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Sunday, 30 August 2015

The Manosphere VS Marriage

When my younger moral and intellectual superiors start bandying about terms like "Marriage 2.0", "MGTOW" and PUA...I cringe. When they start ranting about the chicken-headed liberal feminists, the screeching femcunts of Jezebel and the garden variety modern North American Woman...I want to put my head in my hands and despair.

The Manosphere was a huge step in the right direction...10 years ago. When men could get together and talk honestly without politically correct censorship we found that it wasn't just us and that we weren't imagining it. Our women actually WERE going bat shit crazy, they were hurting themselves and their families - and there was sweet bugger all us guys could do about it for the most part. Being men, we naturally homed in on the source of the problem and started addressing it directly - hence the PUA and MGTOW movements.

Today, of course, the truth is starting to sink in with the philosopher kings of the manosphere. As Guys like Unca Bob will note - these movements aren't getting us what we want, and in some extreme cases, are actually harmful. My personal view is that they are excellent short term strategies to cope with the pain and sorrow that goes along with heart breakers such as a divorce. If you've been through the divorce court meat grinder - by all means, take some time off, hop on the motorcycle and Go Your Own Way. See the sights, see where the road goes. Or pack up the truck and head for the back country for some therapeutic fly fishing or hunting. Get away from women, get your head on straight and come back when you're ready. Or go the PUA route (but only with extraordinary caution) and keep any relationships light and casual. I am leery of that one; in today's feminized and faggotified sexual climate...caution is the word of the day: don't fuck it unless you are prepared to own it! False rape accusations, paternity suits...these are real world consequences for a quick roll in the hay.

Guys like Captain Capitalism recommend strategies such as 'minimalism' whereby you only own what you absolutely need, avoid debt and marriage like the plague, endure hard times with cheerful stoicism and do your best to 'enjoy the decline' of our faltering society. Hard to argue with that...but I'm gonna try.

Boys - if you want the 'good life' with a nice home, decent car and some absorbing hobbies ... you HAVE to be married. It's that simple. One income is no longer sufficient to cover all that without having to scrimp on something. Even with two incomes your first few years of home ownership will mean poverty as you slowly build up equity, savings, and capital. This is normal and good; you are investing time, money and effort today for a better life tomorrow. It's healthy and wholesome but it's tough too. Deal with it - because the payoff IS there. You're going to need a good woman - and THIS IS WHERE THE MANOSPHERE WILL LET YOU DOWN.

90% of the manosphere is focused - heart and soul - on the source of our problems with women: the modern liberal femcunt. We are talking about the sluts, the fat ugly feminists, the man-hating sexually disturbed lesbians,  the socialists, etc etc. While there is no doubt such women are the causes of epidemic divorce stats - obsessing over them and developing strategies to deal with them are not the way forward. Blogger Vox Day knows all about degenerate women and how to game them...but nothing about manhood. My thoughts are that you need to do your homework up front and avoid the modern feral woman altogether. They aren't worth your time, they never will be and any investment of time or effort in them will probably only end up hurting you.

A lucrative, classical marriage is a good deal for men and women because you can combine incomes and divide labour. That requires a true partnership with a woman smart and mature enough to understand the benefits of making sacrifices and investments today for pay offs tomorrow. There's still a lot of them around in spite of the dismal divorce stats. Your job is to find one for yourself and it won't be easy - these women aren't stupid, they know what they're worth and they will not give themselves to a man that can't reciprocate. When you shop for a woman you are not looking for the selfish, bratty harridan like your baby boomer mother - you are looking for the warm, tough woman that your grandmother or great grandmother was. My grandmother, for example - was a financial wizard. She always smelled like fine leather and perfume, never had a hair out of place, and could spit shine her house in an hour or less and still have time to play with us kids. She and her siblings found themselves on the street in the middle of the Depression and she learned life's lessons the hardest way possible - and thrived. You can too. She was a remarkable, powerful woman that today's feminists can only dream about emulating.

A classical good marriage comes from a classical good courtship. My scholarly recommendations would be to keep sex and expensive dates off the table to start. Those are only for the most serious candidates whom you are seriously considering marriage with. Again - this is not prudishness - it is just common sense caution. A failed relationship with the wrong woman carries huge consequences. Hell hath no fury and all that...

So what do ya do if the fine restaurants and night clubs are out?  For us, after our shotgun wedding we never had much money...but we finally had time for a good courtship! (We got things backwards and managed to prevail in spite of it). We listened to music and watched TV together. If time permitted we baked bread on Sundays from scratch. We brewed wine and beer. We went for coffees. We rode bicycles and got into running. We played board games and cards. We went camping a lot. My girl took me shopping at the grocery store for our dinner-dates and tried to teach me to cook. The purpose of the courtship is to prove to each other that you are worthy of each other, that you can be as happy out of the sack as in it, and that you can enjoy similar activities together. There are no power games or head games like the manospherians and feminists advocate - you are both adults, and any relationship you arrive at has to be good for both of you. Welcome chaperones to start, they will add to the fun and can be a useful witness if you accidentally come across a gold digger that decides you raped her 7 years from now.

That is my two cents: A real man NEEDS a real woman. It goes the other way too - so if you are acting like some woman-hating know what you gotta do.

Take care of yourselves and have a good Sunday.

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