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Thursday, 7 April 2016


PP has a scholarly post up about feminism that and a viewpoint I personally have never seen before in this war of the sexes. He posits that in the fall of the patriarchy, and the rise of feminism - the matriarch was the first casualty. I'm not sure what to think of it honestly. In my former foolish family circle there were only two real 'matriarchs'.

The first was my grandmother. She was a regal, polite and well put together woman that garnered almost instant respect. She was always well groomed, with every hair in place and always smelled like fine leather and perfume. At the age of 12 she found herself on the street with brothers and sisters to raise. She was one of the first women to break out of the house and take a job - in Alberta's exploding oil/industrial boom of the 60's. In addition to secretarial work she educated herself on drilling, pump and process technologies and practices and quickly became a top notch industrial spy. In those day's The Old Boy's Club may have ruled the roost - but a small, super secret covert 'Old Ladies Club' existed in its shadow. As Grandma was 'just a secretary' nobody thought much about her or gave her a second glance - but she was watching EVERYTHING. She would call secretaries in competing companies on business - engage in a bit of polite gossip the way women did...and maybe ask a few odd questions that might not have made sense to a secretary - but the answers were of vital importance to a top level oil executive. At first she passed it up to the men in charge but that often took time - and so they allowed her to act on her own on such information if time and circumstance demanded it. By the 70's the jig was up and everyone knew this lady was no dumb secretary. She was given an executive title and retired in the late 70's as an accomplished oil woman. Even my Dad - whom she picked on mercilessly - watched his P's and Q's around her. I wonder what that regal old lady would make of these fat, obese she-twinks with rings in their noses and with hair in all the frooty colours of the rainbow?

The other matriarch was my wife's mother. Unlike my grandmother, Lynn was fat, domineering and loud. Nor was she particularly intelligent - in fact, she was pretty goddamn dumb at times. Life was not particularly fair to her either. She had three kids, the youngest of which had heart problems and issues with hyperactivity. (Is the 'hyperactive child' still a thing? I personally don't believe it - all that boy needed was the odd spanking and time with Dad - but that's just my out house opinion). Her husband worked like a horse - and drank like a fish. When her youngest son passed away she was devastated. But she ruled that household with an iron fist and I took an instant dislike to her. We both tried very hard to like each other and could almost do it - until we disagreed over how my daughter was to be raised. When her youngest son passed, she came charging into our family and filled the void with our daughter. It's hard to explain - one might ask "Filthie - why would ya let your bloody mother in law raise your kid? Are you fuggin stupid?"

Well, yes, as a matter of fact! HAR HAR HAR! But here's the thing: although she was stupid - she was a strong woman that snapped under the loss of her son. When she was with my newborn daughter it was like a gentle rain on a parched soul. The baby loved her almost as much as her own mother and they bonded. What man could stand in the way of that? Their household merged with ours and my daughter effectively had two sets of parents. And - when the old bitch erupted in stupidity I either left for the rifle range or to go camping, or rode it out and kept my grumbling between me and my wife. My daughter loved her, my wife loved her - so what could I do? 30 years went by like that - now it seems like the blink of an eye. Over the years the in laws slowly became more intrusive, abusive and abrasive and as I've related before - we had to part ways last year.

Feminists today largely appeals to stupid people. Men really don't have a problem with truly powerful women and will gladly welcome them onto the team if they have something to contribute. Or, at least, I will and so will most of the men in my circle. It's the poseurs, the affirmative action flunkies, the human resources fatties, the childish skanks that feel threatened and get men fired because they overheard a bad joke about 'dongles'... those women want all the perks of being a man with none of the downside. When women start pushing weakness and depravity...most of us will just keep our mouths shut and let them rattle...who needs the fight, right? But what happens when they start pushing that crap in YOUR family? Do you go along to get along with this new breed of ultra-politically correct social justice warriors? Most people will, I suppose. Is it worth breaking up a family over? That is going to be the ultimate question because these people do not take 'no' for an answer. What's worse: a perverted, degenerate family...or a broken one? As it goes for families, so it goes for communities, states and nations.

Nobody's gonna win the war of the sexes - apparently there's about 26 genders going t it now. Everybody is going to lose. It is a fight for stupid people and one that I am happy to be done with.


  1. My theory with the matriarchy really boils down to the feminist screaming about the oppressive patriarchy. Over and over again I hear young women say that when they are told not to talk to certain types, or to be home before x time or to have someone with them they always try and blame it on the patriarchy. It's the men trying to control them. Once I thought about it though it occurred to me that when I was dating the girls it was always the matriarch that set the rules, the patriarch was just the enforcer sometimes or the one chosen to carry out banishment's and warnings to those who did not meet the matriarch's standards. The men were not the ones making the rules as they were usually the one's trying to get the women to break the rules. When women did violate the rules it was the matriarchy that punished them socially.

    Feminism killed the matriarchy as it's first move. The early feminist considered their matriarchal duties in the same category as housewife so they walked away from it. Now we have young women growing up without a matriarchy in place to keep them in line socially.

  2. "The early feminist considered their matriarchal duties in the same category as housewife so they walked away from it..."

    That might clear things up a bit. My mother in law was a domineering old bitch and still is - but when her son died she threw out her faith...and morals and ethics with it.

    I think that might be my difficulty with your theory, PP? What are you calling a matriarch? How do you define her? If we define her as a keeper of the morals and ethics...yeah, maybe she did abandon her post and go AWOL. Which has left the ditzy cows behind to do the job...

    1. Well sure. Matriarchs are not just some female equivalent of a patriarch. No. They are seldom interested in the same things really and fairness between the sexes was never even a thought. It was always the older women who kept the younger ones reigned in. It is still done that way in most of the world but in the West feminism caused the women to abandon their matriarchal duties.