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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Saturday Morning! Pipe? Check! Slippers? Check! Newspaper?....?...Newspaper???

Gawdammmit! How am I supposed to do my business on the Thunderbox without a newspaper? Are we all Phillistines around here? A fella needs something to read, and something to wipe with afterward!!! Who's responsible?!?!? Heads will roll I assure you!!!

Well! I guess that makes it alright then! Yannow...I haven't got an OUNCE of sympathy for these bungholes. The newspapers are clogged with constipated, old liberal baby boomer morons who can't tell the difference between the news and their own opinions. Fact is that in the real world...I won't buy a newspaper. I stopped well over a decade ago.
Where did they go wrong? When did they go wrong? Back in the 60' and 70's I methinks. Back when these idiot boomers were idiot hippies that were hellbent on 'changing the world', perhaps. I sit here and survey my world perched upon the Mighty Thunderbox as I take my ease this Saturday morning - perhaps we need to look around, take stock, and see how these children of the 60's and 70's actually DID 'change the world'.
PP is over there prepping for disaster as are an alarming number of his pals. These aren't kooks and doomsayers either - they're quiet, intelligent, informed men and women that are fiercely independent and didn't rely on people like those two sob sisters in the pic above for their information. They tend to be quiet and low key and when practical people like that speak - I listen.
Wirecutter is zeroing his guns, flipping his finger at the president and pushing for his three percent patriots. Stackz is pondering the ultimate CQB rifle and laying in stocks of ammo. The Bayou Renaissance Man is recommending a quarter of your saving be in gold or metals. The lovely Lonely Libertarian and even Chickenmom are posting rude but funny jokes no newspaper could touch without some PC scold having a hissy fit.
These are all real world people - and you would think that at least some of their perceptions or sentiments would show up in any medium that takes itself seriously.
Meanwhile, the media is obsessed with the niggers (yes, I said it and meant it) of the Black Lives Matter movement. Or what the latest "gender" is and how to pander to it correctly without offending sexually depraved and degenerate loons. The liberal femcnuts over at Salon were recently considering the idea of adding pedophiles to the approved list of victim classes. Not a word about why is Hillary not in prison? Not a word about our failed public schools. Ask not what vibrants can do for you, ask what you can do for other country's vibrants!
My own family is ripped to shreds as are most to some extent or another these days. Everyone's divorced, or estranged, or single or whatever. Community rot is accelerating and everyone is predicting interesting times.
Except the media, of course - didjya hear that the US economy had recovered? Why, hell yes! Thanks to the Obama Administration, dontchya know! But lawd have mercy if the eeeeeeeeeeevil Donald Trump becomes the next president! Sorry.. but I won't miss these idiots one iota. newspaper to wipe with? No prob - I learned a thing or two from PP and his preppers. Yesterday while Unca Bob distracted PP with his riveting wit and conversation, I dipped into his shop and made off a year's supply of TP!  Filthie is always prepared!
Keep prepping everyone!
What? Hey - you make your preperations, and I'll make mine. My TP is re-usable and eliminates the need for Preperation H.
How's that for practical thinking?


  1. Only get the newspaper on Sunday - for the comics, 'ya know...

    1. They have web based comics now too, CM. I need to actually start checking them out too. I miss the funnies too...

  2. Filthie, you ask where did it go wrong. Well it started
    when 100,000 Merican draft dodgers and deserters received
    sanctuary in this country during the Vietnam war. Many of
    these leftist lunatics eventually got tenure in Canadian universities and then proceeded to brainwash the incoming generation of Canada's impressionable youth in the glories of socialism. Now the question that needs to be asked how do we get outta this mess. I must confess, I dunno.

    1. Absolutely true. Our universities and schools have literally become intellectual wastelands.