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Friday, 15 April 2016

One Of My Favourite Christians ...

... is John C. Wright. He can distill and render current events and sum them up in a few eloquent words when others (like myself) are gawping and just trying to get our heads around the staggeringly stupid leftists that infest our nations today.

"(In health ed class do they teach that AIDS is good for you, and chaste sex between a couple both virgins until the wedding night is evil, sick and wrong? In chemistry, do they teach that gunpowder cannot explode but butter often does?)"

That post just triggered a childhood memory for me. The indoctrination going on in our schools is insidious. It was bad when I was a kid but it is absolutely toxic now. Kids come out of school knowing exactly why Johnny has three daddies, why Bush=Hitler, and how eeeeeeeevil rich people and corporations are ruining the earth...but none of them can add. Or read. Worst of all - they can't think and are indoctrinated against it.

Unlike the US Canada has no heroes. Or I should say, the ones we were brought up to believe in as kids were usually leftist scoundrels and cudgels and their misdeeds are a matter of public record that is carefully omitted by our public school educators.

In 1977 my social studies teacher was Mr. Gibson. (Real names used to incriminate the guilty). The man was lazy, and his mission as a teacher was to do as little as possible. We got along for the most part because in his class, that was my mission too! We were studying China and the communist revolution. Chairman Mao had done the world a favour and croaked - and the battle in China was on to fill his position.

I couldn't have cared less. China? Pbbfbfbfbfffft. Now, what was interesting was that young lady in the next desk over! She was growing a rack! HAR HAR HAR!!! I was off in a pleasant day dream while Mr. Gibson droned at the front of the class.

"FILTHIE! Who is this man!?!?!" Gibson thundered.

Gawd! I nearly shat my pants as my day dream shattered into a million fragments! "Why - that's Norman Bethune. Supposedly he was a pioneer in blood transfusion...and stuff..." I said. Gibson scowled.

"Supposedly? Supposedly??? The man was a great humanitarian! He worked among peasants and penniless soldiers healing them and working with the sick! He spoke openly about the futility and inhumanity of war at great personal risk! What have YOU done, Glen, that puts you in some lofty position where you can look down your nose at great Canadian heroes???"

Fuck him, I thought. "I went to the library and checked him out in an encyclopedia. He was a communist spaz that worked for other communist idiots that mass murdered more people than you can shake a stick at. He's a traitor."

Gibson looked like he was going to have a stroke. "He was a great humanitarian...!"

"No he wasn't. He was a traitor that enabled our nation's enemies." I half shouted.

"He was a pacifist -"

"He patched up soldiers that shot up entire villages filled with peasants, women and children! He's a friggin traitor!"

Gibson fought for control. Quiet laughter rippled through the class. "That will be quite enough, Glen -"
"YOU'RE a traitor too, to even try to peddle this codswallop..." Before I knew it, Gibson had clamped down on my shoulder and I was frog marched down to the principal's office. I was slammed down on the Shit Bench to await my judgement from the principals. In short order, I heard Earnie Kadatz call out, " Send him in..."

I had been in front of him a lot lately. Usually it was crap like this. Poor Earnie. I wish I could talk to him today and apologize. He was a big man that loved us kids but wouldn't take any shit of them either. Or their parents. Or his teachers, for that matter. So I explained what had happened...and then watched him when I finished my tale. He closed his eyes, bowed his head, and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Look, Filthie, you can't just stand up in class any time ya feel like it and start flapping your gums..."

"But I didn't! The man asked me a question and I answered it. Kadatz did the face/palm thing.

"You can't call a teacher and a Canadian hero a 'traitor' -" he stammered.

"But they are! It says so right in the encyclopedia in the library. If you look up the term 'treason' it -"

Kadatz lost it. "That's IT."

Again I was frog marched double time back to class. Kadatz knocked softly on the classroom door and asked Gibson to come with us. What is this? We went into a small storage room, and Earnie firmly closed the door and looked at us.

"Okay guys, this is the way it's gonna be: Filthie, you'll keep your goddamned mouth SHUT in class."

"But-" Kadatz got righ in my face and said in a low, dangerous tone, "Shut it Filthie. Or - make your mistake." I fumed as Gibson smirked. Then Kadatz turned on him. "Gabe - the kid has a political opinion. DEAL with it. Like an ADULT. Like a TEACHER."

"What? Earnie, now see here -" Then Kadatz got in HIS face.

"Gabe, cut the shit. You start yammering about politics in your class - kids are going to check you on it and if you aren't ready for it they are going to question you. If you get stupid about it they end up in my office. When they go home and tell their parents, THEY end up in my office too!" Now I was smirking as Gibson foamed.

"Earnie, it's not like that -" And again, Kradatz talked right over him. "Gabe, I want to spend my days counting basket balls and gym equipment. I want to play murderball with the kids. At the end of the day I go home to my little hobby farm and feed the pigs after a good day. Do you really want to make my days unpleasant with shit like this...?"

"Both of you - smarten the hell up, or so help me gawd, I will turn in my resignation and then wait for you outside. I will beat you both senseless after school and you can both tell your mommies at home I said that!"

All of us smirked at that.

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