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Monday, 2 May 2016

Projecting Our Hopes And Fears Onto Our Leaders

"Obam's goan a pay mah mortgage gabba gabba weebeejabba...goan ta pay mah gas bill too, gabba gabba gabba..." Okay, black people: this is why some white people call you 'niggers'.

Is that a set-up? A media troll? Surely nobody that stupid can take out a mortgage? Before any pasty faced, panty waisted social justice warrior says it - sorry, but it IS legal to discriminate against stupid people.

I suppose I shouldn't be so harsh - fuggin Uncle Bob is trolling me over at the treehouse - again - and it is all I can do to stifle myself!!! Ye gods. A lot of the Alt-right crowd are doing the same thing that simian idiot in the videeyah is: they are projecting their hopes onto Trump with all the intellectual sophistication our mortgage-shirking negress is!

No, kids, Trump is NOT going to end the American empire. (Or at least, he won't if he's smart or if he has the least bit of a humanitarian streak in him). No, hostile foreign gangster gov'ts won't start behaving themselves if America abdicates its role as the Global Supercop. In fact, a return to Iraq and possibly an action involving Iran will be on the radar soon as things worsen under the absence of law and order. Thanks, largely, to the sanctimonious, well meaning old hippies just like Unca Bob! GRRRRRR!!!!

Some Realpolitik: America owes much of its success to foreign investment. Those investments paid off because America defends them regardless of which idiot is in the Oval Office. The typical pattern of foreign investment has gone something like this: Americans are businessmen. They are entrepreneurs and risk takers and they invest all over the world. Stupid people and leftists (but I repeat myself) accuse America of bullying the locals to establish themselves in foreign markets. Nothing is further from the truth; typically they invest capital in ventures and set up these markets because the locals are too stupid or uncivilized to do it themselves. Even when these viable, functioning businesses are turned over to the locals with no risk, all the bills paid, all they gotta do is keep the ball rolling - they invariably fail. The investments in Africa are a case in point: when they gained independence, blacks took over their nation's industries and businesses - and promptly ran them into the ground. Whereas under American (and formerly European) imperialism - Africa was productive, peaceful and progressive. Everyone had a job, everyone had food and water and the necessities of life. Now Africans live daily with genocide, famine, poverty and pandemics. When the white man laid down his burden - everyone lost.Trump - like all the leaders before him - is going to have to defend America's foreign investments or lose them as the Europeans did. He's too smart for that - but the proof of his mettle will come in HOW he defends those interests and investments.

If Trump writes off all involvement in the middle east we will see a repeat of World War 2. Some gangster gov't - headed by a soulless 'strong man' or bully - will start conquering his way across the middle east. As his enemies fall, he will get stronger and stronger. As he gets stronger he will become more aggressive and the price in blood and guts to take him out - will go through the roof. Back in the 1930's, guys like Unca Bob were sighing with love and admiration for Neville Chamberlain as the idiot gabbled about 'peace in our time'. From a foreign policy perspective - Trump can't just pull up stakes and walk away there either. Only an idiot would suggest that WW3 would be fought without American involvement. The stage is being set for it as we speak.

Other Alt-right types are singing Trump's praises because they think he will put an end to some shadowy cabal of eeeeeeeeevvil joooooooos that are supposedly ruining America for fun and profit. Any idiot that thinks Trump can thumb his nose at power like that is dreaming or on crack - there is way too much money and power from the elite brokers and super-rich. If Trump doesn't play ball with them they will take him out - and make it look like some lone loon got him. Shades of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Let us honestly assess Trump and compare and contrast him with other candidates and leaders. Unlike Obama, Trump is not an idiot or a token. Unlike Hillary, Trump is semi-respectable in his business dealings. Unlike Dubya or his father - Trump is willing to step outside the classical republican box - and play hardball with whomever he faces. So far he's bitch-slapped Megyn Kelly and the entire media machine single handed. He's put a boot up Hillary's ass, punched out her husband, honked Chelsea, and crapped in their fish tank. Operationally he rolls like Ronald Reagan - without the kindly disposition and good manners. I can live with that - being nice to liberals and RINO's is what has gotten us into this position and it has to stop.

Better times, better people...

Trump thinks much like I do. I have no patience for deliberately stupid people and have no problem offending them - and though I disregard them for the most part I will get ugly with them if they want to get stupid about it. Here is what I think he is going to do:

Foreign Investments: To make America great again foreign investment needs to increase. There are parties that will move to oppose that and only violence or severe economic punishment will suffice to discourage or dissuade them. Look for some high profile anti-American terrorists to be sent to heaven to pick their 72 raisins within the first year of his term. If he's smart he will do that with surgical strikes and drones - effectively turning the tables on America's enemies and letting them know that their number could be up at any moment, anywhere. When the inevitable collateral damage occurs, he'll shrug, tell the butt hurt parties not to abet and enable terrorists - and gain favour here at home by flipping off   the inevitable outraged cries of the ACLU and the liberals. America's enemies are going to learn that they cannot strike at us with impunity and hide in the shadows. That is a lesson they NEED to learn. Iran can expect to be frog-marched out to the woodshed as well. Look for nasty sanctions and economic pressures brought to bear. They will squeal like piglets too.

Illegal Immigration: He'll do the same when mass deportations of Mexican illegals start. 80% of Americans - right across party lines - are opposed to mass immigration and Trump is the only politician savvy enough to see it. Illegal immigration is a clear and present danger to America and he will take the first steps to curb it. This will take awhile because he will have some very, very powerful enemies to overcome.

Foreign Policy: The Iranians are masters of brinkmanship. So is Trump - I see an escalation in tensions between the US and Iran, and the re-establishment of good relations with Israel. With any luck at all - foreign aid contributions will be severely curtailed and in some cases will have to be eliminated altogether. Consider: the Japanese, against all opposition from the western world - went from samurai, swords and horses to aircraft carriers and fighter planes in 80 years. We have been funding third world shit holes like Africa for 50 years now with no return on investment. Every time we donate to help homeless starving Africans - all we have to show for it is more starving Africans that need to be housed and fed. America's 'free money for stupid people' is going to end one way or another.

Social Issues: I would like to see him run the queers, the trannies and other sexual degenerates right back into the closet (or preferably - a wood chipper!). Alas - that isn't going to happen. If he's smart, he won't get involved in social issues involving race, sexuality, or other matters of personal morals and ethics. At best he will be able to stall the degeneration and perversion of American values. These issues have become career-destroying minefields and unless there is a payoff, there's no sense daring them. I do hope he will be smarter than the current president who wants to bathe the Whitehouse in all the frooty colours of the rainbow and redecorate it as a gay bath house.  That kind of activism is tearing America apart and the country needs to heal.

Projecting my hopes onto the new American President:
I hope he wins. If he does, he will fire Uncle Bob and other elderly hippies out of a cannon, federally subsidize The Smallhold to grow free tobacco for relapsed stubfart addicts like Yours Truly, and euthanize all the liberals and harvest their corpses for any healthy organs that will benefit ageing and elderly conservatives. I need a hair transplant like his in the worst way.

Interesting times are in the offing - but there is hope.


  1. At this point I would vote for Micky Fucking Mouse if he just promised me a level paying field. That's all the projection I need :)

    1. Oh, we will get our level playing field, PP - one way or another! The question is what level we'll all be playing at...

  2. Good post, Mr. Filthie. Our country is at the edge of the cliff hanging on with our fingertips. And it scares the hell out of me.

    1. I have faith, CM. When they need to be people are smart and resourceful. None more so than Americans. The fact that Trump prevails even after the entire Democrat Media Machine has done its utter best to destroy him - it gives me hope. There IS common sense in Canada and America - and the impending crises are going to bring it out again.