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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Probably Not Germany's Suicide Note

But I think a lot of people had their death warrants signed and sealed today:

I know that The Rebel is a bit over toward the conservative 'agit prop' side of things. But if you want to tell me that the gubbermints of these countries are doing everything in their power to keep the undesirables out - all I can say is - 'Pull my other finger! It has bells on it!'

And I suppose I am a racist. No, really - a real, bigoted racist that believes there are differences in the races and that we are not all made the same. (Liberals and stupid people throw that term out as an insult to pretty much everyone that disagrees with them). I remember laughing with the devil when that study came out that showed blacks as having a national average IQ of 85.  The blacks and progressives chimped out in rage and gawped like fish out of water when the researchers threw the study's books wide open, daring their peers to critique and review the study for flawed methodology. Then they screamed 'Racist' at the researchers - only to discover the head tall forehead was an Asian. Ooops. They spent years polishing turd and bending logic to it's breaking point as they tried to undermine that study - only to have more pop up and confirm it! HAR HAR HAR!

The cognitive disconnect boggles. Most of these progs and lefties will concede that certain species have desirable and undesirable traits. They will concede that we have developed a rudimentary science called genetics - that allows us to actively breed and select the traits we want and don't want in our plants and animals...but that science goes out the window when we talk about humans because - RACISM!!!!

Personally I am more an informed citizen than a racist. I have a better than average understanding of statistics than most progs and liberals, and I am intelligent enough to understand that people are individuals and that they aren't all the same. Further, I can and do make allowances for individuals that earn my respect through hard and intelligent work. I maintain that it is my right to discriminate against stupid people regardless of their creed, colour and sexual orientation.

But, I don't like to lecture. I have an enquiring mind, and I find it useful to keep silent and think when others are screaming at the tops of their lungs and shout down their rivals. When the feces flinging monkeys quiet down - here are a couple of questions I would ask Merkel:

  1. Your country dragged the world into national conflict and killed millions the last time that murderous, militant anti-Semites had control of it in WW2. Why are you letting swarms of the exact same animals flood into your country now?
  2. Assuming they can integrate and coexist with the legions of homosexuals, atheists, and other heretics and infidels...what do you expect these low skill/low IQ vibrants to do? What kind of jobs do you have for them in a high tech first world economy?
  3. Your social programs are shaking apart at the seams - and now you want to throw millions more on the dole. How do you propose to look after the legions of seniors and honest invalids that need social assistance while caring for these imported problems?
  4. Assuming you can absorb this wave of migrants - what about the next one that's coming, that's three times the size of this one?
  5. The third world is a dump because of the people that live there. What will happen to your nation when these migrants are voting in your elections - in addition to filling your jails and slums?

I fear the inevitable over-reaction to stupidity like this. During Hitler's rise to power, Germany went from rubber boots and tractors to jack boots and Messerschmidts overnight. Will they do the same here as they watch their country devoured by foreigners that aren't fit to shine their shoes? Will we see moslems and other vibrants death marched out of Germany? Some EU countries are telling Angella to shove her migrants - and are throwing up barricades to keep them out. I wish them luck.

The third world has to solve it's own problems. Everyone was all a-flitter about that dead boy that washed up on the beach. In the third world that would not have attracted a second glance. THAT is the third world and you will have it on your own doorstep sooner, rather than later if this idiocy continues.

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