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Friday, 10 July 2015

Seems That Ol' Wirecutter's At A Loss

The old beardo may be flummoxed by this - but I am heartbroken. For you see - that's a picture of my old girlfriend! Yep...ol' Filthie lost his gal to a dapper, distinguished gentleman with access to indoor plumbing and running water! Flo sent me that picture as a kind of a 'screw you Filthie' because she didn't like emptying the pan on my thunderbox! The woman never really had any sense and I'm better off without her...but she made a mistake that's all too common these days - folks throw out the old and embrace the new and forget that sometimes, the old way of doing things offer charm and nostalgia not available with the latest and greatest techno-marvel.

Once in awhile the wife and I still bake the odd loaf of bread in the oven. Sure, you can buy it or even get a super-easy-to-use bread making machine...but I swear our home baked stuff is better. I have fallen away from brewing my own homebrew wine and beer too...and I need to rectumfy that. I've heard the odd fag and flit complain that homebrew is horrible but I beg to differ. Pasteurization kills bugs that might be in beer...but it also kills character and taste too. I've also not even fired my black powder guns in the last 100 years either. NOTHING beats the Holy Black. NOTHING.

I have one of those Uberti 1860 repro revolvers that shoots like a hot damn - and will do it all afternoon for less than $10.00 bucks! I can't load the mag on the M14 match gun for that! I also got one of those 1876 lever guns in the obsolete 45-75... and I really need to step up my load development on that. The .45-75 was the official round of our RCMP police force at the turn of the last century.

How in blazes does that work, exactly? We buy more and more stuff and fancy gizmos to save labour and free up time to do...what? Hell, I STILL don't have enough time to enjoy the finer things in life even with the modern gizmos. I suppose the lesson here is that sometimes ya gotta make time to waste it.

Have a good weekend all.

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