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Friday, 16 October 2015

A Hundred Light Years Ago...

60 Minutes did a special on a Chinese political cartoonist - I wish I could recall his name. He seemed to view people as though he saw their images diffracted through another dimension - the caricatures were odd and disturbing in proportions but instantly recognizable. When he published a particularly insulting caricature of Mao Tse Dung he got 20 years hard labour in a political re-education camp. He got out in 15 and did stellar work attacking the foreign politicians of the day. Nixon was a favourite target, and I still remember one where Kissinger was getting hit square in the gob with a very hefty book - the look of shock and surprise on the character's face evoked laughter and hilarity even though the caption was written in Chinese. But one day he was overcome by his ethics and attacked his own gov't again - and back he went to the concentration camp. This time he did the full 20 years and upon his release - promptly re-offended again by mocking his moral and intellectual superiors in the communist party. Such was his presence that his fans in the international community made it plain that China would lose face if they punished him again - so they deported him to America where he seemed to fade into obscurity. Odd, is it not - how a man like that could arise in China under a brutally repressive gov't...but here in the freedom of  North America - our mainstream media journalists are craven, gutless scum an ass kissers or the lowest order?

When I saw the GIF  below, I thought of that Chinese cartoonist again:

Better stick to shining shoes in a cat house, Barkie...
HAR HAR HAR! Awesome...but I suppose I really shouldn't laugh too hard. All too often I tend to get my own comeuppance when I laugh at the misfortunes of others. But...if international affairs were turned over to me, problems like this would cease to exist. The Filthie Doctrine (that my wretched detractors refer to as 'Nuke & Pave' - would prevent a lot of the problems in the world today!)
Have a great weekend boys - and try not to get any on ya...

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