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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Sunday Silly Science

Everyone knows that often, if you combine two good things you can often come up with something even better. It isn't often that a couple real crappy things can be combined to produce something great. And that, ladies and gentlemen - is what we're here to do this fine Sunday morning.

We here at Filthie's Converged Technologies Group have managed to do just that: take two rotten, despicable quantified masses and energies - combine them at utterly hellish superheated temperatures and pressures - and then carefully lower the ionized plasma to room temperature where we will examine the final result!

So. We're playing God, now, Filthie? For the love of God - stop this madness!!!!!

In a few mere moments, my esteemed and expendable lab assistant, Uncle Bob - will introduce 30 minutes of the most thuggish, offensive rap music into a reinforced titanium/beryllium pressure vessel at 200dB!

Gabbagabba weebeejabba POOMP! Niggamuthafuggah POOMP...!
Careful, Uncle Bob! Don't get any on ya!!!
With the rap music entering the sound proofed pressure vessel, I will begin the flow of the most ignernt, redneck cornpone bluegrass hillbilly music to the chamber as well - Duelling Banjos at 200dB!
No need to worry, ladies and gentlemen - I am keeping a sharp eye on the Kididdlehopper meter!
Now for the heat and pressure! When I give the signal, our explosives expert, Dr. Stackz O. Mags will detonate a small thermonuclear device inside the chamber to drive the pressures up into the femtopascal range - and the temp to many thousands of degrees C! Is everyone ready...?
Pretty anticlimactic, right? A small thump and a bump...but inside pressure chamber? A veritable maelstrom of energies! The fags at CERN were pulling their hair out by the roots trying to create the Higgs-Bosun particle awhile back. Pbbbffbffft! Here we have electrons, protons, gluons, and morons!
The math belies and understates the forces and energies we are working with.

So: whadda we get out of all that? Only the best theme song for the best cop show EVAR!!!
Holy mackaral!!! Looks like we created artificial wiggers too!!!! Culturally appropriate THAT, you SJW turds! HAR HAR HAR!!!! Good work fellas!
Behold! Gangstagrass! But everyone's familiar with Sherriff Raylan Givens...but...what's this? What is this little gem sparkling in the bottom of the reaction chamber?
Damn - I think I am going to culturally appropriate that as the theme song for this blog!
Ladies and gentlemen - the incomparable "Retard River" - gangstagrass style!
Gangstagrass. LOL...I love it.


  1. Yo Filthie. After an absence of several years I finally visited Canadian Politics and Issues and noted you're no
    longer casting your pearls of wisdom on that site. Also notice The Rat is AWOL. What happened. I thought you two
    were a couple. Joined at the hip so to speak. Anyway I dropped out because after struggling with gender issues for most of my life I finally hit the wall and had to accept the fact I was trans or else I wouldn't be here today. So Kaitlin Jenner and I have a lot in common except she has the big bucks and I don't. Apparently it's a birth defect. Female brain in a male body. Anyway my wife tells me she's never seen me so happy and I believe it's because I can finally be my true self. When I posted on Canadian Politics I called myself Northern Prospector as I spent most of my productive years in the bush working in mining exploration. Moral of
    the story is that there can be conservative trans people
    but we are few and far between. BTW, you seem in fine form. Keep on keeping on. Cheers.

  2. Well I'll be damned! How are you NP?

    Yep, Ol' Revie used to be able to wind me up. Ya know - I think she was Canada's first social justice warrior and I shoulda killed that bitch when I had the chance, HAR HAR HAR! Good luck with your sexual transformation by the way! LOL!
    Sadly - my daughter came out of the closet some years back and she's just like Revie. She did to my family what Revie did to that forum. Oh well - it was fun while it lasted.

    Thanks again for dropping by NP! Good to hear from ya!