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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Uncle Bob Is A Shit

And I am a fan! Trigger Warning - if you are a pasty faced panty waisted shirt lifting fart knocker, don't click on the link or do what Uncle Bob suggests. As for me - I laughed like hell. Uncle Bob is making history today, for his offbeat sense of humour has earned him the coveted Filthie Thumbs Up Award! The Filthie Thumbs Up Award only goes to deserving individuals who can blend good humour and sportsmanship with unsavoury political incorrectness. Well done, Uncle Bob! HAR HAR HAR!

A funny thing happened the other night on our way to troll Captain Capitalism...

I almost spit up laughing. Some of those sites ARE openly racist and not for those with loose or irritable bowels. I don't have the time of day for Stormfront but Niggermania had the odd off-colour joke or two back in the day. It's hardly recommended reading even with the odd knee slapper.

Honourable mention goes to Captain Capitalism himself. In the past I think the young Captain was far to quick to dismiss and forgive black misbehaviour. If more kids defy the zampolits, the scolds, and the pink shirt social justice warriors - perhaps we can finally hold the black community's feet to the fire and demand that they live up to the standards the rest of us do.

It's a fine line that we walk when talking about black issues - a lot of us won't touch it (and rightfully so) because there is no longer a fine line between honest criticism and blatant racism. If you so much as disagree with something that incompetent baboon in the Whitehouse did - you will be called a racist by the same morons that called George Bush a chimpanzee.

It is with some reluctance that I do this. Stackz O. Mags has given up blogging for awhile and I need to get something up on the sidebar to replace him and his black rifle blogs. Tomorrow a link to SBPDL (Stuff Black People Don't Like) is gonna go up. It details the misdeeds of the black community in objective detail for the most part - and that is something we all need to do. Blacks are literally getting away with murder, enabled and encouraged by idiots like Obama, Farakahn and his sleazy black supremist cohorts - and I think something needs to be said about it. It's time for blacks to step up - and many of them are. Far more of them should but aren't - finding it much easier to cop out and blame whitey and racism for all their personal failures.

I will also say this about that - with crap like The Knock Out Game, rising rates of black hate crimes against whites - there is a rising sense of fury and if some people aren't careful - they are gonna get that race war they're jonesing for. May God have mercy on us all if that happens.

We'll be speaking free on the Thunderbox right up until the lights go out or the shooting starts. I heartily encourage you to do the same.

And a hearty 'Screw you too!' to America's First Sasquatch! You and your idiot husband have done more for gun sales, racists, and hate groups than the NRA, the KKK and Filthie's Thunderbox!


  1. 60 + years of victim politics and the left telling blacks every fault they have is due to racism has set us up for this. They hate us and Whites are to blame so the confrontation is going to happen. They just want to keep the White women for themselves though.

  2. I reckon they are bad at math, like most everything else they are bad at. And I shoot enough that I can HIT my target. And "rifles" and "scopes"....They had better be careful what they ask for. SBPDL is an interesting site.Always read the comments.