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Monday, 14 March 2016

More Manly Problems

Unlike the bubblegumming children of the manosphere that fret and obsess over women and their fragile self images and egos - some of us have real problems to prognosticate on.

I have an anniversary coming up. I am still happily married (can't speak for the missus, though). I haven't got the foggiest notion how to handle it either. When we were kids we would pack up the little S10 chevy truck in 15~20 minutes...and head for the hills. They were great days; we would fill the cat food up to top capacity, flush the toilets and leave the lids up so they had water - and we were off like a shot come rain, sleet, hell or highwater for a couple days of outdoor bliss. CW over at the Daily Timewaster CW often posts wilderness pics that could have come right out of our first years together when all we needed was a good tarp, ropes and warm, dry fart sacks to sleep in.

I kinda figured we would do it again just for old time's sake. So much has changed. We have no kid anymore, we have dogs that will come with us to guard and poop around the camp. Will our old Kelty 4 season tent still be up to the task?

What happens when two adults and two big dogs start burping and farting in a confined space?
We have one of those mobile fire pit things that are just great for a night out. It has a grill on it if we want to burn some meat and a dome shaped spark arrestor to leave on when we hit the hay at the end of the day and the fire has burned low.
These things are awesome. You fill 'em up with firewood and throw it in the back of the truck. Once camp is set up, you haul it out, dump out the firewood and start feeding it back in once the blaze is going.

I'm 51 now, and my bones don't fit the ground the way they used to when I was in my 20's. Our equipment is old but of high quality and March is still awful early to go out up here in northern Alberta. We have his n' hers CZ .22 rifles and figure we will just head into the bush and find a spot and maybe do some plinking, play with the dogs...and chill. No internet, no cell phones, we booked time off work and it should be a quiet night or two out.

Typically guys my age take their gals on exotic cruises or on trips in the warm sun drenched countries to get away...but that just isn't my thing. I've had friends go to countries where the vacation property is fenced and patrolled to keep the beggars and thieves away from the tourists...who needs that? I'll take a camp chair, a beer and a spot beside the fire any day. I might splurge on a fancy bottle of scotch and see if my wife wants anything special...but she is not a big drinker. I'll be surprised if she wants anything.

All in all it should be pretty boring I guess. Whatever...I'm just happy to have her any way she'll take me and if this works - more power to us I suppose.

Nevertheless - if any of you in the peanut gallery have helpful suggestions for an anniversary, I will happily give a penny for your thoughts.

Have a great day all.


  1. Go to Jasper, stay in the Park Place Inn, take her to dinner at the Jasper Park Lodge, after dinner sit by the fireplace and enjoy an ice wine while looking out over the lake.

  2. Capital suggestion, BW! I'm going to bounce that one off her later tonight and see if she would prefer that...

  3. Camping sounds wonderful - even if it's in the back yard! B/T/W, Hubby and I went for pizza on our 50th..... :o)

  4. I have a firepit in my back yard.

  5. I have a firepit in my back yard.

  6. I think camping would be great fun; just don't forget the air mattress for them old bones.