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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Wednesday Afternoon Bird Watching

Today we're goofing off doing our homework at the Edson Airport. These are real planes, not the toys I play with...

The beauty of my job is my office is where my truck is! I can pull in beside a babbling brook out in the country and start flapping my gums at 100 MPH on the cell, or pound out quotes on the computer or just take a deep breath and decompress!

This bird could easily be over 30 years old.

I love aviation but fear the gods of the sport - having had an unpleasant encounter with them some years ago. But - it doesn't stop me from ogling the planes just like I did when I was 12 years old! Today at lunch time I just sat and watched a few planes come and go.

I think this one is an air museum and I think it's in New York....
If I ever get the time I am going to saddle up the bike and go south to this air museum and worship the metal gods nesting on that aircraft carrier. I have seen ads for this in the past - I think that is the decommissioned Lexington or Intrepid or some such - and they run it as a museum for pasty faced fan boys like me!
A submarine??? You gotta be shitting me!!! I dunno if Canada has any...
Back in the day Canada boasted the 4th largest navy in the world. Thanks to a succession of mealy mouthed, fart sucking liberal gubbermints our armed forces have been cut back and pruned to the point of irrelevance. I remember a few years back (and I am NOT making this up, although you would be correct to suspect it) - Canada had bought some stinky old obsolete diesel electric surplus sub from Britain. On the way across the ocean home, some fwench pipe polisher left a hatch open in high seas, the sub's innards got doused - and a dangerous electrical fire broke out. They had to be towed back to Scotland or some damned thing to have their bargain basement submarine refitted! Imagine the cost savings! PBFBFBFBFFFFFFFT!
Be thankful for your military, Americans. I am thankful for our squaddies up here in Canada and back them up 100% but sometimes it bugs the living bejeezus outta me when I see the way this asshole of a country treats them. They can only do so much with band-aids and bailing wire and to send them into combat with junk is an act of criminal negligence and incompetence! But...what can you expect from a country run by cheese-eating surrender monkeys?

If you're done fussing with your hair, ya fwench toss-pot...ya might wanna do something for our troops...

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