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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Awaiting Confirmation

Scuttlebutt has it that this is the lumber mill out at Whitecourt... if I recall, it's Millar Western. The story goes that one of our gunnies was up on that thing before it went, and it all came down on his welding truck. Preliminary reports say our boy has 30 stitches but he's fine. Apparently it was a "Friday The 13th" thing. OH&S is gonna have a fuggin bird!!!

Someone's Getting Fired

That's the F22... KA-CHING $$$$$$

Filthicus: Blood And Sand

Yesterday the Blog-O-Meter red lined. Either I am getting hacked by the Russians again, or the FBI, CIA, DHS, RCMP and possibly the UFA found my 'Niggermania' post and have put me on a watchlist! HAR HAR HAR!!!

But sadly, the respectable viewers have fallen off again and it is time for some gratuitous blood and violence to redeem the numbers!

This week my retard gladiators are all down from stupidity-related injuries. We lost all our ferocious tigers when those PETA/femcnuts discovered we were feeding them Christians, and they blew the whistle on the SPCA! All the bears are still hibernating but - we might be able to rustle up some vicious animal savagery to carry us over the boring hump in the week!

Instant death with a ripped jugular!!!
A loss for Tabbycatus!!!
They fight and die for our amusement!

Lookit the poor cats: forced into a short, brutish
life of cat pugilery! 
This pug faced victim has obviously had his face 
beat in many times!

Sometimes shear exhaustion is
enough to finish the fighters and seal their 

Welp - that's five minutes of your life you'll never get back again. As always, thanks for stopping by, and have a great Hump Day.

Ice Fishing Season Is Officially OVER

Don't worry, they fished him out...

Actually the ice has been rotten for a couple weeks now. For me ice fishin' ends at the beginning of March, and no later... because that's when cars start going through the ice. I remember once this old boy drove by us on the lake and scared the hell out of us - you could hear the ice booming and cracklng and he said "Shoot - I'll be driving on this ice for another two weeks yet! Still gotta be about 6 inches thick...!"

Now that I think about it though, I haven't heard of any vehicles going through this year. Maybe some sanity finally broke out amongst the Alberta Sportsmen...

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Life's Battles:Wins And Losses

When I was on the road one of my most dreaded situations was the inevitable and horrible 'poop n' scoot'. We're fortunate in northern Alberta because there's lots of trees and bush, and our highways can get mighty lonely at times. The only time it ever happened to me was on the way down from Ft. Mac. I won't use the roadside crappers anymore because the natives use them and those animals aren't fit to use public restrooms. I'm not kidding - I stopped to use one once and there was chit on the walls and ceiling. GAH! What kind of demented subhuman nutter does something like that?

Anyways I did my business on the side of the road in seconds flat and was back in the truck, and back up to speed for the dive home.

I guess the I'm doing what the kids call 'shit posting', HAR HAR HAR!

Gotta Be BW Again...!

That's Just Gay

Why, if CW were to come upon that POS on the Friday open road -  he'd probly run it into the ditch!

Now we're talking! Good work, lad!