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Thursday, 26 January 2023

Going Full Conspiritard?

 Geez Louise - I must have a target on my back or something.

I am getting it in the hooper from the pajeets at the CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce). I've been there for 30 years. Seven years ago I got hacked and my line of credit was run up to 1700.00 bucks by the thieves before it got shut down. I call the bank, they close the line of credit off and tell me no sweat - we've taken care of this and I am covered by their fraud protection program. Don't sweat it.

Month later I get a notice that my line of credit is at $1700.00. So I go in, and say 'What the heck? This line of credit is closed, I was told I was protected by the customer fraud protection program and yet this account is still accruing interest... so am I covered, or am I not?" The bank told me all was well, don't worry about it, its just a clerical glitch.

Same thing happens a month later. I get the same answer. "Disregard it, Filthie! IT'S TAKEN CARE OF..."

I tried to get the bank to look into this 7 or 8 times but always - "Just ignore it". The fuggin mudflap customer rep got pished at me the last time and told me to pay it or FOAD because he was too busy.

So a couple days ago I get one from the bank - "Pay this bill immediately or we cut off your visa!!!" I go back down to the bank and the monkey in the turban tells me "we gotta look into this..." I think he's going to try and hit me with all the interest that accrued over the last 7 years too.

I have grown to hate my bank with the heat of 1000 suns. My branch is run by pajeets and kebabs. I haven't seen one white person there for years. In the summer, ya go in and there rainbows and gay pride all over the place and they are celebrating it and you should too!!! I am all too familiar with Pride and there's a few interesting parables about what happens to people that allow themselves to be consumed by it. 

I'm getting sick of these guys. They want $2700.00 now and I obviously don't want to pay it. I've only got 60K in my account there but... that is big money to me, now that I am semi-retired. Call me names - I don't care. I am not comfortable with third world mutts handling my money. I put money in a bank to keep it safe... and I am not feeling safe about these brainless mutts at all.

I'm beginning to think the best thing a guy can do is pull his money out and put it in a strongbox...under the mattress or buried in a pickle jar out back. I went to a couple other banks but they are all vibrant and diverse too. 

I am not happy with having the third world running my personal financials... Can a guy to off the banker's grid? 


Get A Weigh Scale Too…


An esteemed blog visitor of mine is an official Alberta Fish and Game
Association trophy book scorer. If you drop an elk, he gets out the tape measure 
and score card and his word is final.

In this case - I dropped a deuce!
We better bring him in on this one. 
This one is an Alberta Non-Typical. Why - it should blow the former world 
right out of the water!
Eat ya heart out Texas!

Has Anyone Got A Square?


I almost want to print that POS off, go
down to the shop and check it…



Wednesday, 25 January 2023

Fuggin Illegal Aliens


The Rain In The ‘Kraine Falls Mostly On The Plain And Ends In Pain…

 Not only do I have to give up Blab one a these days… I gotta stop hanging around the more neurally divergent blaggers. The Usual Suspect is in Hitler’s bunker pushing the game pieces round on a make believe map, and lecturing us on the state on the Russia/Ukraine conflict. 

The latest NATO super weapons will arrive in the Kraine 

He actually DID come up with a great idea to recognize and celebrate stupidity that goes beyond mere Darwinian level retardation. However I fear the General will actually be one of the first posthumous recipients of his own award, HAR HAR HAR! I suppose I shouldn’t be too hard on him…he’s just parroting the mass media. It’s not like he can think for himself I guess… The mass media tells him that “Russia is NOT at war with NATO!! Then they tell him that “Russia is at war with the world!!!” My question is… if Russia is clearly at war with you…why don’t you man up and formally declare war on them? Those of us that can think that through have come to some truly detestable truths and conclusions that are beyond lesser men I suppose. For the record… I don’t like unpleasant truths either…but pretty lies are not the answer.  Stupid people are generally infuriated by being forced to think.

It’s been fun but ya get to a point in the game where the retard can’t keep up, and all you’re doing is picking on a moron. I just learned that Russia’s Wagner Group was annihilated in the first few days of the conflict. Who’da thunk it?

It’s tough to watch. No one will blame
you if you pass.
As for you, Aesop…you should have to lie there and die in pain with
these Ukrainian kids as the Wagner group toys with them.
It’s deliberately staggeringly stupid guys like you that are responsible for this.
Wave that Uke flag harder, retard.

In the real world, the Wagner group just cleaned out Soledar. They REALLY did a number on the Ukes in the process. While the General pats himself on the back and assures us all is well… the Wagner group wastes Ukrainian kids scores at a time, hundreds a day.

For a spectacular discussion on the realities of this conflict, I heartily recommend today’s presentation by the Z Man. Some seriously big problems are coming home to roost in the western militaries.. Don’t just read it…fact check it. In today’s world, being misinformed gets people killed.

GAH. I need to get back to the rude jokes.