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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

And Now My Capacity For Evil Will Know No Bounds

After I get suited up, I am going over to Wirecutter's where I will help myself to all his ammo and booze! If Charlie Goddammit has any sense he will mind his own business lest I decide to make a waffle out of him, HAR HAR HAR! Then I will go over to Uncle Bob's, honk his cougar girlfriend and crap in the fish tank ... then over to The Smallhold where I will raid the beehives and eat honey right from the comb... then over to Coopville where I will menace the gang by steam rollering them...

Apparently this get up was used to entertain the crowds whilst bear fighting. I can see a guy taking maybe a small blackie but lord, I wouldn't want to face a grizz or a Kodiak. I hear they can kill just by smacking their prey around and all that suit would do is make ya stick to their fur.

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