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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Woulda Thunk The Marines Invented It...

That is a bomb produced either by a small United States Marine or a big Texan or Albertan
And that is why they take their latrines so seriously. Two developments in toiletology have arisen to raise my ire:
  1. The so-called 'tall crappers'. Jeez Louise - I'm short (5'9") and when I sit on a tall crapper my feet dangle the way they did when I was three years old graduating from a potty to a toilet! Extended sessions become very uncomfortable propositions. Not all of us are friggin giants!
  2. The advent of the low-flush toilet. Goddammit - me and everyone I know eats meat. We are not inner city vegan flinks that live on tofu and bird seed
In any event, somebody had finally invented a machine to deal with plumbing shortfalls. I woulda thunk the Marines invented it - but it isn't their colours. it? Ya never know these days, HAR HAR HAR!
Just the ticket for guys like me and Stackz O. Mags. Civilians and women like Uncle Bob can get by with the standard one.
Necessity is the mother of invention! This is why we win!


  1. Who ever laid that log has been tampered with and I don't mean that in mail terms and regulations either. Good God Almighty man get some fiber in your diet! At almost 6'3", most shitters aren't tall enough for me to get the proper Samurai release angle, so I've got to adjust at times. I don't even want to know what you typed in google to find that loggerhead pic up top either...

    1. That's the little one, Stackz. The pic I wanted was actually a two-hander!

      One would hope that this is a case of photoshop or play-doh put to the purposes of the forces of evil. I cannot imagine even a Marine having the courage to pick up something like that with his bare hands.