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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Back On Target: Shitter Shenanigans Shelved

Gawddamn right, you moral and intellectual cripples. But it doesn't change the fact the corporation is run by timid poltroons more concerned with social justice than doing business. The one in my neck of the wood failed and good riddance.

Suppose at the age of 51 I am literally going to need a sex re-education course to learn how to shit, when, and where according to the new liberal department store bathroom policies... Can you imagine? A corporate executive more concerned with lunacy like this rather than doing business? Don't whine to me about your off-shored jobs, folks. In the third world they still worry about things like profitability and productivity. You white collar guys should try it sometime.
Not that I care whether a department store lives or dies - I gave up on them ages ago. I learned early in the game that the cheapest product is not always the least expensive and that shelling out for quality products is often the most economical way to go. There are damned few quality products in most department stores today.
15 years ago my mother gave me the very hell of it when I spent $100.00 on a pair of those BDU combat pants with all the pockets on 'em. A local gunny store was making them right in house. It was awesome - they would take milspec clothing, and basically upgrade the patterns using superior fabrics, fasteners and shit. When they finished the savvy squaddie could buy this stuff on his own dime and have superior clothing that would never let him down. Back then you could by a pair of Levi's for about 50~75 bucks - and I would go through a pair or two easily in a year. But I still have the old BUUs and although they are worn - they are perfect for dirty jobs around the house and oh-so-comfortable. One day I woke up to find that I had gotten old and fat and didn't fit into them anymore...16 years later.  Today I buy Carhartt's from Mikes Work Wearhouse and they're better than Levis - but no way will I buy clothing from the big department stores. Whenever I go to Walmart or Ukranian Tire all I see is substandard crap - and The People Of Walmart and vibrants buying it. Ugh. Now, these stores expect me to put up with skull-f***ed sexual freak shows in the washroom too...? No thanks, I will stick to the high end stores and smaller shops. The second they throw the majority of their customers under the bus in favour of a tiny minority of degenerate sexual morons - I will throw them under the bus and there's no coming back from it. Screw you, Target - and anyone that looks like you.
Shopping should be something that's fun and pleasant. The idea of packing up and turtle-heading because the queers are trolling and patrolling the washrooms - does not appeal to me.


  1. Will be interesting to see how Target stock will be doing this week. I bet they are going to have lots of sales - to bring customers back into their stores.

    1. Ya know CM I could hold my nose around queers, if they weren't too damned weird or disturbed. I will go out of my way to give them space and avoid them.

      But these trannies and militant sexual freakshows? It's getting to the point where something has to be done...

    2. Update:

      It's always about the money.....

    3. As a trannie in good standing your comment cut to the quick Filthie. Please have some consideration for my sensibilities.