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Monday, 4 April 2016

So Who's Watching The Gates? Foul Mouthed Filthie Forced To Recant!

"The Gate Keepers Of Public Opinion". That is a term I've heard applied to the press and mainstream media. It's an important strategic position - so important that historically people get killed jockeying for it and some struggles have even sparked all-out wars. It is so lucrative and profitable - that it attracts scum of the earth hoping to influence decisions that will expand their personal fortunes and extend their influence.

Historically, power struggles typically evolve into a comedy of errors

Case in point: Christianity. It used to be the church was the gatekeeper of public opinion and was so powerful they could topple kings and empires if they so wished. They were the voice of God on earth and those that defied them found themselves burning at the stake or screaming in torture chambers. Their savagery and barbarity need no coverage here; the sins of the church are well known and a matter of public record and annotated history.

Rowan Atkinson - power mongerer and schemer extraordinaire
The first serious shot at the clergy manning the Gate House came in the form of the printing press. All of a sudden, Bibles were no longer priceless badges of office held by the elite - soon everyone of even moderate means could own one - and so literacy exploded. Information and knowledge is power and without a means to regulate it - the church fractured and splinter sects broke away and started their own brands. Heretics suddenly became a real threat as did apostasy. As common people became more literate and more informed the grip of the church on the Gate House slackened.

The jig was up in the 60's and 70's. The abuses of kiddie-diddling priests, television evangelist hucksters, and the haughty, entitled clergy had had their day. People were sick of the hypocrisy, the abuse of power and authority, and the arrogance. People began throwing out their faith wholesale - and in my personal opinion - their ethics and morals too. Kinda like throwing the baby out with the bath water I suppose - but I digress. It wasn't all bad either, IMO - because without any power, the perverts, the hucksters, and the 'wicked' - they all left the church too. Oh sure, there's still a few around...but the worst of the worst became feminists, environmentalists, activists...and journalists.

Ol' JJJ - my first exposure to shit house journalism and the toads that would presume to tell us what to think and say. "Don't believe everything ya read, kid..."

With the church knocked out, and without a moral compass - THEY became the new gate keepers. Every second homosexual is a closet pedophile or has severe mental problems - but the media censored any mention of it. Homosexuals were whitewashed to become pure, clean and beautiful people that just want to be left alone with the privacy of their bedroom. Slowly the media enabled and encouraged their attacks on the classroom, the courtroom, the board room and even the fuggin bathroom! (The Usual Suspects are advised the Thunderbox is a one-seater - hitch hikers, turd burglars and stow aways will be shot and pissed on, HAR HAR HAR!). What they did for the queers, they also did for the socialists, the feminists and other turd brains. They attacked, slandered, libelled and belittled honest men trying to do good - even The Amazing Spiderman!

Some obscure commie ass hat back in the 50's or 60's proclaimed that western civilization would fall by commie attacks on all our civilization's gate houses: the press, the schools, the courts, the gubbermint, etc. It was starting to look like a done deal too: you can't believe a thing you read in the press anymore. Obama ran a campaign that would have had a white man laughed out of the race. The press covered for all The Buckwheat Administration's failures. They attacked his enemies with lies and smears. In the schools, idiot teachers tell the kids that Hitler and George Bush are opposite sides of the same coin and most teachers are children that never grew up. Our courts are liberal infested write-offs that protect the abusers more than the abused. One woulda thunk we were done like dinner, right?

But the Molotov-cocktail throwing commies, the class-cutting pasty faced student protestors, the ugly feminists and the faggy beta male liberals didn't count on one thing: the internet...and the social media. Awhile back the public went nuts when Trump's crew supposedly grabbed a female reporter and threw her to the ground and assaulted her. This, supposedly, in a room full of running cameras. They tried to suppress the vid but when it leaked past the journalists - it went viral. In another instance, some awful, awful Trump supporters supposedly punched out and pepper sprayed a 15 year old girl who was exercising her first amendment rights by disrupting a Trump political rally. And again, the mass media ran with the story until it was proven false - and it turned out the young lady had actually punched one of Trump's supporters in the face and got maced for her troubles. Some idiots are still trying to make political miles on these incidents - but only make themselves look stupid and dishonest in the effort.

I love The Donald's taste in enemies. Can't say I'm overly fond of some of his friends though. Regardless, he is undoubtedly a better man than Bernie, Billary or maybe even Cruz....

And so it is that I am forced to recant. I had slagged Mike Cernovich awhile back for being yet another manosphere poltroon and poseur; he says things I disagree with.... he has a good message but he's trying to sell it...and trying to sell common sense doesn't sit right with me. But aside from that - he has done some superlative work in popping the balloons of the liberals and their media lickspittles - and he deserves credit for that. I think he's right about the press no longer being a gate keeper and you will see the hopeless liberal rag sheets slowly replaced by internet bloggers and whistleblowers as information sources. We don't need the media anymore and it shows.

This is history we're watching folks. Awhile back I got spanked and egged by The Mohave Rat for choosing to ally myself with Christians because he thinks they're all a bunch of arrogant liars and pretentious, sanctimonious gas bags. It's hard to argue with that - but he's missing some fundamental truths and I didn't want to fight with an old fart that just plain didn't know any better: Human nature subverted Christianity, not the clergy. The second the Christians were relieved of their guardianship of our morals and ethics and the power that went with it - other parties rose to take over and they were perverted and subverted the same way the Christians were. I am watching all the effort those parties are exerting against Donald Trump, I am watching their utterly incompetent efforts to smear him...and the immorality and corruption of those efforts are clear to anyone able to use a computer.

So...? Who is watching the gate house now? You are, and I am. There is no excuse this time. After the fall of Nazi Germany they were able to claim 'I was only following orders,' or 'we had no idea what was happening to the jews' - and some of those cop outs might even have been legit. Nowadays? only the very elderly and naïve can cop out like that.

For now, the Gate House is being held by the good guys, and the best men are on the job. They'll hold that position as long as possible and thank God Almighty for that. My only question is - who will eventually take the position from them?

Ya might wanna leave those on, Hill - people might see the blood otherwise...


  1. Knowledge is the greatest equalizer between the common folks and the elites - that's why they want control over the Internet. So, so easy to look up their misdeeds. Even when they try to delete it, someone ALWAYS has a copy.