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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Alberta Starts It's First Swirl Around The Toilet Bowl...

That's assuming that our newly elected Dippers are potty trained, of course.

This washroom brought to you by the NDP. Notice - there is no unsightly graffiti on the walls in this washroom mister! Alberta is under new management and it shows!

Kate, as usual, has the gory details.

And of course, the fuggin Dippers are doing exactly what you would expect a drunk in charge of a liquor store to do. They have the visa card, they are going to max it out and when the bill comes due they are going to shrug and blame the people  needed to actually fix the problem.

We have more than a few Dippers at work. Tracy (names changed to protect the guilty) scolded me when she found that I was not smart enough to be politically educated. I was sobbing about how these socialist morons were going to tax me more and she lost all patience! "Filthie, who do you think is going to pay for all these doctors and teachers we have? You should be thankful! In Manitoba it costs $300.00 to register a car! You should be thankful you have it so good...!!!" Well, I was taken aback by this fat, slovenly single mother with a crappy job that she didn't do very well...and felt that I should make amends for my ignorance. " Yannow, you're absolutely right, Tracey! Maybe we should do that here! But instead of charging $300.00 to register your car, maybe we should raise that to $500.00! Or $1000.00!!!! Everyone likes having lots of doctors and teachers!!!! And - maybe a PST too! Just like Morontario!!!! But instead of something like 7% maybe we should make ours double that! Then we can get even more doctors and teachers!!!" At that point Tracy sniffed in disgust and stormed away in a snit. As Unca Bob opines - women are fascists and socialists by nature and the lesser ones can never seem to rise above it.

Carl is an import from the UK and our shipper/receiver. He's the biggest pooch screwer in the company and spends the bulk of his day schmoozing with delivery drivers and chatting with employees that are trying to do their jobs. He is a solid Dipper and laughed at me before the election. "Mate," he says, "There's gonna be all kinds of jobs if the provincial Dippers get in! The conservatives are all crooks and incompetents and it's time to take out the trash! Oil is what we do here, mate, and the NDP is not going to mess with that...." And of course once they got in, our new idiot premier started stacking her cabinet positions with activists from other provinces that couldn't get elected in their own ridings. The chick in charge of the oil sands is a school teacher. Oh yeah - you can bet this party of students, teachers, cocktail waitresses, and activists will set the world on fire! Shell just cancelled a big project and you can bet the others are sure to follow. But Carl was right about job creation...I guess we're gonna get over 150 new teachers right away...Tracy will be thrilled. Only stupid people like Yours Truly will worry about icky things like debt repayment!

Our senior sales guy is a Dipper too. He lives in a house twice the size of mine. He always has money for pot, for golf and lavish family vacations...but unfortunately his last child was born with a birth defect that left the tot effectively brain dead. As a result, this family needs help and free programs from the gov't to make ends meet, the poor unfortunates. I don't mean to make light of the misfortunes of having a mentally handicapped child...but dammit, I see something wrong with people living extravagant lifestyles getting handouts while guys like me that have saved, paid the bills and made responsible sacrifices - get stuck with higher taxes.

Dear gawd, we're all going to be lucky if we all have jobs next year. I suppose Tracy is right and I should be thankful. I have no debt, I have a little money saved and a job loss won't necessarily cripple me...and I suppose there is poetic and social justice in the fact that our dummies that voted for the Dippers will probably ended getting shafted by them the worst.

Methinks there will be a lot of stupid people learning the realities of life the hard way in the near future...

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