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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Folk Medicine

I am in the home stretch with a bout of acute bronchitis. Last week my lungs were filling up with fluid and I couldn't sleep because it was like trying to breathe through 6 layers of clogged filters. This week all that crap is trying to get out - so when I lie down to sleep, my lungs try to empty themselves and I hack and cough all night. I have another couple nights of this BS and I'll be fine. I lost a little bit of weight which is good too - maybe I'll keep that going once I'm better. I am far too smart to be as heavy as I am.

My grandmother was either a visionary rocket scientist or a senile demented loon - depending on what she was talking about. That old bird could walk into any garden and make it bloom and produce with a dirty look. On finance and home ec stuff she was a sorceress. I wish I knew as much about solvents and adhesives as that woman did.  On health matters she was a little eccentric. As kids my brother had problem with acne as many teenagers do. Grandma "cured" it with rhubarb. No chit - she baked up a bunch of revolting rhubarb pies and my brother (who shared the gastronomic preferences of sea gulls, billy goats and trash cans) gobbled them down with gusto. His skin cleared up almost overnight. Pop and I thought it must have been a placebo effect going on or something. Her other thing was vitamins. Every day she took vitamin C, D, and E - saying they prevent the common cold and flu. I never thought much of it myself. Grandma had some dismal medical beliefs too. Later, when she had passed, we were cleaning out her apartment in the assisted living complex - and I found her stash of vitamins. I grabbed 'em, took them home and started taking them. Every day - that's the key! Lo and behold - I dodged flus and colds that took out everyone at work and in the family! Everything went fine until I ran out - and then I just shrugged and thought that was interesting...and then caught a mean flu that laid me out for two days! I started taking vitamins again.

Think I might go down and get a flu shot this year too. I've always thought that was a pant load too, but who knows.

Gawd I hate being sick. I want to go to the airfield, ride my motorcycle, and beat up my dogs...just another couple days...


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    1. Good grief! Now all the snivellers at work are going home sick and blaming me for it... :(

  2. Get well soon, Mr. Filthie. Whiskey and honey will help with that cough...