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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Culture Corner: Artsy Fartsy

Yannow  there is nothing I love more than the whine of authors and artists that use their medium to score political points, offend their enemies ... and then bitch when the blowback hits the fan at the sales counter afterward. Remember The Dixie Hicks? Neither do I! Stephen King is a big advocate of gun control and pushes it in his novels. I won't read his stuff now unless I get it second hand for free - screw him. Then they get all self righteous and sanctimonious and huff and puff about their freedom of speech. Hey - you can say anything you want, moron - but if you open up your hole and exercise your right to voice your opinion and you want to be rude about it - I will do the same and you will like my opinion as much as I like yours.

If this is "art" and "freedom of expression"...

Then so is this.

AND - that mural also offends all the right mealy mouthed retards too! This is my blog, this is my opinion of that vicious liberal slag the Donks are running, and in a better world she would be slinging drinks in a sleazy peeler bar where she belongs.

America deserves better.

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