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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Canadian Patriotism

I sometimes wonder if there is any room for it any more with all the PC multiculti hogwash!

Here at the Thunderbox we cling to Old Canadian values that pre-date effeminate fwench swine ministers, the invention of nose jewellry and we harken back to a time when Canadians lived in better times, and were better people. A time when the RCMP were the envy of the world law enforcement.

Shamelessly stolen from It Ain't Holy Water. If he keeps this up he'll find himself on the toilet roll of honoured bloggers! Have a great Sunday! For those of you in America and Queerbec - I will pass along your respects to Sargent Dave and Teddy! LOL...!


  1. Don't forget Sgt. Preston and his wonder dog, Yukon King...

  2. I kinda like tats on some girls though

    1. That is because you are not as morally pure of heart and soul like I am, PP!
      As a matter of fact, I was going to give you a stern lecture about those shameless Tractor Girls on your blog!

      HAR HAR HAR!