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Monday, 15 August 2016

Marital Rape: An Argument For Stupid People

Ye gods.

Ya gotta wonder what kind of upbringing these two morons had. It's stupidity like this that makes lawyers rich. The article reads like two morons trying desperately (and failing) to sound smart! Let me simplify it for ya, kids: when a man and woman get married (and yes, marriage can only occur between biological men and women - anything else is a sick parody and the LBGQT crowd be damned) - they agree to take care of one another and their needs. Putting that in language those two dolts can understand: yes, sweetie, there are times you will have to put out when you don't want to. Yes, buckshot, there are times the old lady needs her space and you will have to respect it. If spouses don't take care of each other's needs - and that includes sex - then you don't have a marriage. It's that simple. Of course those two get mired down in legalities and trivialities...and something simple, beautiful and elegant like marriage becomes stupid, complicated and convoluted. Personally I wrote the courts off long ago - the judiciary can go fuck itself with a chainsaw as far as I'm concerned, I'm an honest man and will not let corrupt scum have any authority over me whatsoever.

Good grief, these idiot feminists want the nanny state to intercede in their domestic disputes and referee the antics in the bedroom now! I've said this before and I'll say it again: liberalism and feminism are grounds for divorce. They are also grounds for heart ache and sorrow and if you marry a person of either ideology - you probably deserve what you get.

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  1. Well, you nailed it. Marriage is about the spirit of the union between one man and one woman. Not the letter of the law, or the way the rules are written - it's the spirit of the union that matters.

    Here's a message to all the knuckleheads that somehow, and I really don't know how, but one way or another did not understand the important part of the missive above. Sometimes she doesn't feel like it, sometimes she just wants to cuddle, and other times you're just going to have to wait. Like, for instance, when your in-laws are coming over to give you your bi-weekly gasoline enema, and the youngest is down with the flu, the middle one has just cut her own hair, and the oldest is outside behind the garage with a brand new boyfriend, and Herself is busy trying not to burn the dinner - this is not the time to ask for a quickie (and you can forget all about a blowjob).


    What's more, I'm stealing that line about the judiciary and the chainsaw. In 50 years I've never come across a line that so completely and succinctly expresses my feelings about our system of justice and the fatheads warming the benches.