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Saturday, 28 May 2016

True North

He probably just finished cleaning his bunghole ya know...
My own first dog in our house was a Siberian Husky... Sled Dog Sallie. We had two cats at the time and she adopted them as her own. The old bat would flop out on the sofa and the surly cats would snuggle in and then any humans that wanted to use it were S.O.L.! She was a rescue dog that we had gotten from the pound. When she was taken into custody by the SPCA the story was that some sack of human excrement had left a team of huskies cooped up in a cube van in the middle of summer. By the time they broke into the van to get the dogs out, Sally was one of the last survivors. She moved in with us and reigned over her feline subjects in regal splendour until she passed away a couple years back. I still miss her sometimes...

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  1. Had a Samoyed back in the '70's. Best and smartest dog in the world. He was was my buddy and I still miss him after all these years.