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Monday, 21 September 2015

I Will Not Work For Women, Nor Will I Vote For Them Part 1

Present company excepted, of course.
Your Majesty - I humbly beg for your forgivness for what follows
I used to be something of a chit house feminist I suppose. I believe in equal pay for equal work. I believe that if a woman or a visible minority can do the job they should have a crack at it. That's all about fairness I suppose - which has since been perverted into (hork, spit) - social justice - and I have had enough of it.
Uncle Bob over at the Treehouse said it best when he pointed out that women are fascists and socialists by nature - and the vast majority of them do not have the ability to rise above it. I agree with this position although I did not arrive at it easily. The two ladies above are the exception that prove the rule. Maggie was one hell of a woman and to be quite honest - I'm surprised Old Blightey could honestly produce a woman like that. And Her Majesty - I am a Royalist and proud to be so... she is an old world woman that simply doesn't exist anymore.
I've heard it called 'The Dark Enlightenment'. An apt name - it evokes images of Darth Vader, the Devil and Evil Incarnate. Be that as it may - I have gone over to the Dark Side and it is my intent to stay there. All men may be equal under the law, but they are not created equal. Nor are men and women equal - they are very different and every day we pretend otherwise - things get a little worse.
It was the early 90's in Edmonton Alberta when I was a young man just hitting the job market. The oil boom had gone bust. The socialists were in complete control of Canada with Pierre Elliot Turdo hammering the Alberta economy with the National Energy Program (basically taxing the hell out of the Albertan oil patch to fund pork for Quebec) - and this cankle-blossom as the Mayor of Edmonton:
Jan Reimer: Socialist Cunned Stunt
With the economy in tatters, and the feds taxing any opportunities in the Alberta economy to the hilt - this half witted harridan started going after local business in Edmonton the same way. For the adults here at the time, it was a time of deep recession. For us kids just hitting the job market? It was a full blown depression. Local youth unemployment was pegged at 25~35%. I got by, working unskilled part time jobs and juggling two or three of them to get anywhere fom 40~50 hours a week. That, in a time when local business were flipping the bird at Jan and her taxes and relocating in Calgary where they understood the value of a dollar and a working economy. This woman did more for the City of Calgary than she ever did for Edmonton.
Then came this goat faced train wreck:
A 'Conservative' Socialist - And Filthy Teacher's Union Shill
This woman should be doing time. Liberals and socialists don't do well in Alberta, and the teacher's unions were always at odds with the Premiere and provincial leadership because our former leaders insisted on icky stuff like financial accountability and responsibility from the public sector. In order to get the fat pay raises and cushy bennies those union slobs insist on - they needed a wringer in order to highjack the ruling Conservative Party. Enter Red Redford. The teachers union slobs all bought memberships in the Conservative Party, they all voted for Redford at the leadership convention...and instead of getting a Conservative leader, we got this hag. And of course the teacher's unions all got raises, the snivel servants made out like bandits, and who cares if this twat violated laws and rules to get it for them. She's a chit stain on Alberta politics and she was run out of office on a rail - leaving the most prosperous province with a deep deficit.
Surely Danielle could put an end to this streak of feminine flops?
Danielle Smith was everything Allison Redford was not: warm, soft spoken and restrained. This Wild Rose Party candidate made a run at the leadership but lost to Redford - largely because (in my opinion) that the Wild Rose Party was too new, untested - and many people had just voted conservative for so long that surely - Allison couldn't possibly be as bad as everyone said, right? Danielle started out with the Conservatives as I recall, and broke with them as the rot and incompetence started to infest the party. After her loss to Allison, she crossed the floor to go back to the conservatives - an act that was seen as betrayal by most of those that supported her - including Yours Truly. After years of this kind of idiocy, it was clear that the Conservatives weren't fit to rule. It was time to take out the trash. I am still at a loss to explain it - but Alberta doubled down on stupid by voting for this idiot!
This is the face of socialism in Alberta today
Traditionally, the NDP or New Democratic Party has been a party for the usual leftist howler monkeys: the sexually disturbed homosexuals that are offended by their own genitals or by yours, the champagne socialists, the fat, ugly single mothers trying to replace their ex-husbands with gov't, the career snivel servants and the usual union slobs. There is no doubt in my mind that this neurotic looking woman has the best of intentions - but she is off to a really, really bad start. Her MLA's and ministers are also cut from the NDP cloth: they're former cocktail waitresses, idealistic students, housewives (and fishwives), egg headed academics that couldn't hold a real job...and nobody that has ever had to be responsible and accountable for their actions. Her cabinet members are similar flunkies and activists from other provinces that couldn't get elected in their own ridings. With the oil boom gone bust - and this idiot fixing to tax everything that moves...I see the same dire times for Alberta that we had in the early 90's.  We have voted our way into these dire straights, led by women all the way...and they are setting the stage for a financial chit storm we will not vote our way out of.
That is just my local experience with female public leadership. Here is another stirring example of female empowerment:
Your little social experiment is over, Chickie. It failed.
That's Katherine Wynne. She's an elderly homosexual dyke that has put the fork into Canada's other remaining economic engine: she is the premiere of Ontario and now they are drowning in red ink too. She has defended gay sex ed in elementary schools, and turned a blind eye to the openly gay pedophiles that are pushing that agenda in the Toronto District School Board. She went silent as a church mouse when they got arrested for it too.
The plants will get the worst of it from this slovenly tree hugger
That's Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party. She may or may not be drunk there. She has about two brain cells left and fully intends to kill them with booze. If she has her way industry in Canada will stop and we will all...we'll all....I'm not sure I know what this idiot plans to do when 98% of the country is unemployed.
Let's take this beyond Canada:
The Hildebeest

Billary needs no introduction. She is probably one of the top 10 filthiest, sleaziest politicos in America today.
She's Conservative! But she also sank Hewlett Packard...
Stretch Pelosi...ya gotta pass the bill to see what's in it...
How many more of these do we gotta do? I've seen it in the workplace too. Women become obsessed with setting up office politics, establishing pecking orders, and attacking their enemies with a viciousness and cunning that makes the stuff the guys do look tame by comparison. If a consensus doesn't arise in the workplace the will try to enforce one by any means necessary. Lesser men often go along with it in hopes from benefitting from it. At least 50% of women can't budget or think critically. When they come to power they do so mostly as leftists and the result is high taxes, high unemployment, high fuel prices and declining real estate values. As it goes in politics, so it goes in the workplace.
In my next exciting adventure, I shall detail my experience with the feminine wilds as it pertains to workplace harassment! Tune in for chills, spills and thrills - same Bat-place, same Bat-channel!

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  1. The Reimer years almost destroyed Edmonton. The city may never fully recover. She still thinks she was a good mayor.