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Thursday, 5 May 2016

New Addition To the Toilet Roll

I had to wrestle with this one.

Most of my blogroll was a snap. When you are talking about folks like BW, CW, WC and the rest the decision is easy. They're good eggs (with the exception of Uncle Bob (alright, dammit, he's a good egg too)) - but I had grave reservations about putting SBPDL on there.

The fact that I'm a white male automatically makes me a fascist/racist/sexist/homophobe/etc/ad nauseum - pick one or apply them all! As such, my only path to redemption is to applaud my moral and intellectual superiors when they pass me over for promotion, or tax me to pay for bad life decisions made by minority single moms, or feral negroes that won't lift a finger to help themselves. If I fail to fall over myself to prove how much I love these victim groups, I should be punished. If I laugh at an off colour joke I should be fined, and possibly jailed. I have been putting up with sanctimonious scolding finger waggers for 20 years now. I've been discriminated against, labelled, bullied, mocked, ridiculed and hectored by moral and intellectual cripples that aren't fit to shine my shoes. I received this treatment even though I am a father, a husband and a son who has never lifted a finger against anyone else. That stops now. I have a message for you:




I'll say it. I don't like black people. I am smart enough to take people one at a time and if I run into a black that wants to just mind his business and get along everything's good. But Trayvon Martin was a black thug that got what he deserved. Louis Farakhan is a black supremist piece of shit. All Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are race whores. None of 'em are fit to shine shoes in a whore house. The blacks are just one group that seriously needs a trip to the woodshed. The gays, the feminists and other turd brains need a boot in the arse as well. They want all the privileges of white males without any of the downsides. That is not equality and it won't earn you any respect from me.

There is no good humour or sport or rude jokes at SBDL. There's no funny pictures with cute captions. In point of fact there's fury, anger and despair and even some bona fide racism. Hell, I doubt if white people will like any of it either. So - why is it on the toilet roll?

This is me - just a fat old white guy born in better times, raised by better people - telling liberals, black activists, social justice warriors and all their white lickspittles, official and unofficial: the jig is up, I see you for what you are, and I will not turn away from you or go along to get along. I've seen what you've done to your own communities and what you're trying to do to mine.

Just so that we're all clear on this beforehand - I see a huge difference between racism and self defense - and I am watching you very, very carefully. Ya might want to watch your mouth, be careful with your hands and keep 'em where I can see 'em. You do that - and we'll get along splendidly.

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