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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

What The Manosphere Means To Me

Uncle Bob has a thought provoking piece up at the Treehouse that hits most of the marks - and misses a few too.

I'm a bit younger than Unca Bob, and a bit older than most Gen Xers. Fact is - I'm caught smack-dab between the Boomer generation and Gen X depending on who defines the terms - born in 1964 I am either a leading edge Gen X or a trailing I have a different perspective than he does. I was also brought up much differently - if I recall correctly Unca Bob was born on the "wrong side of the tracks" where as I was born to upper-middle class parents. In fact, to hear them describe it, both my parents grew up on the "wrong side of the tracks" too...and they were determined that their children would have everything they did not. So it was that my childhood was about dogs, chickens, dirt bikes, BB guns with baseball mitts in the summer and ice hockey in the winter.

In school all my teachers were the new enlightened  modern empowered women. Many manosphere types think the war on men is a recent development - but I can tell you the first shots were being fired long before today's crop of self-proclaimed alpha men were even born. Women basically took over education when I was a boy - and everything changed. The strap was thrown out. Teachers thought they could punish us with 'time outs'. There was always a 7th or 8th chance, along with do-overs, mulligans and extenuating circumstances. I learned early in the game I could cruise through school on autopilot and get away with anything short of murder. So did the other boys - and some of them got into some really, really serious trouble largely because our female teachers couldn't reign us in or control us. We did the absolute minimum to get by - and the teachers passed us on with a sigh of relief - only to inherit even more feral boys being passed up from the grades below the next year.

By the time I hit junior high drugs were everywhere. Boys were bringing knives to school and I learned to fight. I had to. Male teachers started to quit in droves and the ones that remained - weren't worth a hill of beans. Any attempt made to control their classes was met with disciplinary action. A few of the girls were raped. I started carrying a blade - just in case. Kids started going to the hospital from drug overdoses or injuries from brawls. So it went for high school.

I graduated in 82 just when the booming Alberta oil economy went bust. Jobs dried up but there was something new to contend with too - I was white and male and me and the other young men my age in the same boat - became the new niggers of the politically correct workplace. The only jobs I could get were the ones nobody wanted. The depressed economy didn't help. I had graduated high school without a work ethic and to get thrown into a cut throat job economy nearly did me in - it was culture shock. There was no fairness, no breaks - and my parents expected me to somehow grow up, decide the course of my life and buckle down and get to work - and succeed - in that environment. Oh - and I had to do all that overnight. Of course, I failed. By contrast, my wife had no problems at all landing a good job. All I could get were jobs driving a forklift and stacking boxes at pissant wages. We decided I would go back to school.

When I graduated (Class of 95) the economy still hadn't recovered. There was a handful of "decent" jobs in the placement centre for grads - and they all went to the natives and women. When I told my family about it they called me a whiner and said I was copping out. The workplace offered more scut jobs. I became bitter and skeptical and have pretty much remained that way since.

I got my first "real" job in my 30's running the office of an instrumentation branch office. It wasn't until I saw the resumes coming off the fax machine that I realized - I wasn't alone! Most men my age had pock-marked resumes from job hopping the same way I did...and most of their job experience consisted of crappy dead end jobs like mine did! You cannot imagine my astonishment! Holy crap - my parents, my fuggin in-laws, society in general had been telling me I was a loser, I had no skills and abilities, that women and vibrants were more capable and valuable than I ... but it wasn't just me!

Then the internet came along and we were finally able to compare notes - and the Manosphere was born. At first there was a lot of real value to it and it is still there today: No, young fella - it isn't just you! This society doesn't give a shit about you! Yeah - of course the vibrant or a young woman will get a crack at the good jobs before you will because - white male privilege!!!! Can't get along with your woman? Well, it's obviously all YOUR fault, fella - and she has every right to take you to the cleaners in divorce court! Got passed over for promotion and lost out to a vibrant that can't speak or write passable English? Stop whining - you racist prick!

You get the idea. Most of us can relate to at least some of that.

Men that have been fucked over or deeply emotionally hurt... can be remarkably easy to take advantage of. Today phonies like Vox Day, Roosh and other turdies give bad advice to young men that will only make them more bitter. Uncle Bob regularly gets in chit from younger readers that desperately want to believe that crap. For older men like myself and Unca Bob it's really easy to throw out the baby with the bath water when it comes to Manosphere dogma.

The classical core values of the Manosphere are timeless and as relevant today as they always were. Self improvement, always. Expand your horizons as far as you can. Money is not everything, nor is it the root of all evil. Keep a positive mental outlook. Don't take the predations of today's sick liberal society personally. Establish goals, work toward them and most of all...BE PATIENT. Success will not come overnight in today's perverted political and economic climate. Keep your mouth shut, and your ears open.

If I could correct anything about the manosphere - it would be the perception of women. While the war on men has deeply hurt us - especially the younger fellas ... it has hurt our young women just as badly or worse. Probably much worse. They are being pushed into roles that defy common sense, 250,000 years of human evolution, and even their own biology. They are even less happy than the fellas are and they are looking for somebody to blame for it - I suppose it's that scapegoating thing Unca Bob is on about. They are victims of the modern liberal social engineers the same way the boys are.

What's to be done?

This is just my opinion but for me all the problems are simple and started when the enlightened social engineers started loosening moral standards. When men started jumping any woman that moved without regard to who or what she was - the fit started hitting the shan! There is no such thing as free love and never has been. Sex and love are embedded at the genetic level as a contract between the genders which is why classical marriage evolved the way it did. That's why today men are getting shanghaied on phony rape/paternity/divorce cases. Love is not free - nor should it be. Woe be unto the man that forgets that - even once!

The manosphere embraces promiscuity when in point of fact it should reject it wholesale. Yes, you WILL go to the cleaners in divorce court. Yes, you CAN get charged with rape after a casual consentual roll in the hay years ago. Yes, you can get nailed with a hokey paternity suit by some skank using her ovaries to cash in. It's not fair - it's life in the real world today. The way to short circuit all that crap is with classical, long courtships. If you get in the sack with a woman you don't know you are at her mercy. It behooves you to know who you're swapping fluids with.

The future?

I see all this enlightenment as a passing fad. Legions of quiet, polite men are secretly furious about stuff like this and the political correctness that drives it. The push-back is already here: Donald Trump is flipping off the media, the liberals, the feminists and the social justice wanks to the applause of millions. If you don't like Trump - just wait and see what's coming if things keep going the way they are. Reckonings are always painful.

We are watching the tides of history in play, and for myself - I'm afloat on them for now, sometimes carried by the current in directions I like, and sometimes in directions I don't. My wife and I confront those tides and currents as a team and every so often I stop and thank God for her. At times I would have drowned in those waters, had she not reached down to haul me up. Together we've weathered changing times and although we aren't rich - we ARE free...and for us, life doesn't get much better than that.

For me the thing to take away from the Manosphere is this: you are not alone, it's not your imagination - the shitty end of the stick is yours.

The question is - what are you going to do with it?

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