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Monday, 28 March 2016

Filthie's BBQ Symposium

What? Why are y'all so squeamish about me putting the BBQ next to the Thunderbox, folks? Sheesh - to me it makes perfect sense! A fella can pig out on wholesome BBQ meats and foods and then when he's feeling kind a Texan - why, the Thunderbox is right underneath ya! Multitasking - thy name is Filthie!

Last year I bought one of these:

A Traeger grill... a sensible little smokehouse for the backyard enthusiast...
Although what I really wanted was one of these:

Fuggin Stackz beat me to the cashier and scooped it on me. He's a little younger and faster than old man Filthie...probably a better shot too! Er...almost certainly a better shot, dammit.

I've had the Traeger pellet BBQ for a year now and still don't know what to think of it. I hate propane BBQ's the same way a black powder geek hates smokeless cartridge guns. I like the ritual of dousing the briquettes in lighter fluid, lighting them off - and drinking beer and BSing while they slowly turn grey - and then burning meat when the coals are up to temperature. I am in hog heaven when cooking steaks over a fire pit.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the Traeger because it's even more convenient than propane. Ya throw your meat on the grill and close the lid - and only open it up again when it is time to come off. It does a superb job, it's convenient as hell...but I am somehow disappointed.

If any of my fellow BBQ professionals have any experience with one of these - could ya let me know what ya think?

It's called (funnily enough), 'The Egg'. It seems to run on charcoal but is of some odd ceramic construction...

In any event - I'm off to see if spring is here yet. Sure, the geese are back, and I saw a bumble bee...but we've had snow in June round these parts. I don't trust that Jack Frost is gone for good until the ice comes off the lakes.

It's definitely warm enough for BBQ though!

Helpful Addendum:


  1. I smoke on a Brinkmann Gourmet Electric rig. I've also got a gas / charcoal / smoker box set up as well that I use from time to time. Slow and low, if you lookin', you ain' cookin! Check this out... On October 8, 2015, Brinkmann filed for Chapter 11 under the US bankruptcy code. As of November 30th, 2015 they are no longer selling products, not accepting returns or exchanges, and not honoring warranties. It appears one of their biggest client, Home Depot, stopped ordering and that pushed them over the edge. Which is why I don't see them on the shelf anymore!!! Damn it man, I'm on my 4th one. I guess I'll just have to figure out something else once this one dies on me.

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