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Sunday, 6 September 2015

He'd Probably Fall Asleep On It And Flush Himself...

That rude, profane and wicked Wirecutter is in a swoon over this. I like WC, he's an old hippy with a bad attitude but still manages to be a good man in spite of it. This is not the crapper for such a man; this would be more at home on the USS Enterprise. Or maybe at one of those faggy day spas where they would pipe in soothing white noise and light some horrible perfume candles. Where is the TP? Or is that one of those ghastly fwench crappers with the drinking fountain in it?

I will put him on the blogroll but if he ever posts something tacky like this again - I will strike his name from the roster and have him black listed at the country club as well.

Dignity and appearances must be maintained!

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