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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

And Incredibly Disappointing

Standard make Connemara Irish single malt whisky is simply superb. Like any other single malt, once it's distilled the spirit goes into wood casks to sleep for a certain amount of time (12 years for the standard bottling in this case, if I remember correctly). Once it has matured it's cut with water and bottled for sale usually at around 40%.

Occasionally the distillers will put out whisky that is bottled at 'cask strength' as Connemara did recently - and a bottle wound up in my liquor cabinet. Cask strength whisky is just what it sounds like - bottled straight from the cask, with no water added. This one comes in at 57.9%.  I'm no expert on cask strength whiskies by any stretch - I only had one bottle before this one - a Bowmore...and it was spectacular. I almost wept when I finished the bottle - haven't seen it before or since. So when I saw my beloved Connemara in a cask strength version I had to have it and I squirrelled it away for a special non-occasion. Like tonight! It's raining off and on, it's hot and muggy and the thunder comes and goes as our Holy Father rolls his own barrels across the sky - a perfect occasion for a wee dram!

Okay, I got the peat - with both bloody barrels, No.9 bird-shot baby! Holy Mackaral! And yeah, there's fruit in there but by Godfrey you really gotta search for it...peppers? Black pepper, maybe, and it's fine on spuds and meat but I don't want it in my whisky. Chocolate? Either that guy's drunk or I am! Hell, we're probably BOTH schnockered!!! GAH! Hate to say it but this crap is whisky fit for an Irishman...scratch that, even they are better than this! It's better served to fwenchmen! HAR HAR HAR! HAR HAR HAR! If there is somebody you hate that likes whisky - this is the perfect bottle for them!

I'm giving it one finger out of five. If you are considering it - I strongly suggest you might want to try it first.

UPDATE: (In the interests of full disclosure I will still prolly guzzle this dreck and whatever Bob leaves behind in the jerry can...)

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