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

When They Were Queens

I am a chauvinist and a patriarch all the way through. I think there are things women shouldn't do and combat is one of them. They don't have the stamina, their joints won't take the punishment and we've seen what hard combat can do to strong men - to willingly put women into a role like that is an act of sheer folly and stupidity that is going to cost lives.


If the bad guys get past us - I would love like hell for them to be greeted by our women like this. Further - the friggin feminists bitch and piss and moan about eeeeeevil men and the awful gun lobby - and if any of those clucky bints had any brains at all they would be behind concealed carry 100%! Rapists should get justice right at the crime scene.

If you're a lady - proficient gun skills may not be part of the feminine arts but they should be something you master all the same. You owe it to yourself, your family and your man.

When We Were Kings

That's a Big Wheel - after my time. I had an old fashioned steel trike that I preferred to the cheap plastic of the Big Wheels and managed to kill myself on it several times.

Minimum Wage

When I was a kid I flipped burgers at Rotten Ronnie's for $3.25/hour.

The real minimum wage is $0.00 and no bones about it. I just wonder how these people honestly think? Consider: every day low skill/low IQ Africans and Moslems are coming in by the boat load. Mexicans are swarming over the border and are even showing up here in Canada now. And of course, because everyone knows that women can do everything a man can (only better) - we now have a massively glutted labour pool. What do they think that will do to wages?

Oh well. The market always wins, and the forces driving them will not be decided by some idiot politician with a pen.

The Gender Spectrum Simplified

It has to be an inside joke. I have experience with queers and good lord - their sexuality is one thing but the other behaviours that go along with it? Even basement dwelling chit house rats make more sense.

When my daughter was growing up there was no shortage of teachers that said she was mentally defective and needed drugs and counselling and warm fuzziness. To me it looked like a disciplinary problem. I tried the time outs and soft punishments and the kid just snoozed and kept doing the behaviours that got her in trouble. Finally after dozens of notes from the teacher I beat her ass and mysteriously - all her behavioural problems disappeared.

Her marks sucked of course (due to learning problems. The pooch screwing public educators were sure of it). So - I didn't home school my daughter but I tutored her. She was failing grade 7 math and by the end of the years she had honors. Not only that, I had her started on grade 10 algebra and by the time she hit grade 10 she could do elementary calculus. She was a full blown honour student and I was so proud.

So proud.

Today of course she is a gay hipster that copped out on life as soon as she got out of the house. I wonder now if maybe those teachers were right and I was wrong? I thought her problems were self induced and a product of normal childish rebellion and that traditional methods would take care of that as it had with me and my friends when we were kids.

Who knows. Do you feed a child's demons, or try to exorcise them? Either way, they are in for a rocky ride and I just don't have the wisdom to make that call. I know for a fact our idiot public educators don't either.

All you can do with your kids is your best, I suppose.

Have a good Saturday.

Friday, 21 July 2017

The Perfect Martini

I am hopping mad at Mad Jack! Lookit how he pooped in the comments of my scientific hate graph post! A matini? A martini?!?!? Who does he think he is??? WL Emery?

Welp. Some people shoot Glocks and some fellas drink....martinis.

I would like to get snobbish and sophisticated about the dram of Black Bull I am having before bed, but why bother? Everyone knows I will drink whatever's in the jerry can or radiator - and I've been known to siphon the old style photocopiers back in the good old days, HAR HAR HAR! 


It's Friday night, the dogs are walked, tomorrow's ammo's been made and if you are having a martini so be it - you're allowed and you earned it! I will just leave this helpful tip on making the perfect martini - and then hit the hay. As always - thanks for stopping by!