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Friday, 9 October 2015


I don't get over to the Chateau Heartiste very often and don't know much about him. But like pretty much everyone else out there, watching our society spidey senses are going off like gang busters. My own family is devolving into one great big failed liberal social experiment.

Mom and Pop are happily married, the children of old world Alberta pioneers with traditional family values. My brother and I were raised on those values but my brother was a liberal too - and rejected a lot of them. His marriage lasted 5 years. His boys are effeminate, quiet and complete wrecks around women. Both are in their twenties and neither has a wife or girlfriend. The oldest has a beer gut on him bigger than mine and I am over twice his age. Big Bro took up with a nice Christian lady shortly after the divorce, stopped drinking and doing drugs - and today he is on the wrong side of 50 and running Death Races.

I was the straight arrow in the family as my wife was in hers. Her parents are liberal progressives that eventually got so obnoxious - they aren't allowed in our house! I don't care what they think or say; all I know is they won't do it around me. When my daughter went off the deep end and discovered she was gay and that her life's calling was social justice and politically correct bullying she went her way too. She doesn't talk to anyone in the family, even her progtard grandparents. My problems with my in laws aren't merely political - they are moral and ethical too. They aren't going to tolerate mine and I won't tolerate theirs. It's a win for everyone I suppose.

In my own case the collapse of the family was lightning fast. My daughter came out of the closet and announced her homosexuality, then she declared that she and her ugly life partner would be my moral and intellectual superiors and that we all would defer to them in their presence: they would tell us what we could say, what we could think, what jokes were funny...the usual social justice warrior bullshit. My idiot father and mother in law literally pushed themselves into this family feud and into my house to fight it - and got thrown out for their troubles. I don't handle threats or ultimatums well. Today my daughter no longer talks with any of us - not even her progtard grandparents on my wife's side. My daughter and in laws tried to make that battle into one about the homosexuality; but of course, it was all the other BS involved that forced me to draw lines in the sand, and goad them into trying to push past it. Our differences are beyond reconciliation; they involve morals, ethics, politics and even common bloody sense - we can't agree on any of what those things are.

Each time a piece of the family crumbled we all stood around wondering how to handle it. There was a time our family was rock solid and today we can't even sit down to talk about the weather because some idiot might get offended.

Heartiste presents what might be a great pictorial narration of the devolution of our families.

The comments are a little ribald - but worth noting as well. I hear bloggers use the term 'Culture War'... and if there is such a thing I truly wonder if we haven't already lost it. Is this what our society is going to look like before the lights go out and the rioting starts?

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  1. I was a straight arrow in my family as well and strive to do the right thing. I have never really cared what someone does in their private life. What irritates me is when they decide to dictate their views. I, like you, have cut off friends and family for the same reason. Polite discussion of issues has apparently ceased to exist. Now everyone has to be in your face and cannot ever accept that they might be wrong when presented with evidence to refute their view. No one can ever respectfully agree to disagree either.