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Tuesday, 9 August 2016


I don't spend much time on Dalrock's site.

It's pretty much obvious to everyone but liberals and stupid people that 3rd wave feminists, male or female - are either

a. bat shit crazy
b. utterly stupid and dimwitted
c. ugly as sin to look at
d. sometimes, all of the above.

We have neighbours that the wife goes to church with. They're basically good honest average working white people. The wife works at the bakery in the local grocery store and he is a life time employee with the city. I suppose I should take it with a couple grains of salt, but the version I have of the story is that the management of his department are actually forward-thinkers... something very, very RARE among snivel servants, especially at the management level. (I say this as a man that has such people for parents). In any event, they realized they were coming up on retirement and that somebody would have to be able to step into their shoes when they left, so they started grooming our neighbour for the position about three or four years ago so that when they got their golden handshake, our boy could step in and take over. They began throwing problems at him, helping him work through them and bringing him along. When the time came - our man was ready to do the job.

Only he wasn't.

You see, he was white. And worse, male. And even worse than that - he was an icky Christian.

The execs knew how to fix that: they put an ad in the paper and the first vibrant minority with a vagina to come along would get the job. Apparently they found some native woman who talked a good talk - and she was native. She had a pulse AND had a vagina!! They gave her the job, made our man promise to support her - and she lasted a couple months and quit because she couldn't handle it. 

Like I said, that's the version I have of the story ... but it dovetails with my own experience. Your average feminist is loud, domineering and bullying and when push comes to shove - they're a bunch of fuggin' snowflakes that aren't worth a pinch of chit when the chips are down and you need to be tough and smart. Call me names - I don't give a shit. Those femcnuts will walk all over you and use you as a door mat if you let them - I know because my mother in law did it to me all the time for years. She's probably still doing it to her idiot of a husband - but whatever.

On our last motorcycle trip into the mountains my wife came down with a really, really bad cold. As the trip went on it got worse and several times I just wanted to turn the bike around and get her home - but she wouldn't have it. I even lied through my teeth at her and told her I wanted to go home but she knew (women always do) - and told me she was having a ball and wouldn't hear of it. When we got into the high mountain passes the weather clouded over and some rain began to fall. The leathers soaked through and it got COLD. When you get cold and wet in the mountains at altitude the cold goes right into your bones and stays there. When we stopped in Nordegg I went in to the bathroom and did my business, and when I had finished and had washed my hands and dried them off under the blower, I hunched down - hit that blower and let the warm air blow down my shirt! Then I turned around and did it again with the warm air blowing down my back! I must have looked like an ass but when ya get that cold - you don't care. I later learned my wife had done the same. By now her cold was so bad she was almost coughing up chunks of lung. When we hit the hotels in the early afternoons she just crashed into bed. I got her home a day early and was glad of it, even though she insisted she could keep going as long as I wanted to. When she got home she crashed into bed again and coughed and coughed and coughed. Finally I pulled a side arm and forced her at gun point to go see a doctor. There was no denying it after that - she had a full blown case of pneumonia and would be down for a couple more days, slamming antibiotic pills big enough to choke a billy goat. Now she's fidgeting at home while she recuperates. Prolly gonna need a gun to keep her there too.

This is the danger of feral womanhood and feminism: yes, there ARE so strong, powerful and intelligent women. But they quietly walk that walk, and bear up while the loud, pan-gendered chubsters and sexual freak shows are bitching and whining about discrimination and whining about how their lives are so hard....!!!! Is it any wonder that the boys and poseurs and cads of the Manosphere over-react?

I have a message for you liberal vibrant feminazis, your emasculated men and your lickspittles in the media and the establishment: respect and power aren't given, they're earned. I know what powerful women are and you cunned stunts don't even come close. I'm done with the charade too: it's a bigger crime for me to call creeps like Obama a nigger than it is for him to act like one. Screw that! Now I am supposed to be civil to a brain damaged shrew like Hillary Clinton - who has no respect at all for me? Screw her too.

Even without the threat of wearing that slush
or having it shoved down my gob...
this is the kind of woman a real man learns
to respect.


  1. 'Ya got a good one there, Mr. Filthie...treasure her.

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  2. I might admonish your man to do the same with you, CM.