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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Drone War

I don't link to other bloggers and I suppose I should - and will if any should ask it...but one of my favourites is Vox Day. The man is a nitro-powered 24 mega-ton weapons grade arsehole and his biggest sin is that he is right - most of the time. I will give him part marks for this:

Apparently Vox thinks the moojies are going to target the drone operators and their families so they are all quitting in fright.

This non-Rotarian scribblarian posits that drone operators are quitting in droves because they are fighting a coward's war.

According to this Progressive Pied Paki Of Publishing the drone warriors are just so ashamed of themselves they are morally obligated to quit. Again - part marks.

I read a similar article years ago - this is nothing new - written by a journalist that ACTUALLY TALKED TO THE DRONE OPERATORS (Hello, McFly!) - and their main reason for quitting - is that it is a dead end job. Drone operators are incredibly specialized fighting men in an organization that relies on and rewards versatile individuals. None of their skills are transferable, their positions typically don't lead to advancement or promotion - so why bother? And sure - stupid people and liberals will ignore the tactical necessity of and condemn such warriors - but who cares what they think? Throw in the fact that all their operations are mostly classified and they will never be recognized for their work...why bother?

I love the drones. I love the machines, the technology, and I really love the fact that it turns the tables on these terrorist mutts in a real way: they could be sleeping in their mud hut in the furthest reaches of back-country Afghanistan - and still be blown to smithereens at any time, day or night, along with their friends and family. All of  a sudden, their holy war has gotten deeply personal. We need to step up the war on terror and increasing intake of trainees is a good sign. I could blow those sumitches away 8 hours a day by drone and sleep soundly at night.

Contrary to Vox, who thinks the Bad Guys are going to infiltrate and eliminate our drone operators, or intimidate their families...I just don't see it. That takes long term planning, flawless subterfuge, and is an obvious avenue of attack that can easily be blocked by The Good Guys. The fall out would be huge too - if moojies start selectively targeting American citizens like that - citizens will be picking up rifles and returning the favour, and Barak Obutthole and his leagions of law enforcement finks be damned.

I think the next step in terrorism will be to counter the drone threat by adapting and adopting the technology for themselves. Let us put this in perspective: Meet the Crap-O-Copter. This is a toy I built for myself to learn about electronic basics, radio, and eventually audio/video technologies:

Mine is the V Tail quadcopter in the back and my buddy built the tricopter up front. They are all plug and play; eventually they will carry cameras and possibly rudimentary telemetry and sensors. Just a side note - these would make for excellent father & son projects. They are short range propositions only - all the worry about being spied upon by toys like this are just so much hype - these things are run by cheap Chinese flight controllers that are buggy as hell, the cameras they carry aren't capable of any real resolution, and contrary to the horror stories put out by journalists and stupid people - they are basically overblown educational toys. They crash a lot, interference is a huge problem and you will not have to worry about dirty ol' Glenfilthie spying on you through the bathroom window any time soon. Some idiots on Youtube have sent these aloft to insane heights and lost control of them - and collision with passing aircraft or the wreckage falling on innocents below are about the only real credible threats these things pose today. 99.9% of the hobbyists out there are smarter than that.

But: what about strapping a kilo or two of semtex or C4 to one of these - and flying it into the Whitehouse? Or into some out-gassing politician while he pontificates, orates and bloviates on his soap box at some political function? I would posit that if some simian terrorist can wire up an IED - chances are he can assemble one of these too. At night you wouldn't even see them. How would you defend against them?

My main criticism of the War On Terror is that we haven't really fought it. In order to win it - we have to fight and WIN it. That means, in a nut shell, killing the moojies that need to be killed and threatening any that would support or sympathise with them. Not only must we kill the leaders - we must kill the followers, the enablers, the suppliers and the families and friends of terrorists as well. This is a war, after all. We have been admonished by liberals and pacifists for over 50 years now - to keep our hands to ourselves while they try to make peace with animals and savages. We have been to Iraq twice now and will probably have to take on Iran next. I don't think there is an easy way out of this. We are up against hard, ignorant and hateful men. The only way to make moslems behave is by fear or common sense - and since they can't handle the latter...the former will be the way to go in the days ahead.

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