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Thursday, 22 October 2015

A 'PILF'...? Get Those Barf Bags Out Boys! Ulp...!!!!

One day over at Uncle Bob's Treehouse I was flinging feces at my foolish fellow forum folk when Bob made a statement that should earn him a Nobel Peace Prize. It was one of those things that everyone else intuitively knows but I was staggered by it. He said that women are socialists and fascists by nature.

Well...that just threw me for a loop until I stepped back and looked at every single stupid woman I have ever known...and I'll be damned if EVERY SINGLE one of 'em wasn't a liberal too! Every last one. Oh sure, one or two liberal women were intelligent but the rest? Morons. Morons, all. And the stupidest of those were fascists all the way through...they just didn't know it and neither did I until Bob pointed it out. The other day he was beaking off that women were responsible for the rise of turdies like Hitler, Stalin, Lenin and all kinds of other historical turd burglars.. right on up to and incuding Obutthole....and I believe it.

For this morning, I was driving to my first sales call of the day when the empty headed ditz on 99.3 FM opened up and sandbagged me with this: apparently Young Master Turdo won the election and swept the young female voter demographic! Apparently the cankles are so smitten with him they say he's a "PILF"!!! For those of you that don't dwell in the gutter - that stands for 'Prime minister I would Like to F***"

Looks like every half wit with a vagina voted for this moron too...
Not only would they vote for this effeminate fwench flimp...they would bend over for him too!7
GAH...I'm not finished yet...
All joking aside - and I say this in earnest...I really think we need to re-consider women being able to vote. At the very least, the unemployed, those in prison, and those on social assistance should seriously have their voting rights revoked. When the crew of Monty Python can do a better job of running the nation than the guys the women vote might be time to get realistic about sexual equality too...