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Monday, 2 May 2016

Canadian Deliverance

Unlike you ignernt redneck Yanks with your duelling banjos, your cornpone poverty stricken hillbilly trash, your rotgut swilling crack headed people of Walmart - we Canadians all live in a state of enlightened cultural splendour and intellectual superiority! There is no poverty in Canada, no crime - for we have leaders and politicians here that love and care for us - from our earliest days in the cradle to our final days before the grave.

Ladies and Gentlemen - From Turdo Ladoo to Alberta's own Notley Crew - please join me in celebration of our august leftward leaders and put your hands together for Canada's favourite mongoloid musician - all the way from Sunnyvale trailer park, please welcome Bubbles as he performs a flawless rendition of "Liquor And Whores"!

He's actually pretty good...and he'll learn ya how to play it too...
Liquor and Whores: Canadian politics defined!

I am on a road trip through northern Alberta now and it ain't looking good for us. Customers are dropping away, brand new big industrial shops are vacant everywhere, others have let all but their last employees go...and the ones that are left are hoping the damned phone rings with some work so they can hold off the debt collector for another month. The last time I saw it this bad was in the late 80's. Pretty soon Alberta's high rollers will all live in trailer parks and guys like Yours Truly will live in the garden sheds. Wish us luck - we are in for some long, hard times...most of which is self inflicted. The question for me personally is this: with all my customers dropping like long will it be before I lose MY job?


  1. Hopefully it does not get as bad as NEP days.

    1. In Whitecourt and Valleyview we're already there, BW...the rental yards are filled with idle equipment...not a good sign...