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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Sins Of The Father

Originality is not one of my talents. Upon googling 'the sins of the father' the first thing that pops up is an article about Justin Turdo - apparently the Hair Apparent  of the Canadian throne! Last nights' election went Terribly Wrong - at least if you are a working man - but everyone pretty much expected it. How can you sell fiscal responsibility, common sense and restraint in a nation slowly sinking under leftist progressiveness?

For me, my first exposure to liberalism was Justin's father - Pierre Elliot Trudeau...and may he rot in hell for the things he did.


Here in Alberta we boom and bust with the petro-economy. In the late 80's and early 90's the oil boom busted...and Alberta busted with it. People who thought the good times would never end lost everything. There were suicides. As a young man hitting the job market in those days, with a new wife and was bad enough. But then this son of a whore who was supposedly Canada's Prime Minister - decided to punish Alberta even more! He came up with the National Energy Program (basically an attempt to raid Albertan finances to fund pork for Ontario and Quebec) and established PetroCanada - an attempt to nationalize Alberta's oil patch and run it from out east. Naturally both endeavours failed as they were essentially run by socialist meat holes that did not understand business - legitimate business, that is. It devastated us - my wife and I both worked multiple part time low wage jobs just to pay the rent. Unless you knew somebody who could pull strings for you - you were hooped and had to settle for whatever jobs you could get. A lot of people just sold out and moved. Maybe I should have too. Who knows.

There's no justice - when Pierre croaked, his lickspittles out east tried to make a national tragedy of it. They had the big parade for the coffin, RCMP redcoats in their finest dress uniforms, the works. By then things were slightly better for my wife and I...but that night I poured a small dram of Oban and bid my nation good riddance to bad trash. It is not polite to speak ill of the dead, but some people - guys like Pierre Elliot Trudeau - are men that the world is far better off without. He was a shit stain on Canadian history - and legions of morons out east have no idea the kind of damage he did out here. Oh, some of them do and simply don't care...which is even worse. Good grief, I would scream bloody murder if a man I elected treated them like that...but decency is not a two way street in Canada anymore. Maybe it never was and I am just na├»ve.

Last night, his son was elected the new prime minister of Canada.

I'll admit - I don't know much about Justin. He's a part time drama teacher so he obviously has all the credentials necessary to do the job. Reading through his election platform I learned that I am now a member of Canada's elite 'upper class' based on my income...and that he intends to raise my taxes and steal from others like me that didn't vote for him - and give our loot to those that did. One of my customers that runs a small oil patch business was foaming at the very thought of Justin and his plans for business owners. In contrast, one of the fat slag single mothers in our company is thrilled with him because she thinks he is going to pay all her bills. His statesmanship is not in dispute - when he called some elderly conservative MLA 'a f***ing piece of chit' a year or two back, the media got up on its hind flippers and clapped like barking seals. They did that for his father too.
If you can judge people by their friends and enemies I gotta say it doesn't look good for young master Turdo. As far as the our economic future goes it doesn't look good for me. I've prepared the best I can. My unpretentious house and vehicles are paid for. I have some money but not enough. Soon I will be too old to work and too young to retire.  If things go the way I think they will I will probably be unemployed next year. I'm seeing the signs - buildings are still being put up while completed ones sit empty and are up for lease or purchase. The good companies have all got hiring freezes on while they wait to see which way the economy goes. No need to worry though - Justin is going to grow the economy 'from the heart outwards...'. That evil old Stephen Harper wanted to balance the budget which would leave all kinds of vibrants and women with the feelbadz because they wouldn't get any of those neat social programs that stupid people crave.
My thoughts? Pierre was an evil lying, thieving son of a whore but he was smart as a whip and knew how to play people off against each other to his own advantage. Justin is an idiot. I became a western separatist during the Chretien years but dear God - now we have a leftist idiot for a premiere too. I can't help but think that all the pain to come - all the heartbreak and was all perfectly avoidable.
Brace for a rough ride Canada - and asked for it.

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