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Thursday, 23 March 2017

So Much For Security

it just occurred to me... yesterday when I bought that generator it cost me $1400.00 and change out the door.

I've got a $1000.00 limit on my visa in case of theft or loss - if the bad guys get my card or somehow do the identity theft thing - I can take a $1000.00 hit and shrug it off. A $12k hit wouldn't kill me but it would certainly hurt! I have a gun habit to support, HAR HAR HAR!

But yesterday they rung that generator through without blinking an eye! If my anti-theft credit limit was working - shouldn't the transaction have been declined?

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Another $1400.00 down the crapper.
Typical Honda, started on the 5th pull (because it's brand new and on fumes)
and purred like a kitten.

If ya gotta trailer and ya gotta boondock it - ya have to have electrical power, right? Right?

BAH! Humbug!

Still and all it will get me outta the house and give me somewhere to be, HAR HAR HAR! Left to my own devices I would be just another senior delinquent, eventually picked up off the streets for vagrancy, and tossed in the can with other washed up old derelicts and relics like BW and Uncle Bob.  :)

It's a 2000 watter and I think it'll run a light bulb or maybe a furnace fan - hell, I dunno what these things can and can't do - the kid at the Honda shop said it should work. If it runs the furnace this weekend I will call it good.

Yannow I went down to my old sporting goods shop and they'll still sell me a rod or a gun - but do ya think they could sell me a good ol' fashioned Coleman lantern that runs on naptha? HAR! Fat chance!  Back when we were kings, we had one of those things putting out the light of a solar super nova all night long - and its hissing was like an old friend. My father in law presided over deer camp from the tailgate where he tended his pride and joy: a THREE burner Coleman camp stove. He did the cooking, cleaned the dishes and tended to his drink and that was his idea of heaven. He always brought a rifle but that was just for show. Without the wife to snark at him he burned 1" steaks, slathered 'em with mushrooms and onions and washed it down with scotch! I would pass out cigars afterward.

Those were good days.

I'm tryng to be happy about it. But in better days, when I was faster on my feet and my blood ran a little hotter, bushcraft for me meant the same thing it did to these beardos:

I didn't dress up in the buckskins or hunt with a flint lock...
but if I had it all to do over again I probably would!

There's a black powder geek-out at our club during the May long weekend every year. I just may take the RV down, park beside the other old geezers, and harass the kids and listen to the tall tales with a drink in hand, and then go back to my trailer and sleep on a heated mattress.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. ;)

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Popping Pills With Jim And Kim

I like Jim but he's not for everyone. He seems to think that women aren't worth a hill of beans without a man to tell them what to do and where to do it - and make 'em do it if they get stupid about it! I've seen him proven right, and I've seen him proven wrong by the women in my own family.

Kim du Toit tries to take a more balanced approach but he's confined his scope to celebs when he talks about female train wrecks. I don't think that's fair - those girls that go into the Hollywood fast lane have it damned tough: with celebrity, every huckster, shyster, and slob paparazzo will be out to get a piece of them by any means possible. With friends like that it's inevitable that they won't go careening off into the guard rails eventually.

I've always tried to be polite and sympathetic to men dealing with train-wreck women. I used to believe that such women were the product of poor genetics and poor parenting - and in my conceit I hung myself on my own petard: my own daughter is a militant lesbian social justice warrior and a 'gay artiste'. It would be both accurate and vulgar to say she's a fuck-up. Perhaps 'train wreck' is a better term. I used to think that one day she would grow up and redeem herself but ... Jeez, those red pills go down hard.

Ever see this one?

I used to think this was the dumbest
motivational poster there was.

I dunno what makes a train-wreck woman. I've seen several and like Kim - I won't have them in my presence. When my daughter was a kid growing up I was convinced she needed a trip to the woodshed far more than a trip to the head shrink but maybe I got that one wrong. But one thing I have noticed is that they are all their own worst enemies.

I hear the jargon those guys are throwing out like 'red/blue pills' and 'NAWALT' and MGTOW and I just shake my head. When did life get so complicated? That poster above now makes sense to me. At least the upper left, anyways.

I wonder if those pills the boys are taking aren't suppositories? Ya think?

Think I'll stick to whisky.

Monday, 20 March 2017

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties - Please Stay Tuned

My computer got virused. Again. Somebody around here has a penchant for goat-porn or something.

Soooo, my computer is in with the monkeys at Staples and they are going to give the machine a lobotomy.

I will be back as soon as possible but for now, I will be crapping sporadically in the comments on YOUR blogs. You can't do nothin to me over the internet now, HAR HAR HAR!

See ya soon

Gun Porn

That's what Marie Antoinette said when peasants and peons like me started whining for free food.

Yannow how some blogs have this gizmo so that you can donate money to 'em? I need one. Sheesh - I can't even afford to copy the pic and paste it on my blog! It's a shame because we could REALLY use some good dueling pistols round here. Unca Bob is mouthing off about my good buddy, George Dubya Bush and he's to big for me to beat up with my fists. Ever notice how everyone is completely on board with free speech but they lose their shit when the other guy does it? The restoration of the dueling tradition would make things real easy: sure, Bub, you can do your free speechin' all ya want - but if you mouth off at the wrong person at the wrong time you can either back up your gob honourably - or STFU, mind your manners and keep breathing and live to see another day.

Heck, that would have positive secondary effects too: shrewish women with sharp tongues and dull minds would also be stifled by angry husbands who won't want to answer for their ropey mouths, HAR HAR HAR!!! Mind you I'd probly be dead now too - with a .54 round lead ball put through my pan by some angry peasant like BW or Victor Quartermain.

Lend me some money, Unca Bob! I'll take back ALL the rotten things I've said about you! David Price was selling kits for similar swivel-breech rifles that are to die for. To the layperson it looks like he sells you all the parts and all ya gotta do is slap 'em together. Au contraire:

Disaster strikes Mike as he struggles to inlet a fine piece of curly maple...
He's been fussing with this thing all winter down in his shop.

I'm told the basic kit is around $2500.00 USD. Even the in-embellished guns are works of art and Mike will no doubt prevail and will hopefully have a range report for us soon.

As for David Price - he's quite simply the benchmark for the gun maker's art. Here are his superb 'Father & Son' rifles.

Those leaves, vines and cabbage are all wire/silver inlays. I can
sort of do it... but my work looks like it was done
by a hare-lipped retard or a gov't worker. Dave's work is
spectacularly flawless.

There's a Valhalla down in the US somewhere called 'Toad Hall' where the boys literally build flintlocks from a bar of metal and a tree branch. The 'apprentice' gun makers are old toads in their 60's and they work under the tutelage of men in their 70's. You would think a guy could make a mint selling guns like this - and a very few can - but for most of us the time investment simply isn't worth it. It's a labour of love - which is why I will probably never own one! HAR HAR HAR!

Hope yer week is off to a good start.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Deriving Value From Today's Useless Mainstream Media

I'm in the same boat as Unca Bob. I gave up on the media back in the 90's. Most people did - the only folks taking the media seriously these days are idiots and elderly Boomers living in sheltered retirement bubbles that have no idea how the world works now. When I DO read the mainstream media - I read it through the lens of their agenda. When you do that the media CAN'T lie - their lies merely tell the truth of what they're lying about.

Take Canada's failing liberal shit rag - The Globe & Mail. These staggeringly stupid fuckwits have lost pretty much all credibility with the vast majority of the nation - even the liberals aren't buying their dreck anymore. It's written by the boringly predictable homosexuals, feminists, socialists and other dregs that infest and run Canada's big cities out east. Margaret Wente is their token conservative - and they're too fuggin' stupid to realize that she's not all that conservative at all. Let's look at her latest 'conservative' flub-dubbery: Why Trolls Love To Pick On Women.

Take a minute to read that. Look - I know it's the usual femcnut crap - just read it, okay? I'll wait.

Finished? Sorry to put ya through that. But there's a reason to: there is a whole heaping shovelful of value in that liberal excrement - ya just gotta be able to compost it first! HAR HAR HAR!

First, with the application of critical thought - you can derive some worthy questions that will produce insights you ordinarily would have missed.

  • Do women actually get trolled more so than men? When I am slumming the blogs I will take Bob, BW and all the boys into the boards and let 'em have it with the high sticks! I try to be respectful of the ladies and curb my potty mouth on their blogs. I would say that it's more a case of idiots getting trolled than women. Better cut that train of thought off here and let you continue with it on your own.
  • "Media outfits employ small armies of watchdogs to keep this smelly effluent from polluting their online comments sections. Others have just given up and dropped online comments entirely. If comments were allowed to go their own way, they’d mostly consist of insults and potty talk." Are there any adults in the WORLD who haven't heard or used 'potty talk'? Why should an adult need this suppressed?  Nobody can force you to read what's on your computer screen. So Mags - seriously, what's the justification for censorship? And why do you censor comments that don't contain any of it whatsoever?
  • What separates trolling from on-line disagreement? Why is it that women often can't tell the difference?
  • If the trolls are nothing more than schoolyard bullies and childish pranksters, why do women get so upset about them?
  • Maggie describes the troll in minute detail: psychopathy, narcissism, impulsiveness and sadism. (It used to be us icky men had a 'Dark Triad' of personality flaws, now it's a Dark Tetrad, HAR HAR HAR!!!!). What traits would your average militant lesbian feminist have? This is my favourite - 'women tend to keep their opinions private...' she said in a public newspaper.

So, what's the take away? Good grief - most women are too damned stupid to understand the concept of 'sticks and stones' - even when those utterly harmless words are thrown out by morons. The other point they didn't want to get across was that these stupid women are losing control of their narrative - they didn't allow comments because some ignernt redneck might come along and crap in the comments and spark derisive laughter and jeers.

Not mentioning any names, of course, HAR HAR HAR! But - I have to give the Glob N' Pail credit - they finally got me to click on one of their articles and actually read it. It happens every couple of months.

Are ya still a troll if ya do it on your own blog? Probly not, you're more likely a racist/homophobe/fascist with a little dink - and therefore a viable target for she-twinks, landwhales, and vibrants. The media NEVER lies!

Have a good Sunday.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Happy Trails

Well we picked up our new little camper yesterday and I am just stoked.

I've always had a jaded view of the RV thing. When I was a kid some old retired fart and his lovely wife took pity on me because I wasn't old enough to go fishing with the big kids and there wasn't room in the boat for me anyways. (Stuff like that breaks kids' hearts). I didn't know the old guy from a hole in the ground but he took me out in his little aluminum boat wi th a 2 HP trolling motor. They towed it behind a plain looking VW camper van.

In any event we pulled up within a hundred yards of Pop and the big kids and we sunk some lines and I started pulling out small little rainbows. I learned to take the hooks out, and put them back in the water gently. When we got back the old boy showed all of us how to clean them and cook them. I was squeamish going in but afterward I could clean them as well as the big kids. He took me out twice more and then one day they were gone - off on their retirement path. I never saw them again, and I've never forgotten them. They had that little VW camper with a rainbow trout decal on one side and the white tail deer on the other. Those decals were a badge of office in those days that said "I'm retired and living the good life".

It's like everything else. The world moved on from those days and things got stupid. The tent trailers went the way of the buffalo or with the rednecks and kids. The cool kids drove big pusher motor homes with gas fire places, granite counters, opulent shitters, etc etc. My parents had a 36 foot 5th wheel that they were so proud of. It just turned me off - I think their tent trailer they had back in the 1960's would be a vast improvement. (It must be a guy thing).

But as I got older my bone's stopped fitting the ground right, erratic blood chemistry screwed up my internal thermostat and I couldn't stay warm anymore, blah blah blah. I got old. My days of tents and overnight hikes are pretty much over.

It's a Rockwod hard top/hard side A-Frame

Oh boy. This thing has a stereo, lights, stove, BBQ, heated mattress, microwave, air conditioner, etc etc etc. Times have gotten stupid and I have too I guess.