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Monday, 11 April 2016

That Tin Foil Hat Goes On Easy: Weekend Paranoia/Sunday At Starbucks

That ol' tin foil hat goes on easy...but once it's on your noodle it will take a fuggin crow bar to get it off! Likewise, both the red and blue pills go down so easy. Chase 'em with a scotch for added enjoyment!

Yesterday I had coffee with Pete The Meat and his lovely wife, Mary. Peter is an incredibly smart, and intelligent, capable man...but he has a love affair with conspiracies. Or so I thought.

I am was a competition level shooter years ago...

There was a time I could shoot circles around military/law enforcement officers and squaddies. The local ERT practices at my rod n' gun club and I go just to watch - and pig out on the once fired brass they leave behind afterward! Their snipers are no screaming hell as marksmen. But I digress - suffice it to say I know a thing or two about guns and when a gubbermint asks me to believe this assassination was done with a gun like this:

I call bullshit. This is not a sniper rifle, this is a cheap, shit house, bargain bin milsurp with an obsolete bargain bin scope. Nor would a mediocre shot make those hits on JFK in a month of Sundays with a piece of junk like this.
That is a piker's rifle. The gun that killed JFK was probably - almost certainly - more something like this.
That is an M40 sniper rifle. It has been tuned and tweaked by masters. It is a specialist's gun. The gun used back in the 60's would have been very similar.
The follow up shot was the give-away for me. Just to work a bolt that fast ... that's the work of a skilled, professional marksman. To do that, AND make a successful second hit? With a bolt gun? There's maybe half a dozen guys in America right now that could do it. The field opens up a bit if we consider a semi-auto gun like this:
That is an M14 sniper. If one of these did JFK the gun probably would have had a cheek rest pad on it.
Long story short, to ask me to believe Oswald made those shots? Pull my other finger, fellas, it has bells on it. To ask me to believe the perp could have been gunned down in a room full of armed officers? And then the suspicious deaths of important witnesses in the incident? I can't speculate on who made the shots, or who they worked for, the only thing I know for sure is that the assassination didn't go down the way the gubbermint said it did. That is all I will say for sure on that. The man that killed JFK was a professional marksman of exceptional talent and ability and he obviously rehearsed this shot on moving targets. That in turn tells me he had access to top tier equipment, covert training facilities required to simulate and practice the shot - which in turn implies either an extremely well funded employer with remarkable resources...or a gov't.
I am no expert, but that does not look like a collapse to me. It looks like an explosion.
Pete has absolutely no faith or trust in his fellow man. I must say I disagree with a lot of what he says. When I first met him and he talked about stuff like this I dismissed him as a tin foil hatter. A nut bag! But on a dare, sometime back I started looking at some of the stuff on the net that he had for recommended reading. Let me say up front, I went into this as a skeptic...and a lot of this stuff IS a case of crackpotters in tin foil hats pulling their facts straight out of their arses! But...
I'm not an iron worker or a structural engineer or a demolitions expert. I work with iron workers that build these structures and sell tools to them. Thanks to that damnable that I've watched the vids a few times...the towers look less like a structural collapse and more like a controlled demolition. The smoking gun for me - was the firefighters and first responders. In Noo Yawk Focken City (NYFC as one of my favourite departed bloggers used to call it) - the Fire Department knows all about fires in high rises and sky scrapers. They know how those buildings are built, what it takes to bring them down - and I remember watching the nooz coverage of the day where the talking heads were saying the big worry was about falling debris - not a catastrophic structural collapse. Knowing what I do about structural steel seems highly - ridiculously unlikely - that all these buildings could fail like that. It caught the firefighters by surprise and to me that is the incriminating piece of evidence I cannot get out of my craw. Firefighters are courageous heroes and they will take calculated risks...but they aren't stupid, and their first order right out of the gate is to protect themselves before attempting any rescue otherwise you have two dead people instead of one. They would not have gone near those buildings if they thought they would collapse. Unlike myself and Pete...there ARE experts and professionals that AREN'T hare lipped retards ... and THEY have questions. Funny how they got no press, huh? So - in my scholarly opinion we're right back at square one as we were with the Kennedy assassinations: if the perps who were set up for the fall didn't do it... Who dunnit? What was the motive? What was their intent?
Pete thinks the eeeeeeeevil jooooooos dunnit.
I think blood thirsty bum headed aliens are the culprits. When they finally do decide to invade, I for one shall welcome our new alien overlords and curry favour with them by ratting out guys like Peter.

I haven't got a bloody clue who would do shit like this or why. You can call me a nutter or a tin foil hat loon - I don't care, but I ain't drinkin' your koolaid. I once trusted your media, your gov't and those that spoke for them - but no more. I will not go to war on your say-so, I will not accept the heroes you are trying to push on me and I will not dispose of your villains for you. Don't worry, I'm not mad at you, the eeeeeevil jooos, the corrupt corporations or even the bum headed aliens from Area 51 - I'm just an old stubfart who now thinks for himself. And before some fuggin progtard moron goes off and accuses me of trying to revive the Fourth Reich or establish the Canadian Chapter of the KKK - no, they won't do my thinking for me either.
I am always willing to talk and listen - but for the sake of good relations - keep your hands where I can see 'em, and I will do the same.
Have a good Monday all.

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  1. The WTC was an architectural experiment. Nothing taller had ever been built. To keep the structure sound, yet light enough that the lower stories could carry the upper ones, the steel frame of each story was tied together diagonally, corner to corner, with steel cables. The fire that ensued after the planes hit the buildings heated these cables to the point where they parted. True, all this stuff was covered with heat/fire retardant, but it was knocked loose by the crash. If the architects didn't anticipate this, the firefighters wouldn't have either. The weight of the stories above the fire floors pushed directly down on the now-weakened undercarriage, causing the walls of that structure to bulge outward. The stories above the fire floors then dropped into the widened hole that was created. The momentum of the falling weight literally unzipped the building from top to bottom. In short, the architectural experiment was a monumental architectural mistake! If there's a blessing to be taken away from this, it WAS the fact that the building came down as though it was a demolition. If it had collapsed otherwise, it would have taken out THOUSANDS more people than it did!