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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Mind Rotting Videeyah Games

The Feral Irishman has this treat over at his blog that I recently enjoyed. The story is no screaming hell or even vaguely original - but it is never the less well done. The first time I read a very similar yarn came from science fiction's BOLO series of short stories about sentient machines - in this case, fully autonomous tanks equipped with artificial intelligence.

I was born between generations. I can play some video games - just not well. People a few years older than me can't play them at all - they're just too complicated. People a few years younger than me can kick my arse on them and often get impatient when I can't keep up with them. I get mired down with the sheer splendour of some of the graphics and details. Most of my elders are disgusted with video games and don't see the art and cleverness in them. I like what are called "FPS" games or First Person Shooters - you become an actual character in the story. The story will unfold and drop you into a setting that will basically require you to run and shoot. Once you've successfully done the map - you are rewarded with the next part of the story that will again force you to run and shoot in order to progress to the next part of the story. Once the fun and novelty wore off on running and shooting though - I got bored with them. But I can see how kids get hooked on them - these are not mind rotting games. The players have to use tactics, solve puzzles, work together and overcome obstacles. People that blame video games for violence among youth have no idea what they're talking about. The better video games offer art, story and interaction that can entertain for hours.

It's like anything else though. In art, you will have some pervert wipe his ass on a bible and call it art. In videeyah games - you get stuff like this. (I'm sorry, but I laughed like hell at this one and can appreciate the marketing effort that they made). It's a zombie game, and in all likelihood - probably WILL rot the user's minds out.  :)

I need a toupee. Chicks dig rugs.

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