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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Relationships With Single Mothers

Like anybody else I suppose, a lot of my friends are divorced. I will make no secret of not understanding the dating game as I have no skin in it. It makes no sense to me at all because even in the best cases a failed marriage seems to be a devastating event for both spouses. There seems to be a growing trend with dating mature couples where both partners own their own homes, have their own cars and although they get together socially - they seem to take great pains to keep their lives, finances and belongings totally separate.

On one hand I am not surprised. I blame the rampant divorce rates and family failures squarely on liberalism. They have indoctrinated girls to grow up expecting to be powerful and independent without having to work for it or build the means for doing so. They have emasculated our young men and undermined the role of the father in the home and it's gotten so bad many couples now refuse to marry. I dunno why that is either - the law sees common law relationships almost the same way it views traditional marriage, does it not?

Captain Capitalism does some investigative reporting on the demographics of single motherhood and the perils a man faces in striking up a relationship with them. And of course there are a few typical woman haters weighing in on the comments. (I took a crap in the comments too!)

I make no bones about it. I hate liberals. I hate their arrogance, I hate their sanctimony, I hate their phoney airs of moral and intellectual superiority and I hate their finger puppets like the feminists, the homosexuals, the pacifists, the environmentalists and miscellaneous other reality denying groups. What really, REALLY hacks me off about them though - is the kneejerk reactions they provoke and evoke - in me! In fact I just did it above: I don't really hate homosexuals. I'm smart enough to treat the discrete and respectful queer with civility...but I hate the ones that attack the church, the freedom of speech, our children and guys like me that just want to be left alone. I suppose I could respect a pacifist under certain conditions too; my grandfather became one after spending his childhood as a doughboy in the trenches of WW1. Climate change? I will entertain the concept, provided the data is genuine. I will not put up with fags like David Suzuki or Fat Al Gore berating me for my carbon footprint as they jet about the country scaring children out of their lunch money, and lounging about the yacht or mansion in their off-hours.

Could a similar thing be setting up around the idea of single mothers? Liberals portray them all as heroic victims of men...when that is clearly not the case. All the divorced men I know are good people, and ALL of them had their marriages fail when their wives pulled the pin on it. The guys all did good - they went on to remarry and moved past their divorces but a couple of the women had...and continue to have...problems. There is a definite backlash growing against single women and while most of that is earned...there is always the exception that we have to take pains with and handle differently. Just as there is the odd homo, environmentalist or liberal that is actually worth listening to...there are single mothers out there that would otherwise make perfectly good wives and mothers. The knee jerk reaction is to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

But that is how it goes with liberals and their issues and causes, I guess. The Battle Of The Sexes started out as a humorous way to focus on women's rights and then got turned into all out warfare. Both sides are now so entrenched and focused on hurting the other that they don't realize they are only hurting themselves...and the kids most of all. The carrion eaters in the lawyers offices and the judiciary fan the flames of that war in order to profit from it.

I'm watching this cultural war and left wondering - who is going to take care of me when I am old and senile? These people can scarcely take care of themselves or their families. Are we all doomed?


  1. Mine pulled the pin after twenty years hence the motorcycle and road trips. I am close to giving up on dating as I do not have a clue what women want. I am kind of through caring anyway. I know what I want. I am not entertaining any New Age nonsense, Liberal or Socialist views, or a sense of entitlement. I know I will be waiting for some time. The motorcycle is more fun and cheaper than dating for now.

  2. BW - not to slag you or your ex but I seriously think that the modern woman doesn't have a friggen clue about what she wants either. Yannow, I see that all the time too when modern empowered women are dissecting their failed marriages. They were unhappy but they were never really specific about what they were unhappy about.

    And then - to cap it all off - they ask in all sincerity "Where have all the GOOD men gone...?" It's so staggeringly stupid that it defies an answer. Uncle Bob once put up stats that one in four women today are on anti-depressants and I believe him.

    I think I know where one of our good men is in a sense - he's out dodging pot holes, wildlife and bugs and he's riding a big Suzuki scoot that is covered with road dust and mud! Beyond that...who knows where he is! ;)

    1. You are not slagging me in the least, if anything you hit the target. It does not take much to make me happy. The other person was determined not to be happy and over time everything became my fault. I am happier doing my thing and much less stressed.