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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Didn't Expect THAT....

I've been going back and forth about work lately. A lot of our senior people have bailed recently, some leaving for better opportunities, but the majority leaving because they've just had enough of the bullchit. I'm an odd duck in my company in my role as senior sales. The company's middle managers hate me because I have no respect for them and when we clash I always win. I am very careful not to ask for unreasonable things of them - but I expect them to do their damned jobs when I need them to and when they try to cut corners or flummox me - sure, I'm up for a fight if that's what you want. Two years ago they tried to get me fired on charges is harassment - I got written up for being abusive with the employees and was ordered to sign a document acknowledging and apologizing for my abuse and another promising never to do it again. I told The Crack and his harridans to shove it (and actually DID get abusive then, now that I think of it)...and said I would see them and the company in court first. Since then, one of the office girls involved was fired for incompetence, the others quit, and the manager who orchestrated it was demoted and is on very thin ice with the company now. He's one bad day away from a pink slip, and I am training a new branch manager. He's good but he's having teething problems. He will come around. When it comes to inside baseball, power politics and childish office politics - you leave me out of it or I will damned well make you regret it. Word seems to have gotten around so now the pikers and wankers leave me alone for the most part.

I've always been up front with the senior execs in these childish conflicts too - we're all adults here, we don't have to do anything we don't want to - and if they want me out, I will go skipping out that door with my ten years experience, my knowledge of their customers, their pricing, their corporate strengths and weaknesses - and I WILL apply that knowledge to MY benefit if that's the way they want to go. The CFO flipped the first time I did that and reminded me that I signed a non- competition clause upon hiring on. I bet him a c-note that he couldn't enforce that one in a court of law and dared him to be stupid about it. I've been in his gun sights for eight years now. Screw him, we are all better off friends rather than enemies and I make sure they know it... and that they know that I know it too.

The problem with me is that I've been a money maker for them and I act as an insulator between the clients and the admin/clericals. It shouldn't be a stressful position... but for the infuriating childishness of our office/admin/clerical team. Our senior salesman burned out a month ago and left.
He took the brunt of the bullshit and now - I'm getting it. Thankfully we're getting some better people in key positions but recovering from a decade of incompetence - during an economic contraction...   suffice it to say we have our work cut out for us.

On Thursday I was told I was being given a raise to my base. $10k a year. It sounds like a lot of money, doesn't it? But really...40% of that off the top (taxes) leaves $6000.00.  $500.00/month. But factor in the aggravation and my declining commissions...GAH. Errrrr... Maybe I don't want to think too much on that one. In these days where 30% of Albertan oil workers are unemployed, any raise should be good news.

Think I'll celebrate with  dog picnic this weekend. A couple apples, a jug of water, two hoople headed  K9's, and maybe my lovely lady will grace is with her company too. I think the secret to happiness may be found in celebrating all life's little victories.

We'll chalk this one up as a victory and roll with it for now.


  1. My father was in sales/marketing for a good part of his career. When the company decided to stimulate sales with a top salesman award, there was Dad and whoever was in second place. That was the first and last year the company ever had the award.

    If the company is making money due to your efforts, and the company decides to fire you over some cretin getting her SJW panties in a wad over a crass comment you made in passing - possibly the phrase 'dumb fucking cunt' should have been reworded, no matter how succinct and truthful it is - you could probably sue for wrongful termination, but the best revenge is the revenge I got when I was fired from my first job. I went down the street and was hired by a competitor, and became the top salesman in the four state region the first six months I worked there.

    I, too, had a non-competition agreement. They threatened, and I told them to bring it. They backed off and congratulated me on my success.

    Dogs are the best. Take a bottle of wine along with you.

    1. There's just a time to walk away, WL. Even with the raise I'm beginning to think it's my time. I would rather go on good terms and in good cheer though. I love the family that owns the business - they're good folks...

      Who knows what will happen. I'll just go with the flow for now and see what shakes out.

  2. Congrats. You can buy the first and second round if we ever meet up.

    1. Sure thing, BW!

      Ya still haven't told me what your favourite poison is though...