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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Filthie's African Wild Kingdom

...starring Uncle Bob and BW...!

Relax. Neither of them got hurt. Much.
A quick blood transfusion, a couple of sutures and stitches...
and they'll be good as new!
I think the footage was worth it!

An African bacon heist!
Oogah boogah!

Yannow with all this savagery going on it makes sense that the non-expendable members of the cast and crew be properly armed for the vicious predators that live in this region. Some helpful suggestions are posted below.

A couple of knockabout safari rifles in the ultra-manly .577 Nitro Express!
Once they recover BW and Bob will
be in a great position to dish out some payback on those lions...

These guns are literally hand built, often with
dental tools for a magnificent wood-to-metal fit.

And of course, if anyone gets a hankering for my famous parrot flambe or my
patented Buzzard Burgers - I'll be ready to
step in and procure the critters with my trusty 12 bore side-by-each shottie!


  1. I can see some guy offering to trade his wife and three kids for one of those rifles. I can also see the seller laughing like hell before offering to let the poor fool hold one for a minute or two.

    That is some truly beautiful hardware.

  2. That dude with the spear was gaining ground, I suspect he won't need a rifle.