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Wednesday, 31 August 2016


At first I fell in with much of the banter of the so-called 'Manosphere' because in it's early years it was pretty much common sense. Yes, men are being pussified and emasculated in modern society. Yes, feral women were destroying their families and workplaces in search of dreams and goals that weren't what they thought they were. Yes, they are being pushed into non-traditional roles and they are failing far more often than they succeed. The responses to these societal pressures were good too, in the beginning. Stoicism (in the philosophical sense) was an excellent way to deal with these unhappy developments. Minimalism was essential to the divorced man that suddenly lost half his income and had his bills double. Some men decided to check out of the mating/dating game and just hop on the motorcycle and see where it went - by going their own way. I think that is just the medicine for a broken heart and a great temporary way for a man to get his head on straight once he's been deeply hurt by a woman. Once you DO have your head on straight - get back in the game then.

But over time the Manosphere went bad. Pick up artists, chads and scammers got into it to sell books that'll learn ya everything ya need to know about women and how to take advantage of them: find 'em, finger 'em, **** 'em and forget 'em! THAT'LL learn 'em REAL good! The guys going their own way went - and the younger men that were too craven to even approach women appropriated the term. These were the kind of young men (kids) that gave up on women before even giving them a chance. They are an object of scorn and contempt today in the Manosphere, but a part of me feels for them. They've seen their fathers or brothers go through the meat grinder of family court and divorce, or the vileness of the hook-up culture... I can see and even sympathize with them a bit.

Now I'm seeing a lot of shit like this.

The church is being run by a bunch of castrated cuckholds that are dominated by feral women! Christianity is an assault on your manhood!


So toxic has the Manosphere become - that these kids don't understand that humbleness is one of the manly virtues. They see a man deferring to his wife, or getting reamed out by her or getting his ass kicked - and they respond with contempt or derisive laughter. Those kids don't understand that women have shitty days too and sometimes - you back off, you let them vent, you let their rage blow out...and then you start to reason with them. A man will do that with his friends, his customers and even his kids.

Example: For me - most of my adult life, my in laws walked all over me. They undermined me as a father and a husband and they wouldn't respect me one iota. I had those shit birds walk into my bedroom. They even walked into the crapper once when I was using it! Boundaries between families? Fah - the mother in law was the head of our family and that was that for that. A few times we clashed and it ended in a draw simply because my wife and kid loved them...and I loved my wife and kid. For decades, for the most part - I backed down.

I hated it. I loathed it. My blood still boils when I think of my smarmy bitch of a mother in law and her idiot of a husband and the shit they pulled in my family. But every time they pulled their shit and got away with it, every time they walked over me... I took their shit because I loved my wife and daughter. The church is very big on family and it is hard as hell on men because in their eyes, the head of the family is the man and whatever happens to him and his family - it's on him. For me, being a family man was an incredibly difficult task at times. There were times I just wasn't up to it and only my wife helped me through it.

These days there's churches that actively promote everything from sodomy to feminism to satanic worship - screw them, they're diseased parodies of the church and only idiots will say otherwise. Classical Christianity holds that men are responsible for the family and men cannot act against the interests of their family. This is exactly what liberals do - and that is why their families fall apart. The hairy chested feminists of the 70's and 80's are all lonely cat - woman now. When they ask where all the good men went - I think it was Unca Bob that said "They're right where you parked them when you left them back in the 80's...". Their daughters are unlikeable lard asses, their sons are faggotified boys that haven't grown up. If you want to tell me that liberals are happier for all their social engineering - I'm not seeing many signs of it myself.

Sure, churches are aimed squarely at women - as they should be! When you are at work earning a buck the old lady is in charge of the family... and these days she has to earn a buck too. The mother has to make sure her kids know right from wrong and the church is one of the last places that is actually making an effort to help kids with that. It only makes sense that they help Mom with that too.

I've never had to take any shit off my wife. Oh sure, she's committed the odd justified homicide or two but I always recover and we always get over it and move on. Once we've dealt with whatever the problem is - the 'shit' just disappears. When our family disintegrated she fell in with the church and I think that was the best thing for her. She's got friends there, she helps the elders, harasses the children and she has a community.

I myself am not a Christian - but I know who my friends are and consider myself a loose friend of the faith. I may not share the faith they have - but I can tell you this from personal experience with progs and the virtue-signalling social justice warriors: their communities and families are superior to the alternatives that liberals push today.

It might be an idea for the alpha males of the Manosphere to shut their gobs and maybe open their ears. The church is about family and they've been building them for 2000 years. I think that in that time they might have learned a thing or two that might have eluded the cellar dwelling boys of the Manosphere.


  1. Guess it depend on what church you can find that still has like minded people teaching morals, values and community.

    1. I think they're getting harder to find, CM

  2. Filthie, from the time I first came across your comments in the Canadian Politics forum I instinctively knew you
    were good people and your comments today confirm my first impression. For three score and ten I presented to the
    world as this macho, alpha male that took no shit from
    anyone and would fight at the drop of a hat. I was angry
    at the world and didn't know why and regret to say I made
    life very difficult for my family as I was the ultimate
    taskmaster but nothing I or they did made me happy. However I can state with some pride that most of my scorn
    and contempt was directed at my mother in law who ruled over her family like Queen Sheba. It was only after I retired and was forced to face my demons that I learned
    through therapy I was transgender and had been fighting
    my true self my entire life because I was too shit scared to admit to myself I was one of those freaks. That happened several years ago and I can honestly testify that since being able to accept my true inner self I
    have never been happier. It was like a ten ton load being
    lifted off my back which in turn has brought my soulmate,
    my wife and I unbelievably closer so we now relate to each other as true partners in this game of life.
    Bottom line Filthie is the manosphere can be a bitch for many manly men because society has taught us that true men
    never cry. Well I confess I've cried more in the past few
    years than in my entire prior life simply because I now don't try to pretend I'm some person I'm not. Life is too short for games.

    1. I'm assuming you're not trolling me Dow. (That wouldn't be you, would it, Mr. Arse?)

      Listen - I don't buy it. Classical psychiatry took a kick in the balls along with all the sciences when the liberals decided to corrupt them and bend them to their political agendas. Now we have this warble gloaming bullshit, antivax hogwash, etc etc. I would question any 'therapist' that endorses and promotes homosexuality and gender bending. The queers and sexual freak shows I have seen are not happy people and the shysters in the psychology profession that prey on them should be shot and pissed on.

      If you were there on CPI you would have laughed yourself silly as the fags and shitlibs told me that if I didn't embrace homosexuality - it meant I was queer too. Ol' Shifty was the worst one for that. I would ask that you show more class than that on my blog.

      I know there's queers that are regular people outside their sexuality. My experience has been that that is the exception rather than the rule, and that most of the alternative lifestyle crowd have serious mental issues and the only way to make them happy is for guys like me to throw out my morals, ethics and common sense. Oh - and better pitch any faith you might have too because queers don't like Christians.

      Fuck them. I ain't doing it. I call 'em as I see 'em and most of those people are unhappy and seriously messed up. I don't want their drama, I don't want their thought control, I utterly refuse to be bullied by the social justice warriors and I'll say what I think as long as I'm able. I am not afraid to face demons either. As you know, my daughter's a militant lesbian social justice warrior and we rejected each other about 5 years ago. It hurt like hell to do it - but sometimes it's the only way. I was bitter and angry for a long time but now... I've accepted it. My daughter is no longer part of my life and I regret it... but I'm no longer angry and bitter over it. It took me awhile to get there. Sometimes I still think about her and say a prayer for her... but she's an adult and she knows right from wrong as well as I do. I strongly suspect you do too - and that maybe you need a new therapist.

      CPI got over run by the social justice warriors and now hardly anyone posts on it. It's sad, we used to have a lot of fun over there.

      Best of luck, dow - and if you see Mr. Arse please pass along my regards. He's probably killed himself on that Harley by now though...

  3. As much as I disagree with you on the Bush family and American foreign, I still enjoy your observation on political correctness and it's toxic fruit.

    You strike gold on these...