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Saturday, 28 May 2016

He Probably Should Have Duct Taped Her Pie Hole Too...!

So I've got my Saturday Morning Chores done, we've done the Dog Patrol and I am here waiting  for my Ipod to charge up so I can play my music whilst I do a long range recon on the motorcycle. Hopefully there might be some point of interest that BW hasn't scooped me on.

While I wait, I noticed a fine example of the court and legal system actually working!

Can it Cutie!
Why, if I were the judge I would have given her a bare-bum spanking and thirty days in the can for daring to defy my authority!!!! And she would shut up and LIKE it too - or she would get some more!

The very insolence of this woman has me working myself into a snit!!! HAR HAR HAR!

A hundred years ago I had a brother who had fallen on hard times and was maybe hitting the bottle too hard. In any event he had managed to land himself an impaired driving charge and got dragged into court to face the judge. Before going in the lawyer told him in no uncertain terms that he was to keep his lip zipped - you may not respect the judge but HAVE to respect his power. Our judges can ruin your day and the next couple years of your life on a whim - and they do it every day.

Being an honest but troubled man at the time, Big Bro confessed to all and threw himself on the mercy of the court. He got the average sentence of the time too: driver's license suspended for a year and I think he got a $1000.00 fine at the time too. A double whammy wasn't good enough for the gods, his marriage dissolved a little after that.

Of course this story is in the Huff & Blow and being a liberal arse rag, the snivellers and whiners are crapping in the comments about sexism and all that rot. To my mind, the world has far, far too many mealy mouthed lawyers that never shut up - and that chick got off lightly!

And now that Judge Filthie has rendered a judgement on all this - it's time to fire up the Fireball! (My motorcycle). Somebody start the count down! Once the blast off baffles have retracted and the Launchpad is clear - feel free to dance and celebrate my departure with Uncle Bob And His Beautiful Bimbos !

I like the black chick with the big boobs the antennae.

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