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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Holy Crap! What Happened At Canada Goose???

Back when I was hunting, ice fishing and winter camping I went all-out on my gear. I bought the big sleeping bags that would let you sleep in a tent, in the middle of a Canadian winter - in absolute comfort. It was awesome, I could go and pull into one of those provincial campgrounds in the back country that are filled right up in summer - and shoot .22's and black powder rifles because I was the only one there. We went out in some seriously chilly weather in our younger days and the only limit was the truck - vehicles start getting tetchy about starting in -25~-30C. You have to start worrying about the dog too.

In any event I resolved some time ago that my next parka would be my last. I was sick and tired of the cheap crap made in china and wanted a garment meant for cold weather. My dogs don't like camping in -30C but they still like going for their walks in it.

So it was that I came across Canada Goose.

What in blazes happened to the pricing??? I remember that the one I wanted was over $1000.00! Even a dedicated outdoorsman like me had to bog on that...but there were times I came really, really close to pulling the trigger on one even at those prices. (Usually right after coming in after a really chilly dog walk. What in hell is wrong with these dogs anyways? At those temps they can bark off a loaf and it's frozen before I can even pick it up! Gawd, I HATE DOGS).

An early spring camping trip, light years ago...
Wait. Where was I? I started ranting about dogs...?...oh yeah: Canada Goose! I notice the prices have absolutely tumbled! What gives? I hope the quality hasn't gone into the crapper...
I am going to discuss this with my better half post haste! Assuming QA/QC haven't slid, this is now a reasonably priced item of clothing!
Another civic tip from your Friendly Neighbourhood Glen Filthie! If anyone's heard any rumours please let me know.


  1. Counterfeit.


  2. Thanks for the heads-up SDH!!!

    My visa got bunged up because of clerical/security concerns and I wasn't able to place my order! Thank God... yannow, sometimes Murphy and Darwin are the good guys...