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Monday, 24 August 2015

The Manosphere

I have stood aside and watched the battle of the sexes right from the start.

It started with first wave feminism and in its day it had merit. Unscrupulous men could and did treat women like dirt and there was no recourse for them in the workplace, in the home or even out on the street. As men, it is our duty to protect women from adversity whenever possible and we had literally shat the bed on the issue in those days. The Battle of the Sexes had begun. My grandmother was a first wave feminist and in those days she had grounds for her views.

Second wave feminism hit the streets in the early 70's with Billy Jean King. The Battle Of The Sexes was heating up and the seeds of our destruction were laid. Things started getting stupid. Every second feminist ass hat was clucking about how women were so much better than men at pretty much everything. They made better bosses because they worked through consensus, they handled stress better, they could supposedly think when men became emotional and lost their shit. I heard it all. And, we wrongfully kept our mouths shut when the inevitable happened: women started burning out in the workplace. They developed stress and heart problems. Obesity and lung/heart problems soared as they started to smoke and drink more. They started suffering the same problems men had. We as men let them get away with it and shouldn't have; for although patriarchy was dead...chivalry was still alive and kicking.

Today the battle of the sexes has devolved into all out war. Judging from the divorce stats 50% of all north American women are now bat shit crazy and unfit to be wives. If they can't be good wives it follows that they can't be good mothers either. These unfortunate women are sluts, or ugly lesbians, or shrews and there is no nice way to say it or sugar coat it...and we live in fear of them. Uncle Bob said it best, I believe, when he noted that women are fascists and socialists by nature...and lesser women can't seem to rise above it. So it is that we have toxic workplaces where some fat, obese she-twink can walk into a room and proclaim that men suck...and if anyone looks at her sideways they lose their jobs. No fault divorce allows them to rape their former men in divorce court and cash in. Nowadays all bets on marriage are off and men are avoiding it like the plague.

As our women devolved us guys started talking and comparing notes among ourselves on the internet - the only really safe place to do so (for now).  There are about three bloggers that I read on the subject for vastly different reasons. We'll start with Captain Capitalism - he's pretty much a good kid (now in his 40's I believe) that went through the same meat grinder I did 10 years earlier. Went to school, paid through the nose for it, got out and found no jobs...and to make it worse it sounds like he went through the meat grinder with women. (Thankfully I didn't have to contend with that). He sells common sense, pushes self improvement and - for the most part you can believe what he says. He may not handle the modern woman well - but who does?

Uncle Bob over at the Treehouse is a kindred spirit of sorts. He is an old world man like Yours Truly, but he has always had a way with women whereas I have not. (I lucked out in spite of that, but will be in deep trouble if my wife ever re-gains her senses of sight and smell! HAR HAR HAR!). Bob understands the shortcomings of old world women but I think he misses the boat on these new shit eatin' shrieking shrews that are always offended, can never find a man, and are never happy with men or themselves. He isn't wrong, in my much as he is obsolete. I know I'M obsolete; and I am probably 10 years younger than he is. He correctly notes that the Manosphere has a few poseurs that are handing out very bad advice to young men and we pretty much agree on which ones too. Bob is on the Steamer roll of honour too.

Which brings us to Vox Day. Don't get me wrong - I love Vox, he is capable of scathing wit, spectacular commentary and devastating snark. The commentary can be spectacular too! Ol' Voxxie does not understand manhood and nor do his fan boys. He's a victim of the battle of the sexes and being the spoiled son of rich parents doesn't help. He's co-opted the Greek alphabet to class and characterize men from Alpha to Zeta.... and it's all rubbish of course, I got banned from his site when I pointed out that by his own definitions, his own son was a 'gamma male' - a supposed class of male that he holds in utter contempt. Vox DOES understand the modern woman though, maybe as well as Captain Capitalism and better than crusty old farts like me and Bob. He knows how they think, he can predict their behaviour patterns AND IT DRIVES WOMEN NUTS. He has other traits that makes the social justice warriors foam with rage: he's ruthlessly honest about issues of race, gender, faith and political correctness. He is still a boy but one day - if somebody doesn't kill him first - he will be a fine man.

Where does this all end? I dunno. As Aurini (another Manospherian) notes - anything that hurts one gender ultimately hurts them both. Times shape us too. My grandmother found herself out on the street, trying to raise herself and her siblings at the height of the Depression. She was 12. She was truly a powerful woman that today's bitch feminists can only dream of being. She always looked like a million bucks, she smelled of fine leather and perfume and she cared about the men in her life.

By contrast, my daughter is a militant lesbian shrew, with no ambition, no morals and no real work ethic. Like many Gen Y's...she is drifting through life without purpose, without goals and cares only for herself...and maybe her girlfriend who has some serious screws loose as well. She shamelessly uses feminism and homosexuality to bully people even when it isn't appropriate. There is no comparison between the two women, there is only contrast. I could talk to my grandmother about anything.... whereas I haven't spoken to my daughter in 5 years and don't even know if she is alive or dead. You can't build a family on that - and I strongly doubt you can build a community or a nation on it either.

The Manosphere is undoubtedly a poisonous toxin. But then - so is chemotherapy. If you are fortunate to have a good woman hold her close and never let her go. The alternative is too ghastly to contemplate.

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  1. 'she-twink' I love it! you have a vivid way with words Filthie. Truly So enjoyed reading this post esp. of your grandmother.