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Monday, 30 May 2016

Filthie's Hinterland: Who's Who

Om nom nam...glit...nom nom...
Known for it's disgusting table manners, the moose, or swamp donkey is also a terrible conversationalist and cannot be considered a worthy dinner guest.

The Canadian Moose is not impervious to bullets, but the Swamp Donkey can be one tough critter to put down. I've seen good hits made on these critters and they will keep chugging until they make it into the middle of a swamp or bog...and then expire there. The hunter is then left with a major ordeal to get the animal dressed and the meat packed out. I've never shot a moose and probably wouldn't out of sheer laziness. The further you are away from the truck - the more guys you will want to have to help you pack it out!

Each year hunters waste millions of dollars buying the new guns chambered in exotic or proprietary magnum calibers for moose hunting but the money is a waste. I've seen these things go down peaceably with a .308 and I've seen them run for miles after being hit with a .300 Win. mag. If you get a moose with a bad attitude in your sights - be prepared for a work out!

Sigh. Strange things happen out here in Filthie's Hinterland. I dunno what these two morons are trying to prove. For more information on the Canadian Moose, contact the Fish and Wildlife Office in Ottawa.

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