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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Copyright InfringMINT!

Oh man, I am just SMOKED!

Look, folks. It's called! Awhile back BW was tramping about a farm in Dreadful Valley and he didn't take any pictures of the chickens. Why? Because another internet celebrity is in control of the poultry picture market! It's called RESPECT - even the gangsters of NYFC know the rules of turf!

So it is you can imagine my chagrin when I saw this posted over at! Goddammitall to hell, all toilet humour belongs HERE - at the Thunderbox!


Can you believe it?!?!? I hope he's proud of himself!!! What kind of creep poaches in another man's washroom???

At first I seriously considered an armed response but the way I've been shooting lately - that would be a one way ticket to the cemetery! Perhaps I will sue? I certainly think I am entitled to financial compensation....

Just to re-assert my authority on toiletological material, I'll post this multicultural gif on Japanese toilet tissue making:

In Japan there's more grunting done before ya take the dump than during it...but I do like the idea of WIDE toilet paper. I can see where it would be useful for women with big wide...... er... umm
in the interests of personal safety I'm not going to finish that thought.
I hope we're ALL clear on material distribution now? Poultry will be handled by CM in Coopville - PP has a minor interest in chickens over at the small hold, but a controlling interest in tractor porn. BW and CW will split the exotic location markets between them, Uncle Bob will own the unsavoury political and sociological opinion material - but the toilet humour stays HERE. Those of you seeking highbrow wit and clean humour can find it over at Wirecutter's. Are we all clear? GOOD!
I will tolerate no disagreement or dissention on this topic. Violators will be dealt with by my enforcer.


  1. Heh. OK You get all the toilet humor :)

  2. Funny lookin' roosters you raise up thar, Mr. Filthie.... is the coop near the throne?