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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Happy Son Of A Bitch Day!

As I've stated before in my memoirs, my mother in law was a loud, domineering slag of a woman that I put up with for pretty close to thirty years before laying down the law on my wife. Either she had to go or I would. It was the worst thing I ever did to my wife - but fighting that damned woman and her idiot husband to raise my own daughter, the contempt, the derision, the mockery...bah! Suffice it to say we can't get along and leave it at that.

One of my favourite shows is The Big Bang Theory. I felt so bad for that short nerd with the glasses - and his aloof, distant mother because they remind me of the relationship I have with my own mother! I've always been a big disappointment to Mom and for years I tried to win her approval - only to make a bigger dink of myself in the process. She didn't like my daughter all that much either and although she never said any of that - you could tell. She was an odd duck now that I think of it. She had Daddy Issues too and did not like her mother. She never said any of that either - but again, you could tell.

When my daughter flipped her lid and became a militant lesbian social justice warrior and proceeded to rip our family apart - my mother in law was involved right from the start and stirring things up right up until I gave that shrew and her idiot husband the punt from my life and family last year. It wasn't something I wanted to do; it was just something that had to be done. I'm not happy about it and regret the necessity for it.

But I never told my own mother about any of it. She is liberal all the way through, she thinks queers are beautiful wonderful people that walk on water and there are barriers between us that went right back to my earliest childhood. I've always loved Mom but I've never respected her. It seemed that I was always wanting her to love me and she wanted me to respect her - and of course neither of us seemed to be able to give the other what they seemed to need! How dumb is that?

In any event, I think she finally found out about my family feud and she's behaving exactly the way I feared she would. She's going to try and brow beat me into accepting my daughter's shit and abuse along with her homosexuality...and that ain't gonna happen. I know she would be angry that I would keep such stuff from her - and I suppose I should have told her - but I have my back against the wall and I have no more ground left to give these stupid, feral women. Their social justice, their political correctness, their degenerate sexual utopia that now has perverted men wanting to pee in the washroom beside little girls? Boys, I call bullshit. It's mostly women driving this shit - women like my mother in law, my mother and my daughter. In any event it is clear I am on Mom's shit list - and I have no shits left to give. They've slid down that slippery slope and seem to feel that I am obligated to join them.

Behold yon chamber pot in which I place the shits that I give.
'Tis but a ruse for it is empty as well.
(Errr...don't anyone let the good Pastor see this one, I think these tapestries
have biblical connotations. Hmmmm... no offence meant to
any passing Christians either, not that I think of it...)

I have a message for all you fat old liberal ladies with bad attitudes and bad haircuts: if you are short a few flowers and a few Mother's Day cards this year - it's because you don't act like mothers and haven't for a long, long time. You're more like bullies and though it goes against my grain and soul to fight with women - for this lone cowboy here - I don't like you and I won't respect you either. I used to and you mistook that for weakness. This Mother's Day I will honour grandmothers instead. Both mine and my wife's grandmother have gone across The Great Divide but they were balanced, warm loving women. They were queens - and women like the shrews in my family dishonour them.

I've drawn my line and will stand by it but the hurt and pain of doing so comes from the oddest angles. Flowers, cards and coffee with mothers is something I am going to miss a bit. Most women don't care about the cards and gifts, it's the thought that tickles them.

Those of you with good mothers - cherish them, honour them and hold them close. You have something incredibly special - and it is easy to take such things for granted if you're not careful.


  1. Families are complicated.
    As I get older the revelations I get from relatives about my childhood are astounding.
    That I managed to get as far as I did in my life as I did given where I came from is something I can't explain.
    I just thank God that I did.
    And I'm trying to make my kids life better after realizing I came from a shitbox and don't want to pass that on to them.

    1. Good luck with that, Pops. If you actually manage to do it - you will have done exceedingly well.

  2. I'll adopt you, Mr. Filthie.... :o)

    1. Done! I'll move in to the barn and start tomorrow by mucking out the coop! Can you split child custody with PP? He has bees over there and I would like to put some time in with them too!