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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Hating On Christians

I am a gun nut and a member of several shooting forums. One of my least favourite of them is this one - the Canadian Gunnutz. This forum is a snap shot of what's wrong with Canadian private gun ownership in this country today. 3/4 of the people posting on this forum have IQ's down in the double digits. They are so goddamn stupid, they honestly think that liberals can be 'educated' and 'informed' about the shooting sports, and reasoned out of their position. And - they are the voice of the Canadian gun owner that will do it!

I just cringe.

A lot of these people are clearly as dumb as a sack of hammers and quite a few can't even spell or string a coherent sentence together. Would you listen to an idiot like that as he bloviated about his political opinions? I hate to say it but those buffoons are an argument FOR gun control...possibly even a valid one.

I hang out there on occasion for two reasons - the classified ads (there's the odd bargain to be had) - and they have a humour forum for rude jokes that's not bad for the most part, largely because most idiots are incapable of humour and wit and stay off it! Unfortunately, some internet liberal comic has taken to the forum as a means for attacking and ridiculing Christians.

This is what passes for humour among militant atheists and liberals
I couldn't help it. I called the poster out and told him he was an a-hole. He promptly responded with more shite like this and I won't waste my electrons re-posting it here. Nobody laughed, but the idiot thought he was a riot. I didn't respond after that, these fugged up kids thrive on negative attention and you can either feed them or ignore them - I shouldn't have said anything at all I suppose. Beating off was obviously a subject dear to that poster's heart and he resented the Christian stance on it.
But...yannow...I used to hate the sanctimonious holy rollers and evangelical phonies and TV hucksters - I still do. But these new age atheists? They are WORSE than those guys by a damned sight. Most of 'em are liberal fags that wouldn't dream of mocking moslems because they know damned well they'll get their lights punched out - or worse. So they pick on elderly Christians and show their courage, or they do it by going on the internet and daring God to strike them down and mouth off behind the safety of the computer screen. Of course, in Hollyweird, moral and intellectual cripples have no problem going public with their stupidity.
Say, how much did that divorce cost ya, pretty boy? Are we all supposed to pretend that your shattered family of adopted vibrants and your do-gooder wife are happy? And that there was no ego in your divorce? I have no problems with idiots throwing their faith away - but when they throw their morals and ethics away with good can come of it.
Awhile back a former reader got all bent out of shape when I chose to side with Christians in these days of declining morals and ethics that is our culture today. I held my tongue and didn't say anything because he was over on the elderly side and who wants a pissing match with a senile old fart - right? I now wonder at the wisdom of that. I used to check in on him from time to time at his blog too - until he went off about how Christians and churches should be taxed more because they aren't paying 'their share'. Again I had to stifle myself - that idiot spends half his time bitching about his benefits and doctors, as he hands the bills for his retirement off to kids that haven't even been born yet - he draws maximum benefit from a society he pays nothing into - and has the gall to mouth off about Christians not paying their fair share. A couple weekends back - while that rancid old fart was bitching about his lot in life - my wife and the ladies of the church were catering a free lunch for the homeless. They're always doing community and charity work and useless old fucks like that fat old rat bastid and young pasty faced kids that haven't been raised right - ridicule them for it. It's not right.
When there is that many stones in the air, and everyone lives in a glass house - maybe the best course of action is to continue doing what I have been doing, STFU and stand aside. Sticking up for Christians (or even decency) among stupid people will only make you a target - and stupid people only learn one way - the hard way.
You don't believe in God and hate Christians? Bully for you! Give my regards to Darwin and Murphy, I'm sure you'll get along swimmingly!

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  1. Arid wasteland vermin like you mention at least are a step above the regular welfare scum. They at least partially understand what is supporting them even if they are too stupid to see the real cost and end game they are causing. I especially like the war veteran status for someone who spent their entire time in so far from combat they didn't even issue firearms to those around them.

    The government has been trying to replace the church for decades and it is doing a pretty good job of it to. The first step was to make sure government would take over all the welfare and charity work which gives low life's like you mention plenty of time to pontificate about the evils of that they do not understand. If their next meal required them to go to a church they would sing a different tune entirely.