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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

A Grumpy Old Man And Literary Burn Out

GAH. I am in the midst of a summer cold/flu that has filled my head up with snot, and doing the sweats/freezing thing. One second I am in a sweating misery and the next - freezing. At least I had the sense to do it during a weekend filled with crappy weather, HAR HAR HAR!

So it was that I grumped my way over to Pete's blog and crapped in the comments.

Pete's a good shit; and I shouldn't have been so rough on him...I'm sure he wrote a great book and it will sell well. But, dammit - I am just burnt out and parched as far as recreational reading goes. It used to be when I was home sick I could grab a good book, crash in my chair and read a good yarn until I fell asleep. Today - there is no real good writing going on anymore. There's no originality, only recycled characters, plots and themes.

And the SF wieners are right about the social justice warrior wieners: any book those idiots write isn't about telling a story, it's about pushing a narrative and a truly revolting and immoral one at that. Maybe it's just me - but I don't want to read in graphic detail about a couple homosexual butt blasters packing fudge at some intergalactic gay bathhouse - and then have a long boring lecture afterward about how it's perfectly okay to do stuff like that. It turns out the most of the authors of this dreck are themselves a bunch of queers and pedos if the current blog wars are any indication. Is it any wonder those people can't write anything good?

I have a message for today's young authors: take your politics, your sexuality, your personal hang ups and biases - and shove 'em up your ass! Sideways! Tell me a story. I want to be that kid again, taken away to different places by fictional characters that I can understand and identify with.

Uncle Bob often prattles over at the Treehouse about how kids are being smothered by the nanny state. They aren't educated, they're indoctrinated. I think he's bang on the money with that and you can see it in today's young authors. They have absolutely no interest in making their readers think - they are more concerned about telling them what to think.

Bah. Screw it! I'm going to back to bed! Sure would be nice to have a good book to crash with, though.


  1. Big mug of hot tea, some honey, lemon, cinnamon, and leave enough room for scotch/brandy/etc. Take two.

  2. Can't go wrong with Hemingway, London or Melville....