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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Right This Way, Major...

When I was a kid and we heard the air raid siren go, we would drop EVERYTHING and head out to the flight line on the double! If I was holding the ladder while Pop was taking a load of nails up to the roof - sorry about your luck, Dad! Duty calls! Likewise, if PP and Uncle Bob were on the pond playing hockey - the game was called when The Blacksheep were on. If time permitted they might take their skates off to come into the house - otherwise Mom was S.O.L. too! When the Blacksheep were in the air - so were us kids!

I liked the mechanic that beat the pooh out of any pilots that dared to bring back a bird shot full of holes. Pop was unimpressed when I started calling him a 'mitten-head' and his dog a 'meat ball'.

The Blacksheep undoubtedly was a kid's show, and no real effort was made at historical accuracy. I suspect the men that flew in the Pacific would be less than enthused about the liberties taken by Hollywood but the show wasn't for them so much as it was for us kids. I suppose most of them are gone now - but how I would love to sit down and just listen to somebody that was actually there and get their story - minus the Hollywood hype. The perfect setting for that would be in the hangar beside a real F4U Corsair, with a couple of lawn chairs and a flask or a pot of coffee.

This Navy Bird looks like he will cheerfully go for the throat of any of the other planes in my little hangar...

If you're looking to get into RC this is the way to do it. This one was built by some old(er) stubfart that didn't have the time or the guts to actually fly this thing. $400.00! You can barely buy the engine for that! But this comes with the servos, with mechanical retracts - almost ready to go! It has a .91 Saito four cycle glow engine which is a big thing for us warbird fans. Super Dave Osborne, my trainer plane, has a two cycle glow engine and he sounds like an angry mosquito when he revs up. This bird will roar at full throttle and stir anyone's soul as he does a low pass or a fast barrel roll over the field.

Ooops. Somebody cut one... but it looks like poor ol' Woody Woodpecker went a few too many rounds with the Koreans...

In real life the Corsair was a pig to handle at low speeds. Landings for new pilots were often interesting and so it goes with these models. This is an expert's plane and I doubt I will be ready to fly it this year... but there is a lot of work I can do in the meantime. I have to go through it, break in the engine, and probably swap out some parts and make some mods here and there. Flapz will be called in to evaluate the feasibility of a new onboard glow heater system to ease startups. This thing will be a champ in the air - but a treacherous bi*** on final approach! You bring the warbirds in hot because they drop and stall in the blink of an eye.

Good gravy!!! A two blade prop?!?!? Like hell!!! I will get a three blader or a four if they make one...

I'm up to my ears in aeronautics right now. I was shocked to learn that two blade props are more efficient than multiblade props. If you have a plane with a two blade prop and put a three blade on it - it will actually slow the plane down, generally speaking. The real warbirds, though, need multiblade props to harness all the power they put out. If you smell rotten wood burning - it's probably just me trying to think!

If I could open that damned canopy I would put an Angry Bird or maybe a Minion in there for a pilot...

They don't make these particular birds anymore so if I crash this one my only option will be to scrap the bird, salvage the servos and whatever else I can - and build anew! There will be no mulligans with this one. Damn - it's almost too nice to even think about a mishap...maybe I should just put it up as a static display?

Nahhhhhhhh...... God willing, I will be able to fly with Pappy Boyington again as a 52 year old kid! Can somebody go outside and put the ladder up so Pop can get off the roof? He's been up there a mighty long time! HAR HAR HAR!    ;)

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